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How to Play With Her Breasts - The Best Way to Touch a Woman’s Breasts

How to Play With Her Breasts - The Best Way to Touch a Woman's Breasts

How to Play With Her Breasts - The Best Way to Touch a Woman's Breasts

By Tatyana Dyachenko

It never ceases to amaze me that there are some women who are embarrassed by their boobs. I can understand girls who feel embarrassed because they feel that their mammaries are too small but the ones I can’t understand are those who think their tits are too big or that they attract unwanted attention. Boobs are meant to attract guys (as well as feeding babies) so why complain when they fulfil their function? As a hooker and an internet amateur my boobs are one of my greatest assets and, while I am still amazed that so many guys do find them attractive, I am quite happy that they do and I’m quite happy to show them to whoever wants to see them.

My boobs started to develop when I was just 10 years old and by the time I was 12 they were so big that every boy in school wanted to touch them. Now they are a fine D cup and guys still want to touch them. The really strange thing about my boobs is that they actually grew in size from a C cup to the D after I moved in with my partner. There are undoubtedly some women who do not like having their boobs touched during sex but they are definitely in the minority. Most of us gals love it when a guy rolls our tits in his hands and licks, nibbles and sucks on them. Of course it depends on just how you guys do it as to whether we just like it or it absolutely blows us away. Some of my clients seem to think that girls like their boobs squeezed in a vice and rolled around like a lump of dough while others think that we like our nipples sucked so hard that it becomes painful. A while ago one of my clients sucked so hard on one of my nipples that I had a disgusting looking bruise there for a week. I was not impressed and I was certainly not aroused by that treatment. Let me tell you that most women will not find treatment like that to be arousing at all and if you want to have a good time with a girl then you must be aware of what she likes too because the best sex occurs when everyone has a great time. Even a hooker wants to have some fun with her clients so if you treat her right and take time to get her wound up you’ll have a lot more fun and when the girl is really aroused you never know what she might do with her tits.

It’s a real bonus for me when I’m fucking a guy who knows how to play with my tits and he is guaranteed to get more of my time and more of my attention than a guy who just wants to get his cock into my pussy and pound me till he cums. If the guy is prepared to take his time and make it pleasurable for me then I’m prepared to give him more time and make it even better for him.

Imagine lying on your stomach on a bed and the feeling of two heavy boobs slowly sliding from your feet up over your ass, up your back and coming to rest on the back of your head before they start to move back down your body till they have reached your feet again. Then you turn over and the massage begins again, slowly up your legs, pausing to give your hard cock a lot of attention and then up over your stomach and chest till two rock hard nipples are brushing your lips and dipping into your eyes. Then feel the shock as I sway back and forward so that my big boobs are hitting your face and almost suffocating you as they sit over your mouth demanding to be sucked and nibbled. If you can imagine that then you are seeing the sort of treatment that my regular clients get from my boobs. So far my boobs haven’t given any guy a black eye but most clients say that my boobs are so heavy it is only a matter of time before they do.

When I finally get around to full on fucking a guy I love it when he wants to choose a position that allows him to play with my boobs. A hard pounding cock deep in my pussy and gentle hands rolling and squeezing my boobs is guaranteed to have me moaning with pleasure and if the guy can manage to get his tongue onto my nipples then I’m almost certain to have a screaming orgasm once he starts to blow his load inside me.

Of course some positions are better than others when it comes to playing with a girl’s tits while fucking her at the same time. Missionary is not the best position although some guy’s can manage to do a very good job of stimulating my tits with their hands and tongue while ramming their cock into me at the same time. Doing a girl doggie lets the guy lean forward and play with her tits but it’s a bit hard to fuck and play at the same time in that position. When a guy is fucking me that way and stops to play with my tits I just have to give him a gentle hint to keep fucking me because when a cock is in me from behind I just NEED it to keep moving!

If the guy wants to be on top and still wants to play with my tits then the best position is if I put my legs up over his shoulders while he kneels in front of me. My legs support him and I can keep thrusting against his cock while he leans forward and gets my tits tingling. Of course, the all time best position is if the girl is on top and that is the position my guys seem to prefer when they want to play with my tits. They can squeeze and nibble and suck while I continue to ride up and down on their rod and I can also lean forward and slap their face with my boobs if they get a bit cheeky or stop playing with my boobs. They can also get a great display if all they want to do is watch – big boobs bounce around when the girl is riding a hard cock.

Guys love boobs, most girls love guys who know how to play with their boobs. Damn, all that talk of sex and boobs had made me horny so I’m off to grab my partner for a matinee. Next time I’ll give you a few hints on just how to play with them.