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Men often wonder if their male member is huge enough to satisfy their ladies. And as the saying goes, you can only be who you can be. Despite that, a certain percentage of ladies truly believe that size does matter, while others prefer the holistic concept of relationships where partners are both emotionally and physically compatible. The subject of penis size has been a perennial topic in locker rooms and even sex columns to the extent scientists have chipped in to offer an expert opinion. Women, on their part, have also wondered whether a small, medium or large-sized penis means better sex, mind-blowing orgasms, or better relationships.  But does penis size matter? Here is a scientific take on this hot topic.

Do females find bigger male members attractive? As it turns out, most relationship-based studies have established the answer as a yes. But there is a catch. And contrary to popular opinion, bigger penises do not guarantee sexual satisfaction or strong relationship bonds. The enticement of a large penis is often intertwined with male body characteristics such as shape, height, and size. Targeted surveys indicate that most people believe that penis size is overrated. This group of people says how you use it is what matters. But is there any truth in it? Or is it a defensive response from folks who are less endowed? To understand this, let's take a closer look at the scientific answer to this perennial question.

Does Size Really Matter? The Short Answer

Scientists agree that size doesn't matter, especially with respect to penis sexual functionality and desirability. Scientists argue that penis size has no bearing on what it is meant to do or a man's ability to give and receive sexual pleasure.

In recent years, studies have indicated that a good proportion of men endure pressure to perform better in bed. And because of the overwhelming mainstream discussion about penis size and female sexual satisfaction, most wonder if they are adequately endowed to satisfy their partners. For starters, one major cause of males' mental suffering is a derivative of pornography. That is because adult films portray huge male genitalia and their awesome performances in various positions. This may create the impression that males aren't as good in bed as they should be.

Nonetheless, the answer to this question isn't cut out clearly because the subject of relationships has many moving parts. On the one hand, ladies who prefer bigger penises say they give strong vaginal orgasms and would be frustrated being penetrated with penises the size of a pinky. On the other hand, those who don't emphasize penis size say it is how it is used that matters. This group says they can't handle a huge penis pounding on their cervix during sex because that would be painful. All these arguments boil down to personal preference and perception – everyone with their liking. Nevertheless, experts have pointed out the following on this matter.

Bigger Doesn't Guarantee Better Sex or Relationship

Experts say a bigger penis isn't all you need, contrary to mainstream media assertions. First, a bigger than average penis poses a higher risk of vaginal injury and infections. Secondly, huge cocks can choke you with oral stimulation and make certain sex positions quite painful. And while you can devise ways to overcome such inconveniences, it simply shows that a huge penis isn't all you need because you will have to be content with being careful every time you have sex. On the other hand, folks with average and small members wouldn't have to contend with that.

Small Penises Aren't Necessarily Bad.

You might believe otherwise, but smaller penises might not be able to create similar sensations as huge ones do. Secondly, a smaller penis may make certain sex positions impossible, not be convenient for certain maneuvers, and might fall out when switching positions or during doggy style. However, such minor inconveniences cannot justify that a small penis is bad. For starters, a small penis is easier to handle, and those involved in sex would only focus on pleasure instead of pain or the struggle involved in anal or vaginal penetration. Secondly, a small penis is easier on the reflex gag during oral sex and is great for anal penetration. Moreover, you can rectify any perceived penile shortcomings using the right sex positions.

Penis Size and Sex Play

Does size affect your sex game? The answer is, of course, yes. But how it influences your sex play comes down to you. Experts suggest a holistic approach to sex, regardless of your penis size. And that includes taking advantage of your skills in bed to boost your partner's sexual satisfaction. If you focus on size alone, chances are you will flop. Focus on rocking your partner by indulging your notorious skillset. Do not let a small penis impact your confidence, or a large penis make you neglect other important aspects of sex. Overall, take advantage of what you have in plenty, and don't let your shortcomings take a toll on your sex game and suck the fun out of it.

Make the Most of Your Endowment

Essentially, it isn't the size of the penis that matters – at least based on desire and function – but it is how and what you do with it. You can use what you have and satisfy your partner, run sky-high on confidence, and feel good about it. Below are simple tips on maximizing what you have, whether you are less, medium, or more endowed.

Well Endowed: What To Do

If your boner is well above average, here is what to do to bypass the perceivable shortcomings on you and your partner's part.

  • Ensure she is super aroused by investing more in foreplay. This way, she will handle your huge cock pain-free and perhaps enjoy the whole experience.
  • If vaginal lubrication is a problem, consider applying sex lube.
  • Use your skillset for oral stimulation on her sweet zones before going straight for penetration.
  • During penetration, opt for positions that will give her more control over the depth of your cock.

Less Endowed: What to Do

If your male member finds itself on the diminutive side of the spectrum, here is how to bypass any perceivable shortcomings;

  • Use positions that allow deeper penetrations, such as the doggy style.
  • If your penis girth is small, use positions that make the vagina more squeezed, especially by getting your partner’s legs tighter.
  • Don't forget oral sex or incorporate sex toys for clitoral orgasms.

Medium Endowed: What to Do

If you are neither too big nor too small, experts say you have the average range or the gold dick. In terms of what and what not to do, you are more or less bound to do much out of the ordinary. Your standard size means you wouldn't have to worry about the perceivable inconveniences of huge and small penises.

The Bottom Line

As illustrated herein, penis size isn't everything you need to satisfy your partner's sexual needs. And while it is a preference for some women, others don't put a lot of importance on it and would prefer their male partners to be sexually and emotionally compatible in bed. But in this era of shallow relationships, beware of partners who are only interested in your penis size and bedroom performances. Ideally, sex should take a holistic approach, and men should be who they are. After all, you can only be who you can be.