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How To Make Foreplay Last Longer With Sex Toys

How To Make Foreplay Last Longer With Sex Toys

How To Make Foreplay Last Longer With Sex Toys

By Tatyana Dyachenko

Lets get things started by stating – THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS TOO MUCH FOREPLAY! Ever! So, if you’re not giving your partner enough of it then you have an unsatisfied partner. And who wants that? The odds are, most men do not last as long as their girl in the bedroom. So in order to combat this and help keep your woman satisfied, foreplay is one thing you can use to your advantage to help get her closer to orgasm before intercourse has even started.

Bullet Vibrators

For most guys, a little foreplay is generally some kissing and a short massage before jumping right into intercourse. Although most girls will never admit – they never finished satisfied and rarely reach orgasm. Sex toys are one of the best ways to make foreplay fabulous and hep keep your partner satisfied in the end. They’re easy to use (pretty self-explanatory) and can also allow you to be creative and learn about your partner and their likes at the same time. Find out what areas really set them off, so when you are on top or trying various positions, you know exactly what areas to target on her body. Take bullet vibrators, for example – they’re small, can be used on men or women, can be used on precise areas or can be used outside of the nether regions on her nipples, thighs, the outer lips of your lady’s vagina, or your man’s prized jewels . The idea is to bring circulation to sexual areas of the body or erogenous zones. The Mood Powerful 7 Function Bullet is a perfect example. With 7 different vibration settings, you will learn fast exactly what her body reacts best to and priced at only $20.50 it is a very good investment to keep you both happy.

Fetish Nipple Clamps

Another great sex toy is a pair of nipple clamps, nipple clamps are generally used in fetish sex toys but in this case can be used to kick things off at the start of your session. Seriously! These work on both men and women and naturally help our bodies flood our system with sex-enhancing hormones. They’re excellent for women because if they’re sensitive down there after just one climax, then nipple clamps decrease that sensitivity, allowing them to keep going. Your only issue now is, can you keep up? Get some and try it.

Male Cock Rings

Cock rings also add great value to foreplay. They encourage a stronger erection and make a climax much more intense. Start with just a simple ring and then maybe upgrade to a vibrating ring. These rings keep the berries away from the twig, giving a much different sensation during climax. Just make sure you DON’T use a metal ring… use rubber or plastic ones that you can remove once your soldier swells!

G-Spot & Clitoral Vibrators

One ability that woman have over guys is to have multiple orgasms in the same session. For guys, after they go once, it may take 30 minutes to over an hour before there penis and body is ready to go a second time. This is not the case with girls. When you introduce a g-spot vibrator or clitoral vibrator you are in sense giving your girl an orgasm before intercourse actually takes place. Allowing your girl to orgasm first will help keep her satisfied, even if the second time she does not reach orgasm and you go before her. There are literally hundreds of different designed adult vibrators the key to succeeding with these sex toys for woman is finding what sets your girl off. If the first couple do not get her sexual urges tingling, there will be another one that will – its your job to find which one!

No matter what your conclusion and thoughts on foreplay are. The bottom line is, you need to be doing it with your partner. As the old saying goes a happy wife means a happy life & keeping her happy in the bedroom can only add to a great sexual future between the two of you. At a later date we will go over individual sex toys for both males and females that help stimulate certain areas and learn why you need to try them!

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