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Sex toys have been in existence for a long time. However, some people view these toys as a tool for the sexually adventurous. Sex toys are a must-have for everyone who wishes to try new sensations and have an unforgettable experience, whether during solo play or partnered sex.  They have become more popular, and a wide range of new sex toys are emerging in the market. Ride-on sex toys, such as dildos, are a favorite among most women and some men. These toys offer mind-blowing sensations to the users. However, riding a dildo requires certain techniques and tricks to maximize satisfaction. This article discusses the types of dildos available in the market and tips on riding dildos perfectly. 

Choosing the Best Ride on Sex Toys

When choosing a dildo, consider the following factors. 

Dildo Shape

Dildos have different shapes to serve different purposes. Some are cylindrical, while others are crafted to contact and stimulate the A-spot and G-spot. Others have oversized shafts. Realistic dildos also come in different designs; some have replicas of the testicles, scrotum, wrinkles, and veins, offering the same sensation experienced during vaginal intercourse. Others have bulges and protrusions to boost the nerve endings in the vulva. Although most people prefer dildos with a smooth, slippery feel, there is no right choice.  It is important to experiment with different dildos to find one that suits your needs.

Dildo Material

When selecting a ride-on dildo, it is essential to consider the material. Some are non-porous, while others are porous. Porous materials include leather, vinyl, and elastomer. Porous dildos have small air pockets, making them an excellent pick for people who value flexibility. However, these dildos allow fluids to penetrate, which often carry bacteria with them, causing infections. Therefore, it is safe to incorporate condoms when using porous dildos. Non-porous sex toys, such as medical-grade silicone dildos, are easier to clean, making them safer.

Dildo Size

All dildo sizes offer stimulation, though on different levels. Therefore, you do not need a gigantic dildo to reach orgasm. Dildos come in different assortments of thickness and girth; the girth of the dildo should increase proportionally to its thickness. The easiest way to pick the right toy size is to visualize your penis preference. 

How to Ride Dildos

The market is flocked with different varieties of dildos that can enhance partner or solo sex. These dildos include the suction cup dildo, the double dildo, strap-on dildos, and novelty dildos. Before riding a dildo, it is recommended that you check if it is designed to be used anally or vaginally. Once you have the right toy, ensure the dildo is clean and that you have the right amount of lube. Also, assume a comfortable position to avoid any soreness at the end of the session. Using pleasure pillows can enhance comfort.

Riding a Dildo 

After settling in a comfortable position, gently insert the toy into your vagina. Adjust the angle and find the most pleasurable one. For most people, the type of action that satisfies them during intercourse may also work with a dildo. When using the toy for anal stimulation, ensure you use adequate lube since the anus does not produce its own. Always start at a slow pace and gradually increase the thrusting. 

Bottom Line

The market is filled with a ton of amazing sex toys. Although this is beneficial, it makes it hard for users to select the right toy. Therefore, it is essential to determine the type of stimulation you want when purchasing. Once you identify your sexual needs, you can narrow down on the material, size, shape, and price of the ride-on sex toy. Follow the tips discussed above to get the right ride-on sex toy and enjoy the stimulations.