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Lube is not more important to most people unless they can no longer produce natural lube or to the fans of anal play. There is reason to use lube if you are not a lover of anal play or can produce natural lube.

Whenever a lube is brought up, everybody has a different opinion. Some believe that lube is only necessary for anal play lovers; some think it's for women at menopause, while others think it's for women who have trouble producing natural lube. You are undermining your sex life if you share this thought. Lube is an important accessory to have in the bedroom, making sex juicier, more enjoyable, and long-lasting. The beauty of lube is that it comes in various sensations, flavors, and textures to make the sexual experience more enjoyable and adventurous. Lube can come in handy due to unpredictable hormonal changes even if you never have any problems getting wet naturally. Below are ways to use lubes.

Reasons To Use Lube

It Is Suitable For Everyone.

Lube doesn't have any typical group of users. It can serve all ages, gender, and sexuality during sex or when masturbating. there are different types of lube from water, oil, or silicone-based, meaning that there is something for everyone. According to Philpott et al. (2006), lube also serves well for sex toy users to make them give them pleasure. It also suits you and your partner while different sex toys match different types of lube.

It Enhances Pleasure

Lube doesn't have to be a friend when things go wrong, and you're dry. You can use it any time during sex. The beauty in lube is that it comes in different flavors, meaning that it will create different sensations depending on the type you go with. Some lube can also help delay ejaculation, giving you enough time to enjoy the sensations before you can climax. Lube can also be used with condoms to make the feeling more realistic.

It prevents dryness

There are many reasons why the vagina can be dry. It can be due to a medical condition, menopause, when in the middle of your menstrual cycle, or hormonal changes, to mention but a few reasons. Dryness in the vagina is nothing to be ashamed of, and here is where lube comes in. The sexual experience will be better with lube as you and your partner will experience exceptional pleasures.

It Suits Anal Play

Whether you are a fan of anal penetration or love playing with toys in your butt, lube serves these pleasures right. Unlike the vagina, the anus doesn't produce lube, and you don't want to hurt your sensitive parts from anal penetration. Lube will give the same feeling like a wet vagina with better sensations.

It makes sex safer

Natural lubrication aims to reduce friction, and lube can also serve the same purpose of reducing the risk of injury during sex. Condoms come with their lubrication, but they might fall off or break. This is less likely to happen with lubes. Therefore, ensure you are using latex-based condoms with silicone-based or water-based lube, as Nilsson et al. (2006) suggested. Other types of lube may cause breakage of the condom.

How To Use Lube

You should follow the directions on the box when using over-the-counter lube. This way, you will follow the instructions from the manufacturer about the specific product. Here are some tips to consider when using lube to make sure you make the best of it.

The More, The Better

Keep in mind that you can't use too much lube; experts recommend you use lube lavishly to your pleasure. This is if you don't mind staining your sheets or beddings. The function of lube is to reduce friction and not the other way around; not unless it is a warming lubricant, which is known to create heat.

It Makes Masturbation Sensational.

Whether you are a fan of self-pleasure or want to release some stress and pressure, lube is the best way. It reduces the drag of the hands-on the penis so that your fingers run across the nerve areas fluidly. According to Taormino (2006), lubes also aid women in reducing friction when sliding their fingers or sex toys against the sensitive areas of their clitoris, vagina, or vulva. You can achieve those toe-curling explosive orgasms with lube.

Apply lube to your body and Your Partner’s

It can be a mood killer when you squeeze out some lube in the middle of sexual activity when the sensations are high. However, to avoid turning your partner off, consider applying lube before you dive in to explore your sexual pleasures. According to Fischer et al. (2020), consider applying lube before you have sex during foreplay. Consider applying lube to your anus and vagina adequately before any sexual activity. It is also recommended that you apply some lube to your labia since the outer labia can easily get dry even with the vaginal opening lubed up. This can act as a blockage to prevent the smooth flow of things and be rather uncomfortable.

During foreplay, you can have your partner apply some lube over their hands and rub it over your nipples down to your nipples and down to your vulva. You can also make things interesting by rubbing some lube on your partner's penis before slipping in the condom. There is the risk of the condom slipping, but you can still pull it off.

Types of Lube

Whenever you buy lube over-the-counter, you have to understand that there are different types of lube, and not each one will serve your desired needs. Water-based lube is sex-positive, but the downside is that the body easily absorbs them. Silicone-based lubes are long-lasting since the body doesn't easily absorb them, and they are also waterproof. This means that you can still have some fun in the bathroom. The toy's material also determines the type of lube you buy if you love sex toys. Silicone toys don't go well with silicone-based toys; try water or oil-based lube for better results.


Lube doesn't have a specific group of people who are supposed to use it. You can also add it to your list the next time you go shopping to have a good time in the bedroom. Consider trying different types of lube to find out how it reacts to your body and that of your partners. This is essential to women since the vagina is very sensitive, and some lube may cause itchiness and discomfort. Depending on the ingredients, some people might also be allergic to certain types of lube. Lube is a great way to spice things up in the bedroom, so why not.


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