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Fetish Clothing Guide - Leather Vs PVC

Fetish Clothing Guide - Leather Vs PVC

Fetish Clothing Guide - Leather Vs PVC

By Ekaterina Mironova

Now for me this is really simple, having done resistant materials and chemistry in the past I know all about plastics such as Polyvinyl chloride. PVC became widely popular as a cheap replacement for leather, but now its hard to choose between the two. Having personally worn both, I’ll be giving my views on which I think is best, but feel free to add your own opinions to mine in the comments. So lets start this off with some simple pros for each.

Pros for PVC, its cheap, you can get a lot more outfits a lot cheaper in PVC. Also as a good bonus its machine washable, so if you get a bit sticky, covered in lube and other fluids don’t feel too bad about it because most of the clothing can be thrown in the washing machine. PVC is also easy to manipulate and to get a perfect outfit you don’t need the skill that leather requires, another reason it is cheap. Also PVC is the way to go if you’re someone who doesn’t like leather as part of a environmentally friendly, no harm to animals lifestyle.

Pros to leather, well firstly its the real thing. Its soft to the touch if it has been worked correctly, it smells a lot better than PVC as well which can have a lingering plastic smell. It shows a higher class as well, for those of you that think thats important, but ultimately many standard products come in leather anyway. Dog collars are normally leather especially if you buy it from an actual pet store. Leather gives a nicer feel for grips and handles on whips as well.

Cons to PVC. To be honest, PVC can contain, or at least used to have the possibility of containing, chemicals which you may actually find not so nice. Chlorine for a start is in there, but the more chemicals in a substance the higher the possibility of finding yourself allergic or getting a skin irritation if you have sensitive skin. Although renown for being cheap, to some people it also is tacky. The latter statement however is massively opinionated depending who you talk to.

Cons to leather, well except that a cow had to die at some point for you to get the leather the biggest downside in my view is price. It can be expensive, but you get what you pay for. However leather also stains, trust me it does stain. Especially blood – leathers are usually treated with a dye to give different shades of brown, reddish browns and blacks – it absorbs colours.

In my opinion? Leather all the way. Its got the looks, it has the feel and well, damn the price because it just gives off a better overall feel especially in a scene. But thats just me, what do you think?

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Fetish Clothing Guide - Leather Vs PVC

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Fetish Clothing Guide - Leather Vs PVC

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