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Outercourse: The Hot Way To Reclaim Your Youth

Outercourse: The Hot Way To Reclaim Your Youth

Outercourse: The Hot Way To Reclaim Your Youth

People are actively seeking remedies to retain their youthful characteristics. Herein are hot ways to reclaim your youth, including trying a massage, using sex toys, masturbation, and oral sex.

Menn (2011) noted that outercourse is a non-penetrative stimulation. It includes activities such as frottage, but some people use fingering or sex toys, masturbation, and cybersex. People have different definitions of outercourse. Outercourse includes a variety of things. Some people believe that outercourse is for teenagers who are horny but do not want to engage in intercourse yet. Outercourse can be a way of dealing with sexual frustration. It helps relieve social stress and let off steam. It can also lead to orgasm, depending on how you do it and which organs in your body you concentrate on. Below are the benefits of outercourse.

Beneficial situations for outercourse

Engaging in outdoor activities during your periods is a great idea for you. However, period sex can be pleasurable for those who enjoy it. It helps relieve pain and mood swings that come with it.

Sundahl (2003) noted that clitoral stimulation is also grinding during menstruation. The activity is good for people who want to have sex before marriage.

It’s a nice way to enjoy yourself and avoid pregnancy.

Outercourse is a great way to enjoy sex with your partner if you have a virginal infection such as vaginismus. Do not let this get between you and your guy.

Activities that count as outercourse.

Below are activities that, when performed, feel like intercourse.


Massages are sexy. Add massage oils and talk to your partner about the parts you want to be rubbed. Younis et al. (2016) advised that your man can concentrate on the erogenous zones like the nipples, clitoris, butt, neck, and earlobes.

Dry humping

Most people believe that dry humping is for teenagers. Grinding against your partner's body is pleasurable regardless of age. Wierderman (2005) advised that you can note the different positions and the cloth materials and play the roles for different pleasure.


Making out is a nice way to build good intimacy. Kissing different body parts is a turn-on for you and your partner.

Using sex toys

Find the best sex toy to explore with your partner and get the greatest stimulation you desire. Vibrators can be a perfect toy if you are not looking forward to genital stimulation penetration. The vibrator targets the clitoris or arousal.


Masturbation is a pleasurable sex activity that includes touching and pressing the body in a professional and sexy manner. It’s pleasurable because you know where to be touched for pleasurable stimulations. Try masturbating with your partner and show each other what feels good while cuddling and kissing.

Oral sex

Activities such as blowjobs and rimming are the perfect options to consider. Let your partner know what you want as they give you oral sex.

Why outercourse instead?

There are situations that you may find outercourse more interesting. Outercourse can be done by anyone, regardless of age or sexual orientation. You can still try outercourse even when you have had penetrative sex and experience more pleasures.

Some of the reasons outercourse may be interesting are:

  • Outercourse does not require a partner to use contraceptives such as oral pills and condoms because no penetration may cause pregnancy. Also, outercourse is ideal when your partner is not ready for penetrative sex or has body dysphoria.
  • Can you get STI through outercourse?
  • Outercourse is believed to be a healthy sexual activity. Some people believe that outercourse is safe sex. STDs are spread from skin-to-skin contact; therefore, it's possible to get STIs through oral sex.
  • Engaging with clothes or off.
  • You choose whether to engage n the activity with clothes or off. However, you will not contact your clothes directly, but it may feel pleasurable depending on the fabric. Most people prefer doing outercourse with their undies on. Engage in outercourse with clothes on if you think you will be more tempted to have intercourse.

Dry humping

Choose the best position for the best leverage. Try the missionary position and entangle your legs around your partner's waist. Thigh Tide is a sex position where the guy bends his knees and rubs them against yours. You can do this in your undies. There is also a coital alignment style that works well with the clitoral stimulation. The mystery position is also worth trying. Trying out all these can make you discover your best position.

Outercourse as a foreplay

It is more interesting to have outercourse as foreplay. Grind your body and hips against your partner as you make out. Dirty talks can be an awesome way to begin your outercourse. Whisper words like, "you love it?" to his ears and see how he turns on more. Foreplay is a way of getting relaxed and sets the right mood. Pair up grinding and some massage, and see how pleasurable it is for you and your partner.

How to make it more pleasurable

  • Find the hot spots- Drive your partner crazy by finding their erogenous zones.
  • Competition on orgasm- Try and see who will make the other cum first before getting your clothes off.
  • Slow down your kisses and foreplays to get it even more exciting. Spend more time on activities that quickly turn you on.
  • Gaze into your lover's eyes and touch her genitals. Gently rub the clitoris for pleasurable stimulations. You can do the same for your man by touching his dick. Observe how he reacts. Roll your fingers down his balls. Kiss them and touch his body.

Bottom line

There are many ways to have sexual pleasure. Most people have ideas and desires that do not include intercourse. Outercourse improves sexual pleasures for you and your partner. Outercourse is an awesome option to try something new in the bedroom. Explore this and focus on your different pleasures. Talk to your partner about your fantasies and get each other orgasm without penetration.


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