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Do you want to explore oral sex for intense and satisfying sexual pleasures and do not know where to begin? Here are amazing techniques for mind-altering orgasms, including starting slowing and sensual, wet & sloppy, communicating, and keeping your hands involved.

Sex is not all about penetration. Numerous sexual activities, including oral sex and role play, can satisfy your sexual desires and fantasies. Generally, oral sex is one of the essential parts of foreplay. However, you can also consider making it the main sexual activity or include it with other sexual activities like penetrative sex. Make it fun for both parties if you desire to fulfill your sex act. Also, oral sex is an act that does not need much to accomplish. All your need is your mouth, tongue, and hands. But how are you going to deliver pleasurable oral sex pleasures? Here is a complete breakdown of incredible oral sex techniques and oral sex positions that involve some amazing skills.

Why Is Oral Sex Essential? 

Jumping directly to penetrative sex makes everything boring. For a pleasurable sexual experience, consider warming up your body. Ensure you are mentally, physically, psychologically, and sexually prepared. Getting in the sex mood is not easy as most people might think. It requires time, which is why you need oral sex and foreplay. Generally, oral sex is all you need to improve or spice up your sexual experience. Also, oral sex plays an essential role in your sex life in different ways, including;

  • Showing the act of love, appreciation, value, and care. This increases your trust for a better sexual experience. 
  • Oral sex increases closeness and intimacy between partners. This allows you to have a pleasurable and sensual sex session. 

Unlike penetrative sex, oral sex can last for a long time. It can be what you need to keep your partner focused during the sexual session and a pleasurable and satisfying experience. 

5 Oral Sex Techniques for Your Female Partner

Giving your female some oral pleasures might seem awkward. However, your woman will experience tantalizing pleasures with a few amazing techniques. Here are amazing techniques you can always consider and make your partner scream with pleasure while using your mouth.

The Clitoris Marks the Spot 

The clitoris is one of the easiest organs to find in a women's body. It is also one of the most sensitive parts. It is located in front of the vulva, where the lips of the vagina meet. Martin‐Alguacil et al. (2008) noted that unlike other erogenous zones in the female body, the clitoris has more nerve endings that make it extra sensitive. Surprisingly, most females can hardly experience orgasms without stimulating their clitoris. The size and shape of the clitoris vary. Some women have a small and short clitoris, while others have a fat, long and wide clitoris. You can always start slowing down to help build the mood. In addition, you can use the tongue, sex toys, or vibrators to stimulate the clitoris. Focus on the inner and outer labia for extreme and pleasurable orgasms.

Use More Than Just the Tip of Your Tongue 

You can do other things to stimulate your partner's vagina or clitoral than just licking it with the tip-off of your tongue. Consider sucking them for extra pleasures and mind-blowing orgasms. You can always put the whole mouth into action. Chia & Arava (2002) advised gentle clitoral sucking using your lips to increase sensations. You can also nibble and stroke the vulva and clitoris for extreme pleasure.

Pair Oral Sex with Penetrative for Extra Pleasures 

There is nothing pleasurable like pairing penetrative and oral sex. This move would make any woman blow up. You can begin with sensual teasing of the clitoris and vagina before going internally. Warm your partner with sensual clitoral stimulation to prepare them sexually, mentally, and physically. 

Keep Consistent when You Think She’s Close to Climaxing

During oral sex, pay close attention to your partner's body language. This is essential since it lets you know how they respond to stimulation. You can always go harder on them when they are close to climaxing. This increases sensational and pleasure.

Communicate, and Ask Your Partner Questions 

According to Dindia & Timmerman (2003), communication is essential in any romantic relationship. It increases intimacy, love, and trust. Therefore, consider talking to your partner before, during, and after the sexual session. Let your partner know what pleases you the most. Ask them how they feel and how they would love it to be done.

5 Oral Sex Techniques for Your Male Partner 

Here are techniques to consider when offering your partner some pleasurable and erotic blowjobs.

Do Some Teasing with Your Tongue First 

It is appropriate to start with some sensual teasing before offering blowjobs. Teasing builds up the mood. Use your tongue to flick and glide the shaft of your partner. You can also focus on the scrotum, glans, and frenulum. 

Keep Your Hands Involved 

You cannot always use your mouth to stimulate your partner's penis. There are other means you can apply and make the experience pleasurable. Use your hands to stroke, squeeze and caress your partner's penis. Alternatively, you can only use the hands for erotic stimulation when the penis is well lubed. This increases sensation while reducing unwanted friction. 

Give Your Partner’s Testicles and Scrotum Some Attention

The scrotum and testicles are also part of male organs. Like the penis, they can also be stimulated to deliver extra pleasures. They might not have numerous sensitive nerves, but playing with them during oral sex can greatly increase blood circulation. This is essential when it comes to ejaculation

Increase Pace and Intensity as Your Guy Gets Close to Climax

It is appropriate to keep your focus on your guy and witness their body language. This will help you know if they are nearing their climax. If your partner is close to climaxing, increase the pace and intensity to make it powerful and mind-blowing. 

Talk to Your Man

Communication makes up a healthy romantic relationship. Communicate with your partner about your desires and how you would love it to be done. This allows your partner to deliver satisfying and pleasurable blowjobs. Also, communicating before, during, and after allows you to get familiar with your partner and what they like.


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