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Intimacy is essential for a stable and healthy relationship. Couples' sex life differs based on how they conduct and prioritize their intimate affairs. With hefty work schedules and other life responsibilities, partners are usually left with little or no time to spice their romantic life. Relationships issues are normal among most couples. However, sex issues can drift partners' connections, leading to breakups in extreme situations. Few practices can aid in strengthening the bond in romantic relationships.

Rekindling your physical intimacy is the best way to bring back the lost spark in your bedroom. Communicating about sex-related topics can be challenging for some spouses. Still, it's the ideal way to stroke the fire you once had. Healthy communication can aid in establishing a stronger physical and emotional intimacy connection as you get to know each other's needs. Intimacy can be increased in multiple ways to rekindle the lost flame for brighter sex life and relationship.

Signs You Need to Rekindle Your Relationship

Not all couples need to indulge in new practices in their intimate encounters. Some are in healthy relationships, while others are in miserable conditions. For those who have lost the spark in their intimate life, worry less. This page has all you need to turn your bedroom into a hot sex den. If you notice the below signs in your partnership, its high time your set rekindling strategies;

  • Jealousy or lack of trust in spouses. If you are always suspicious about your partner's moves and motives, positively communicate
  • You talk less about your personal or sex-related issues. 
  • You spend less time together and can go for days or weeks without getting intimate.

Why Does the Spark in Relationships Fade?

Couples tend to be full of spirit and fond of each other at the start of their partnership. Have you ever found yourself with no desire towards your partner? Fizzling in relationships is common as most spouses view each other as friends after staying together for long periods. Being a friend with your favorite person is not wrong, but it kills the initial spark you had. Aging also contributes as you get to know and understand each other better, lowering the obsession in the first romance novelty.

Society's standards on the best type of healthy sex relationships can negatively impact intimate life in couples. Couples who focus on what is portrayed over social media, books, or movies can fail to maintain the spark in their sexual encounters. This is attributed to the fact that they set unhealthy expectations that are difficult to achieve in real-life situations.

Other life changes and personal factors such as low libido or punishing each other by avoiding sex kill the erotic vibes in your partnership.

Best Couple Exercises to Rekindle Romance and Improve Intimacy

Rekindling intimacy is the process of improving your emotional physical connection. Love is a sweet, powerful thing that needs regular maintenance and care to work effectively. Commitments and communication is the key to a great romantic life. Use the tips below to warm up your intimate moments

Get Creative in Giving Your Best in The Relationship

To successfully spark your romantic and intimate life, draw comparisons from how you began the partnership. Give it your all as you used it in the courtship period. Remember how you were obsessed with each other when your first met? Replicate the commitment and what you did to make them feel special in new ways. Gifts, taking them out, and using other creative efforts to make each other happy, similar to the earlier days, can deepen your connection. Happy partners are likely to have a better sex life than bored or troubled relationships. 

Spend More Time Together

An increase in physical connection is the key to great sex life. Lovers can create more time for each other to show their commitment in many ways. They include; sleeping together, avoiding using electronic devices in bed, listening to music, podcasts, or watching romantic films with your loved one. Cuddle and indulge in more fun practices to express your love, desire, and care to them. You can play kinky games or practice mindfulness practices such as meditation, yoga, breath training exercises. Rekindling your intimate life entails strengthening your out-of-the-bedroom affairs. 

Enhance Emotional and Physical Connection

Partners can achieve this in numerous ways. First, figure out the right time to be with your partner with no distractions. With them by your side, try to gaze into each other's eyes for around 3 to 5 minutes without saying a word. You can get touchy as you scroll your hands on their body, hair, or face to maintain the same eye contact. This might sound awkward but can work wonders in building your connection. It brings focus and attention to each other. Some compliments can spice up the session.

Prioritize Physical Intimacy

You cannot spark your sex life without getting physically active. Lovers can rekindle their sex life by scheduling intimacy. This kind of exercise fits couples in a long or short-term relationship. Having an intimacy timetable increases the time you love each other and helps you prepare in time for the hottest encounters enhancing desire. Flirt, sext, and get touchy often. You can also invest in new sex toys to spark your sex games or try new sex positions that you find exciting and comfortable.


Talk to your partner about why you need to rekindle your relationship and how you can achieve it. Be honest with your emotions and the exercises or strategies to better your sex life. Discuss how to change one practice at a time. Be genuine, appreciative, and compassionate as you talk about how to increase intimacy and rekindle your romance. You also need to learn how to manage your negative feelings and emotions. Come up with plans on staycations, vacations, or activities that can induce happy memories. Lastly, having clear boundaries and limits on what to expect from each other in any area helps set the best rekindling process. 


Intimacy-related issues are common in romantic relationships. Rekindling helps keep your partnership on track, which can be achieved in numerous ways. The process is quite challenging and demands equal commitment from both partners. Fixing lost love is easy with the right exercises in the plan. It may be achieved by trusting your partner as you find new methods to deepen and strengthen your connection.