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Virtual sex means sex is the intimacy you enjoy with your partner through an electronic device, and you are not physically in each other's presence.

Virtual sex is not a new phenomenon. It did not start during this self-isolation era. Virtual sex has always been there. Remember when you would send your partner in the other part of the world a letter about how you would get freaky with them when you meet? The letters have since been replaced by phones and computers. You do not have to be physically present where your partner is to have some sexy fun. Your partner is probably a click away. Here are ways that you can have virtual sex;


Levine, D. (2013) defined sexting as the process by which one shares sexually suggestive pictures and messages through mobile phones or media. Sexting is probably one of the most popular ways to connect with someone. One of the reasons why sexting is popular is because it is discreet. You can send it anytime, anywhere, and any day. However, be warned that the recipient may not be prompt, so do not be frustrated. You can send it when you are at any stage of the relationship, no matter how shy you are. It beats the problems we face one on one because the interaction is not physical. However, you will need to seek permission before sending your partner any pornographic item. You do not want to put them off. Moreover, do not send your nudes without their consent. 

Phone Sex

According to Ben-Ze'ev (2004), phone sex is perfect for couples who are physically away from each other. It can be a perfect addition to the couple’s usual communication. Like human sex, keeping things the same as last will lead to monotony and boredom. This will make you not look forward to it. Before making that call, remember to switch into your sexy voice. Moreover, be ready to travel with your partner into fantasy land. Have a list of the things that you want to talk about. Phone sex is more work than sexting, but it can also be fun.


Have you ever read a story that sets your genitals on fire? Herzog, F. A. (2016) describes Erotica as an artwork that induces sexual arousal. It makes you want to have sex. You could forward your partner a story that you picked online so that they feel the impact you felt when you read it. You could also forward them an original story that you wrote so that they may wander into your fantasy world. During this time, when people are idle and away from their partners, people seem to want to read. Turn your partner into the people who are reading and getting aroused simultaneously. Masturbation is good for your health.

Picture Swapping

You could exchange pictures with your partner. You may be tempted to send nudes, but this is not right. Your partner may be the most mature person you have ever known, but you will never know a person's true colors when you are on the best terms. Sometimes a break-up brings out the worst in people. Your partner may leak your pictures. We make the worst decisions when we are sexually aroused, and if it happens to you and you cannot resist the urge to send a nude, send them without your face. Anything that is part of your identity, for instance, a tattoo, should also be kept private.

Video Calling

During self-isolation, almost everything moved to video calling, and this was the season when Zoom, Face-time, WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, and Skype became a hit. Couples in long-distance relationships had to adjust to the changes and learn how to have virtual sex via video. Video calls may be the closest thing to real sex. It is popular because the partners can see each other and do things together. For you to video call, you will have to pick a platform. Some platforms such as WhatsApp and Skype will not work for this. However, face-time and telegram seem to be the best options for you. Be comfortable since video calling is awkward for the first time. After that, you will get used to it.

Social Media

You may slip into your partner's inbox and send a flirty message. Social media is the best place if you want to feel like you are in public. When your partner is busy interacting on the public platform, you can send them a message, picture, or a video to awaken their sexual side. Maybe to remind them that you are thinking of them. You can lighten up your partner’s mood on social media through tagging and sending messages to get into a freaky action later as you sex chat, video call, or have phone sex.


Having a long-distance relationship does not mean that you should tone down your sex life. Out of sight has always been out of mind. Keep the fire burning by interacting as much as possible to make you want each other more. If you are a couple that wants the same thing, then this will be something that you venture into naturally because you want to be excited about each other throughout the isolation. The reality is that there are billions of people in the world, and we are bound to get distracted. This can be possible because they are yearning for some attention. Keep yourself undistracted by giving yourselves virtual sexual satisfaction.


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