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Compliments for Guys to Bring You Closer Together

Compliments for Guys to Bring You Closer Together

Compliments are important in a relationship. It feels good when you appreciate your partner. Herein are the compliments for guys to bring you closer together, including ’help me with this, ‘‘you are a great man’, and ‘you are the love of my life.’

Everyone wants to feel validated. It's good to show your guy support when he does something. Herein are tips to compliment your man, including, "I appreciate what you do for me and the lessons I get from you," and compare him with a celebrity. Compliments to your man can build a healthy and productive relationship. Some men are interested in hearing how sweet and good they are, while others love comments about their parenting skills. You have to be sincere about what you are complimenting your guy. Fake compliments are turn-offs to guys. Spice your compliment with a bit of flirting. Tell him how his eyes remind you of the ocean. Here are some compliments to tell your guy:

"I appreciate what you do for me and the lessons I get from you."

The best thing to tell a father is, "I appreciate everything you do for me and the parenting skills that I've learned from you. We want the best for our kids as they grow up. It is one thing to see our kids healthy and molded and another to understand how hard you work for them. It is a blessing to have you as our dad. You are a great parent. Walton (2014) stated that complimenting your guy on how much effort he puts in his work for his family will increase his desire to work much harder.

"You are a great man."  

"Growing up, I had a masculine man of my dreams." Hearing this from a woman is a day maker. O’brien & Hart (2005) noted that the challenge of not being masculine pressures guys. Some men are insecure and feel that they are not man enough. Hearing this compliment from a woman they love makes their efforts validated. Every man wants to be a role model to their kids, and complimenting him would make them feel strong. You can also compliment him on how he takes care of you.  

Try comparing him to a celebrity.

"Your courage reminds me of Jason Statham in legacy film." Probably he's smarter than James woods, cuter than Tom Cruise, or sexier than David Beckham. "You beat Bruno mars in that shirt. Honey, you are hot than Henry Cavil. You make my head spin; Justin Bieber should borrow some of your moves."  Most men love celebrity comparison. Think of your favorite celebrity actors who remind you of your guy whenever you browse through your Netflix. 

" Help me with This"

Men love the feeling of being needed by their women. Ask him for advice or help. "What do you think I should do in this situation? Help me untangle this knot it's insanely tangled." Asking him for advice is going to let him show you his amazingness. Listen to him and do not dismiss his opinions on how to approach something. 

Stare and smile at him.

Stare at him like he is Bruno Mars in a kilt. Put on a dreamy smile as you stare at him. Look at your guy like he is the finest slice of an Italian cheese coconut cream cake with some hazelnuts. Let him catch you staring at him as maybe he is talking or doing something. Give him a sweet reason why you can't take your eyes off him or his lips. "Sorry, I got lost staring at your perfect abs. I get naughty thoughts just seeing you do that. I have trouble thinking straight when you are in that shirt. I can't control myself.

"You are an Incredible Cook"

Sometimes men want to feel supported and contribute to their relationship by doing some house chores for the woman they adore. Let your man make food for you and compliment his cooking after a few bites. Men are proud of their accomplishments when women like the food they prepare. 

“I Love How you Dealt with the Situation.”

It's good to compliment his personality. Tell him how great his decision-making skills are. Sometimes making decisions can be hard. Complimenting his abilities and integrity boosts his self-esteem. Praise his personality and make him feel powerful.

“You are the Love of my life Forever.”

Let him know that you cherish and value his presence in your life. Tell him how blessed you are to have him, and you don't want to lose him. Show him how grateful you are for meeting him. Express your happiness around him.

“Your workouts are working wonders.”

Let him know how his workout regime is greatly effective for him. This compliment could get away any insecurities he might have about his body. Tell him through a compliment how appreciative you are to him for trying to keep fit.

 “Everyone adores you.”

George et al. (2007) advised that you can improve your man’s confidence by telling him how your relatives and friends adore him. The next time, he will be more confident and could establish a rapport with your friend or relatives. 

“You are my best confidant.”

Saying this to your man builds trust in your relationship. Your man will realize that you trust him, and he will not betray you. 

“I love spending time with you.”

Let him know how good you feel spending time with him and being around him. It will make him feel Importance and worth it to you. It will also make him create more time to spend with you even on his busy days. Appreciate him for making that effort for you. 

“I love how good you are at communication.”

Sometimes in relationships, partners may have misunderstandings. Appreciate your guy if he takes the initiative to talk about issues. It's difficult for a guy to open up about their feelings; let him know you love it. 

“I’m proud of you.”

Let him know how proud you are of his achievements. Men love when you notice the little things about them. Appreciate his support, especially if he helped you achieve your goals and the encouragement he gives you. Show him how much you love your couple goals. 

“Your smell is tempting.”

Every man has his unique smell because their colognes have an amazing smell. The smell is important for a turn-on in women. Damatte et al. (2007) advised that you can tell your man his smell makes you want him. Compliments on the smell from women make men feel great and sexy.

“I love how you make love to me.”

Complementing your guy's ability in bed will give him more courage to be sexier, enhancing your sex life. Tell him how good it feels when he takes control in the bedroom. 

“I love your taste on everything.”

Let him know how impressive his taste is when choosing everything. Most guys are very passionate about their interests. 

“Thank you.”

Thank you is a simple word, but it means a lot. Thanking your guy for the little things encourages him to do more. 

“This hairstyle looks good on you.”

Bartky (2008) noted that men love to look good and groom their beards. Compliment his haircut. 

“You are so kind hearted.”

This compliment will boost his self-esteem. Create a reality in your partner by praising their good heart.


Complementing your guy helps to create a bond in your relationship. Ensure you appreciate your guy when he does something for you. Listen to what he says and compliments his opinions. His physical appearance matters, and it's important to recognize his amazing looks.


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