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Do you want sex games that will spice up your romantic session every time? Learn more about sex games you could play with your partner for erotic session in this article.

Have you ever felt that all you usually do is get dressed, sleep, undress and have sex with your partner? Doing that daily or as habit may be boring for your sexual life. Not only you but also your partner included. It may lead to reduction in sexual desires since your body is used to one common thing. It is about time you try some other new sex adventures by including a set of games in your play. These games will help you spice your bedroom activity eliminating the boredom you usually experience.  Below are some sexy games you can try playing with your partner. They will help you express your adventurous nature to your man.

Racing 69

This is a fun game that you should always start with when having a romantic sensation. Here’s is the direction on how play;

If the idea of back aching rings in your mind and you feel like you should give it to your man, screaming and toe-curling orgasmic sensations will keep him to you. Once your man is addicted to your games, he will find you in private so that you can have some pleasure. You and your man should get in 69 sex position.  When both of you are ready, start giving yourselves oral; sex using any methods you got in mind. The winner of the game is the person that makes the other orgasm first. The loser will then submit to the winners’ requirements by doing exactly what the winner needs.

Racing 69 is an easy and si0le sex game that any couple could play. If your partner wants to ply unfairly, he can use a vibrator. Also, you too can start by giving him blowjob and deep throats as a warm up before six-nine. That will make the game more fantasizing and interesting.

Tie Your Man Up

This is also one of the bedroom games that you could implement easily. It involves taming your man using bondage ropes that will not harm his skin or have other tragic effects. Tying your man up is easy with co-operation and agreement. You need preparation like having communicated with each other about the sex game you are going to play. After having a good convo, tie your man’s wrists and thighs on the bed post or any other convenient place. Make sure you do not tighten too much that the bondage ropes will damage his skin. when you man if fully restrained, get on his top and put your knees on each of his sides around the waist. You will have the complete control over your sex session. You can now do several things like going slowly toward s him and give him a kiss. Otherwise, you can start by exploring different sex positions that involves girl on top like betty Rocker, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl and crab sex positions.

Oral Sex Game

Oral sex game is a combination between sex and regular film game, boardgame and sports. The idea here is that each of you chose a game that when you play you will be evenly matched.  The games can be Xbox 360, table tennis or chess. When you are evenly matched, you have to make sure there is a loser and a winner at the end. The loser will the succumb to the winner is requirements and, in this case, they are supposed to give oral sex to the latter. This type of sex game makes anything you are playing to have fun and ore interesting.

Makes Sex Tapes

Making sex tape is a fit to be done if there is unshakable trust between you and your man. Sex tapes are always hot and making one is incredible. It is something that should remain a secret between you and your man. Although is does not look exactly like bedroom game like the ones discussed above, it still has, more fun compared to any of them. The incredible thing about it is that after the play, you will watch yourselves as you were playing. If you want to make better sex tape, here are a few things to put in consideration

You do not need to have a high-quality camera, but sits not a crime if you have it because it will produce the film with high definitions scenes.

Set up your camera on an easy location such as chair, or a table. However, such positions will by no means be fun as it will record boring videos. A better way to station your camera is by holding it with one hand that’s free and recorded different angles as you try different sex positions. Holding the camera should be in shifts so that one could relax.

Make sure your video remains secretive and only you and your man should know of its existence. If possible after rewatching your session you are advised to delete it less someone finds it and use it to blackmail you.  Also, you can set a password for a stronger protection if you do not want to delete it.

Why Bedroom Games

Bedroom games provides a better way to change things from the normal way. Although you can be nervous at first, you will get used to it as your partner will surely like to truly different ideas. Its normal to be nervous an that’s the last thing you should worry about.

Bedroom games will help show your man you are adventurous kind of a person. It tells him more of what you love in the bedroom and not just your normal way of doing things.

The Bottom Line

Now that you’ve gone through the best sex games you will ever come across.it is about time you now work on your spirit of adventure and try new things. create a strong bond with your partner by playing the above genes. If you want to introduce the games to your sex sessions, it is good that you have good conversation with your partner. For example, you cannot come a=one night and start tying up your man. He may think you are up to harm which mat not be a good sight during romantic sensation.