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According to Hemsath & Yerkes (1997), pleasure presents are a great way to spice your bedroom antics. Choosing one for your man or penis-having person can be tough. This blog rounds up the best pleasure presents for him, including male masturbators, blindfolds, prostate stimulators, penis rings, and butt plugs to save you time and trouble.

Everyone loves gifts. It may be marriage or platonic friendships. Gifts signify people have their loved ones in mind. Gifting your loved one is amazing. However, challenges occur when shopping for gifts. Men, in particular, are complicated creatures. It means getting them a normal or pleasure-related gift is difficult, especially if you do it first. Some people look down on them, but they are great to expand the horizons of your sex life. They come in different types, sizes, shapes, materials, and colors, ensuring you get something that will take your partner's self-love or couple sex sessions to another level. The market gives limitless choices in male pleasure presents, and choosing what can add pleasure to sexual routine can be problematic. Don't worry because this log has your back. Understand what pleasure presents are before shopping for them. 

What Are Pleasure Presents?

Pleasure presents are devices tailored to take your bedroom antics to new roofs. Mostly, they are sex toys people use for masturbation or partnered sex. Pleasure presents have been around for centuries, helping revolutionize sex lives. There are varieties of pleasure present brands in the market. The reputable ones are; OhMihBod, Tenga and LELO. Tenga focuses on male masturbators. Do not forget to browse through their collection while shopping for pleasure presents for your man or penis-having person. Other brands are also cool. Here is the pleasure presents Tenga and other brands in store for you.

Male Masturbators

Masturbation is the greatest way to discover your likes and dislikes. Knowing what makes you tick helps your partner focus on specific areas of your body during the passionate romp for deep and multiple orgasms. Some people look at masturbation with a bad eye, but it's a healthy way to achieve sexual pleasure. According to Still (1920), masturbation allows you to reach the peak of any sexual encounter like in penetrative sex. Your body produces happy hormones and endorphins after reaching orgasm, leaving you with feelings of pleasure. This experience proves that masturbation has calming effects like sex. 

 Male masturbation can be your perfect replacement if you plan to leave for a business trip or a journey that will set you and your partner apart for a long. You are leaving them, but you have their pleasure in mind. Male masturbators have features to note before purchasing one for your partner. For instance, some come with vibrations, ensuring your partner gets enthralling orgasms in their self-love sessions. Motors power these vibrations. The toys come with different vibration patterns, allowing your partner to choose the setting that resonates with their mood well.

Other male masturbators are waterproof. These models can be a great deal if your partner loves underwater pleasure. The different array of materials allows the freedom to buy an allergy-free toy. Pay attention to the material used to make the masturbator before clicking that  ‘Add to Cart' button. Consider the size of the stroke. Your partner will be grateful if you gift them something that swallows their schlong easily.

Prostate Stimulators

Prostate stimulators can be an ultimate pleasure present if your partner feels great when something penetrates their butt. These toys are mainly designed for prostate stimulation. The prostate or male G spot is an elusive spot located in front of the rectum or between the bladder and the penis. You can reach and stimulate this walnut-sized gland with your finger, but it can be strenuous. Employ prostate stimulators or massagers on these organs. These toys boast ergonomic shapes that allow easy reach and stimulation of the prostate.

 According to Bardzell & Bardzell (2011), some prostate massagers are quiet, and others come with a vibration feature. The former is great for people who find vibration overwhelming, while the former is ideal for those who want a little buzz in their anal play. Generally, prostate stimulators come in different sizes and materials. For instance, if your partner is a newbie, you will want to gift them small toys because maximum anal stretching and filling can be overwhelming. Similarly, ensure what you buy is not allergy-causing.

Penis Rings

They are also known as love rings, erections, or enhancers. Penis rings have stood the test of time in the sex toy market. These pleasure products are worn at the base of the penis or around the penis. Accordin to Ivanovski (2007). They restrict blood flow from the love tool when put on, giving your partner firmer and long-lasting erections. Strong erections are a direct ticket to the world of deep thrusts and intense orgasms. Both partners will enjoy the sexual encounter. Think about the high-pitched screams that you may be missing. 

Penis rings are crafted materials like leather, silicone, and rubber. The choice of material depends on your budget. It is also important to note that all love rings are not the same because some have a vibrating feature with rabbit-like ears that stimulate the clitoris of the vagina-having person as they ride on the penis-having person. You must be smart when shopping if you want the penis ring that pleasures both of you during partnered sex.

Butt Plugs 

Butt plugs are anal toys used to prepare the butt for anal sex. Anal sex toys are used for solo pleasure and short time, unlike prostate stimulators. Your partner can use them for solo pleasure, but it is risky because you can throw them into the mix when you want to experiment with pegging. Butt plugs stretch the sphincter muscles properly, ensuring your partner does not feel uneasy when penetrating them using a penis or strap-on dildo. They also come in different sizes. Get a small butt plug if your partner is experiencing them for the first time.

The Bottom Line

Have your partner's pleasure in mind by gifting them with pleasure presents. They include; vibrating penis rings that can benefit both of you. These toys come with rabbit-like ears that grind against your partner's clitoris when they ride on your love tool. Getting vaginal and clitoral pleasure results in deep blended orgasms. High-pitched screams due to intense pleasure will fill your sexual scenes. 


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