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Underwater sex may sound alluring, but it also comes with its risks. It is a fantasy for some, and those who have gone the extra mile to indulge in it can testify to its pleasures. Herein is about underwater sex including; sex in the pool, hot tub, and risks.

You understand how difficult it is to fight the urge to scratch rush on the skin if you have ever had one. you might scratch yourself even in public no matter where the rash is. It is also the satisfactory feeling it leaves behind that makes it worth it. The same case applies to sex. Whenever you are horny, you never seem to mind the place or time, and you want to satisfy the desire with a fling. Whether in the house, or underwater a fling can happen anywhere. Sex underwater is a fantasy that people want to live in. Whether it's in a bathtub or swimming pool, you can enjoy the pleasures of sex underwater. How you pull it off is the real deal.

Sex in The Pool

You may have seen people having sex in the pool, in real life, or on-screen.  It looks fun and irresistible, but there are also some safety concerns such as slipping, injury, or drowning. The pool offers a wide space for a fling, all the safety concerns aside. However, you want to do it with a sober mind to avoid drowning or slipping and injuring yourself or your partner. Also, keep in mind that having sex in a public pool may bring up issues with the law. The last thing you want is to get arrested for public indecency. Here are some tips to consider when having sex in the pool.

Observe Privacy

Don’t break the law in the name of sexual pleasure. Use a private pool for a fling.

Use the Right Lube

Go for silicone-based lube if you love using lubes. Unlike water-based lubes, this lube won't wash off and is long-lasting.

Be Clever

Consider shallow ends if neither you nor your partner is a great swimmer. You also don't want to be intoxicated if you are having a fling underwater. Both of these will put you at the risk of drowning.

Use Protection

Sex underwater is like sex on land. You are at the risk of getting pregnant and contracting STIs, so consider the use of condoms just as a precaution.

Be Conscious of Chlorine

Chlorine can react with some lubricants and create an uncomfortable irritation on the skin, as Barnes & Greive (2013) noted.

Avoid sexual activities that will involve submerging the head underwater. These activities include oral sex, which puts one at the risk of drowning, especially if one is wrapping the legs around their partner.

Sex in a hot tub

A bathtub is also another great spot for some underwater sex, especially if it's a hot tub during a cold season. However, it's easier for a person to overheat in hot water without their knowledge even noticing the amount of sweat. Hot tub sex looks enticing, but you need to reconsider this fantasy if you have a condition such as heart disease or when pregnant. It risks the increase of an irregular heartbeat. On the male, long-term uses of hot tubs and saunas put you at the risk of weakening fertility as they may damage sperms. consider other locations for your sexual pleasure if you are a couple trying to get pregnant. It is easy to get carried away when having sex in a hot tub; therefore, take note of overheating and heat exhaustion. Also, check on the temperature frequently and leave the water if you get a rapid heartbeat, severe fatigue, or dizziness.

Sex in open waters

Sex in open waters is not for the faint-hearted; go ahead if you think you have the guts. There are a lot of risks involved in sex in open waters, not to mention the currents, which increase the chances of drowning. Open waters are also not safe since they contain parasites that may bring about water-related diseases. There is also the risk of getting arrested for public indecency since this is public property. However, you can still reduce the risks if you want to go the extra mile with your pleasure. Here's how:

Have Sex In Shallow Waters

Consider having sex on the shores in shallow waters. Perhaps you are good swimmers, but the currents in deep waters put you at a higher risk of drowning.

Avoid Sex In Public

Avoid having sex in crowded shores or beaches and if you are close to someone’s property, make sure you have their permission.

Consider other places

Contemplate about sex on a raft or float instead of underwater.

Sex in The Bathtub

The bath is the perfect location for underwater sex. The beauty of the bath is that you are at the pleasure while at the same time you reduce the risk of slipping or drowning unless it's a large tub. The bathtub also poses a nice area to be flexible, especially when full. Maude & Foureur (2007) revealed that a warm bath will also provide a relaxing effect and make the experience more comfortable. These tips will help you make the most of bathtub sex.

  • Sex in a large tube will ease movement.
  • Sex lube can help better the experience and make things interesting, as Philpott et al. (2006) suggested.
  • A grab bar can help you find the right positions.
  • Ensure you don’t have objects around the tub that might fall in the water.

Factors to consider before indulging in underwater sex

Public Water Bodies Are Dirty

Keep in mind that public water bodies are dirty, be it pools or open waters. swimming pools contain many bacteria even with chlorine. Public pools have improper ph levels, which gives disinfectants a hard job. The same applies to hot tubs. The only safe place is in your private setting, whether in your private pool or a bathtub.

Water Washes Away Natural Lubricant.

It is unsaid that flinging in water can be tougher on the vagina than in bed. Some might think that water is a vaginal lubricant, but this is not the case. Instead, when someone is penetrating you, some water will find its way inside you, washing away the natural lubricant. Consider using silicone-based lube, as it is long-lasting to counter this problem. Unlike water-based, silicone-based lube will not be easily washed away.

You Are Still at Risk Of Pregnancy And STIs.

Remember that nothing changes whether you are in the water or on land. Xu & Xu (2014) discovered that Having unprotected sex still puts you at the risk of contracting STIs and STDs. Also, if you are not using contraception and someone ejaculates in you, you are still at the risk of getting pregnant. You also have to lash out at the myth that one can get pregnant from water that has bees ejaculated in. There has to be genital contact for one to get pregnant.


Water sex sounds enticing and can be pretty much fun. However, just like any other sexual activity, partners should communicate, considering that safety is the key to pulling this off. Both partners should be conscious of the risks involved with this type of sex. Preferably, it is better not to engage in high-risk sex, but if you resolve to this type of sex, you should have a plan to lower the risks.


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