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How best can one experience good sex? What does it take an individual to have good sex? What aspects of good sex and better orgasm? This article explains some of the tips for having better sex and orgasm.

Every successful activity must have a plan, and better sex is one. Better sex has to be prepared, or it will just be casual. To experience better sex, you have to know some tips to help you start spicing up your bedroom matters for a better orgasm.

Change Of Scenery

It becomes more boring to dwell in the bedroom when you get horny. Kushwaha et al. (2017) explained that different places to get cozy while having sex are beside the bedroom. While watching a movie in the sitting room and you feel you want to have sex, do it on that couch. Try while in the kitchen, in the bathroom while you shower, on your stairs, in front of a mirror, against the sink, and any other place you can feel comfortable.


Frequent exercise strengthens your pelvic floor and the leg muscles. Try to do some exercise together. Exercise relieves stress from work and other activities that can kill having better sex. According to Bartlett (2019), exercise makes you feel fresh and sexy, improving your self-esteem.

The flexibility from exercising will be advantageous when engaging in standing sex positions. Sign up for an exercise and begin slowly day in and day out together. Sayin & Schenck (2019) explained that an increase in testosterone drives up your sexual drive and triggers more blood floor to the genitals. One secret for men is that practicing the Kegel exercise provides a better erection and orgasm. Let exercise be your daily routine.

Extended Foreplay

Spend more time in foreplay. Use your tongue and hands to touch your partner's neck, nipples, and inner thighs. Try to kiss each other. It gears up the nervous system, thereby increasing sensitivity and orgasm. For a better orgasm, work on your intensity during foreplay. Stop a little bit so that your partner does not get into climax faster before you have sex as for a better sex experience, take the foreplay slowly. You can decide to set a time to use foreplay before having sex.


There are different things your partner can use to massage you that will have a better orgasm and sex. Relaxation can come from a massage as individuals should try to massage their partner by focusing more on the erogenous zones like the nape of the neck, the earlobes, lips, toes, inner thighs, and the lower back. Touching these parts stimulates your partner, creating a good base for better sex.

Use Of Pillow

Have you ever known this trick of using a pillow during sex? While using the missionary or the doggy style, place a pillow under their hips or let them lean with their elbow on a pillow, respectively. The pillow lifts their vagina, supports the position, and provides the best angle for deep penetration.

Healthy Eating

Ensure you eat a balanced diet to provide your body with essential nutrients. Borelli (2017) stated that an individual should take apples and pineapple to make their partners’ semen taste sweeter during oral sex. Take watermelon to increase water content in your body for good lubrication. A nutritious diet improves blood flow and stamina and boosts your libidos.


Try to starve your partner for the whole day, weeks, or even a full month. Doing this will create a hunger for touching you, being physically close to you, and having sex. The next time you engage in sex, your partner will have high morale to have you by their arms and make out. It will be a memorable night ever, and you will love sex.

Use Of Lube

Vaginas are naturally self-lubricating, but lubrication is insufficient for better penetration due to hormonal changes. Using lube helps make one wet for a long-time during sex, providing a smoother penetration. Individuals should prefer using water-based lubes when using a condom and silicone-based lubes for anal sex.

Flirty Messages

One way to build up your sexual tension is flirting with your partner. It can be through phone calls, text messages, or physically. Try to let your partner know how sexy they are, how they made you feel yesternight and love more, always in your mind, how you want it to be intense tonight, and the details. It serves as a way to prepare your partner emotionally and psychologically. 

Attend Marriage Counseling

Some couples can undergo a challenge like sexual arousal problems, and they fail to address it the right way or at the right time. As a result, it has extended into the bedroom issues. They no longer have feelings for their partner. Save your marriage by going to a marriage counselor to find out where the problem is. Nothing feels better than making out after having a misunderstanding.

Learn What Stimulates You

Every person has their areas or item that stimulates them sexually. You can do things to your partner that will turn them on or off. Try to find out your partners or what stimulates the both of you. Maybe your partner can be turned on through sex chatting, just kissing their neck, earlobe, or inner thighs. Figure out where their clitoris is. Having all these ideas about your partner will make sex better as you would have known the target point. Most ladies get in the mood when they are relaxed. Trying to do anything like washing their feet or hair makes them relaxed. A relaxing woman gets attracted to you easily. Put on love songs with a soft rhythm to calm her after a stressful day.

Different Position

Try to change the sex position different from the one you are used to. New experiences give pleasurable moments. You may find a position where your partner feels comfortable, or both climax while in that position. Explore any style your partner suggests. Everybody is happy to see their suggestion being taken seriously in action. Allow your woman to take the lead on your behalf, as it feels great when they do it. Better positions differ according to the kind of relationship. Some positions will be comfortable and better for a couple but not for gays or lesbians or a threesome

Set Time for Devotion

Finding time should be one of your priorities for better sex if you are busy. Sex also needs time for it to happen. It means it is a must you plan for it. Schedule making out in the timetable to first relieve work stress, create a mood for sex and do the necessary, that is, kissing and getting handy. 


Stop and caress your partner when you feel you are about to cum. Do this continuously until you both cannot control it anymore and penetrate her. 


If you find it difficult, try to watch videos or tutorials on practically going about it. Suppose you ejaculate easily and have sex within a few minutes, leaving your partner unsatisfied. In such a case, this knowledge is more advantageous to you. It is all about choosing the right path you wish.


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