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4 Reasons You Should Try Sensation Play

4 Reasons You Should Try Sensation Play

4 Reasons You Should Try Sensation Play

Do you want to introduce some bondage and submission plays to your sex life? Learning how to use and control different senses to invoke erotism is not easy until someone learns the benefits of incorporating sensation play in erotic games. These benefits include enhancing intense sensations, euphoric high, sexual excitement, and a strong bond between partners.

What Is Sensation or Sensory Play? Most people have five senses; touch, sight, taste, smell, and sound, which means that people can easily interact with and interpret the world around them. These senses also play a vital role in determining how people experience and face different pleasures and pain. However, most people do not take advantage of these five senses during their erotic encounters and only use one sense, touch. For this reason, people need to learn how to incorporate the other senses in their erotic experiences to maximize sexual pleasure. This can be achieved through BDSM Sensation Play.

What Is Sensation Play?

Bondage play, summed up as BDSM, is a form of sensual activity where one partner plays the master, and the other plays the submissive (slave). This aims at revealing the wild side of human beings when it comes to sexuality. During the play, the master inflicts pain on the submissive, which is then translated to sexual pleasure. The lovers enjoy their kinky ideas limitlessly, resulting in explosive and satisfying sexual arousal and orgasms. These games, however, require both partners to be prepared and experienced in bondage plays to take them to a hardcore level. This means as a beginner, training is vital.

Sensation play is a bondage and domination play that focuses on human sensuality and pleasure or reward over pain and punishment. Although most people confuse sensation play with sex punishment, newbies should know that sensation play must not involve pain or punishments. Sometimes, a person can arouse their partner's sensuality through simple acts like playing with their erogenous zones. Sensation play can also be incorporated as a slight form of BDSM, an introduction to a new lifestyle, or just extreme sessions with something more subtle. To get the best from sensation play, some tools are necessary.

Tool Used in Sensation Play

BDSM Sensation play focuses more on awakening and taking advantage of all five senses for sexual pleasure than pain or punishments. As such, tools used for sensation play should be soft to tickle all the senses and create an erotic ambiance for both partners. Here are some of the tools people can use to create that sultry domination scene they desire:


If you cannot get soft blindfolds made with skin-safe fabrics like cotton and silk, you can use your rolled-up shirt or cloth to make the blindfold.

Lightweight Bondage Gear

The bondage gear suitable for sensation play includes cuffs, collars, bondage tapes, and ropes. Don't tie them too tight so that you or your partner can easily get out in case of an emergency.

Sexy Lingerie and Costumes

If you plan to include role play in your games, you can use sexy lingerie and costumes like corsets, stockings, tights, and dresses.

Play Toys

You can also incorporate sex toys like BDSM pinwheel to tease your partner's skin and nerve senses during lovemaking. Passing this pinwheel over their skin or erogenous spots generates a tingling or tickling feeling that most people enjoy.

Feather, Fur, And Massage Candles

The passage of soft and light feathers or fur on the skin creates extreme nerve stimulation, resulting in erotic stimulation. Massage candles made of coconut oil melt at low temperatures. This means that the body's heat is enough to melt the candles. This gives intense stimulation as the melted candle wax flows on the body during a relaxing massage.

Benefits of Sensation Play

BDSM Sensation play uses various techniques to stimulate the body's pain and pleasures senses. Though it is a sexually satisfying act, sensation play comes with various risks, especially when using extreme sex toys. Here are four reasons why you should try sensation play with your partner:

It Enhances Supreme Sensations

Like any other sex game, sensation play ensures that you feel the sexual stimulation at a higher level. It does this by either increasing the sensitivity of sensory organs or by manipulating this sensitivity to heighten sexual pleasure. When done properly, sensation play stimulates all the nerve endings and can lead to non-penetrative orgasms. However, both partners should understand each other's limits to achieve this supreme sensation.

It Enhances Couple Bonds

As a newbie, you should know that sensation play ranges from mild sensory stimulation to hardcore BDSM plays. Due to these variations, both players must be keen when trying something more complicated to avoid injuries or discomfort to the submissive. However, as the game graduates to a hardcore version, the submissive learns to trust the dominant, strengthening their bond.

It Creates Anticipatory Excitement

Partners should master the art of delayed orgasms. With this technique, the submissive is taken to the edge with every touch and tickle, but the partners never orgasms. This missed climax keeps the dominant and the submissive in a constant state of anticipation. The craving also keeps their bodies stimulated for the entire session. This makes every touch sensitive, pleasurable, and torturous.

Sensation Play Keeps Both Partners in Euphoric High

According to sex experts, inflicting pain on the body triggers the production of natural painkillers- endorphins- in the brain. These hormones mimic the effects of codeine and morphine and work by indulging the body in a constant "high." During BDSM sensation play, pain is induced and increases through activities, such as paddling and flogging.

As the pain inflicted by sensation play toys increases, so does the level of endorphins. As a result, sensation play is a mixture of pain and pleasure, confusing the body to differentiate between the two. The confusion increases the anticipation, making every touch, paddle, or flog more stimulus. This leaves your submissive eager for the next hit.