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Tips to Improve Your Sex Life - Better Sex Tips

Tips to Improve Your Sex Life - Better Sex Tips

Tips to Improve Your Sex Life - Better Sex Tips

By Elena Ognivtseva

Their are a few Secrets to Better Sex that you really should know if you want to improve your sex life.

It goes without saying that, if you keep yourself healthy and fit, then you can expect to have better sex.

It also works the other way around: The better and more satisfying your sex life is, the healthier you tend to be.

What’s more, researchers have long known that people in good health are more likely to be keen on having sex regularly — once a week or more often — compared to those in poorer health. The quality of the love-making also tends to be higher, experts say

While keeping physically fit is the golden rule, you don’t have to restrict your regimen to gym training, jogging or running, and aerobic exercises. Any form of conditioning or workout that you enjoy doing and maintains your good health will be perfect.

If yoga is your preferred way, by all means go for it. Yoga enables you to cultivate a supple and flexible body, good muscle tone, and is a fine way to vent off stress. These are contributing factors that add up to a good time under the sheets and a more satisfying sexual relationship.

With yoga, you attain better mental health, as well. You are more relaxed, you sleep better. Your thoughts have more clarity. It’s as simple as 1-2-3, practice your yoga, relax and be stress-free, have better sex.

In the modern, sedentary world, our pelvic muscles tend to be constricted, thus restricting blood flow to the muscles that are intimately involved in orgasm. By keeping up a regular exercise routine, you help maintain good muscle tone in the area that matters most.

You can’t be an overweight male and expect to have great sex, of course. This is especially so if you have clogged arteries, including those that lead to your penis. There may not be enough blood circulating into your penis to cause an erection or at least to get a sufficient hard on.

This association between good health and good sex applies even more so as you age. For those in the middle or later ages, researchers have coined a new measure called sexually active life expectancy, which indicates that men who are in good health at 55 years old can expect another 15 years of sex, while healthy women of the same age can look forward to 10.6 more active years.

If you’re already in fine physical shape, then another secret to having great sex is really no secret at all: Good communication with your partner.

There are various kinds of emotional stumbling blocks on the road to having good sex, ranging from poor body image and low self-esteem to plain boredom. With good communication between you and your partner and reconnecting with your sexuality, you can overcome these and get back to having great sex.

Put some mental energy and conscious effort into having sex. Be creative, and talk a lot about what’s pleasurable and what’s not. By becoming more aware of each other, you and your partner will open up more opportunities to have better sex. Remember: If you don’t inject energy into your sexual relationship, then you won’t derive energy out of it.