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Are you unable to tell whether a guy is good or bad in bed? Below are some of the things guys who are bad in bed say; they claim they can make you finish, they know what they do, and ask if you’ve had an orgasm.

Sometimes you can tell a guy will suck in bed even before you sleep with him. Unfortunately, most people have to go through a hard time before they get a good sense of which guys aren't worth their time. The obvious red flag that a guy will suck in bed is how they talk about sex. Here are some things that guys say that will make you know he will be bad in bed.

Guys Who Are Bad In Bed Claim They Can Make You Finish

Guys who are bad in bed say many things. Sometimes they promise to give you the best orgasm or make you cum ten times. Not having an orgasm can be disappointing, but it happens. Things don't work out smoothly all the time. You may be too nervous about coming off at times, but not having an orgasm after you are promised one is a major letdown. A guy who knows how to show a lady a good time will let his actions speak for themselves. A guy will seduce a woman and turn her on. It is a sign that a guy can’t perform in bed if he says he's got a good game.

Guys Claim They Know What They Are Doing.

You may give a guy gentle feedback by asking him to go a bit faster, slow down, or change things up a bit during sex. Instead of adjusting, some guys take it as an insult and get defensive. Such guys assure you they know what they are doing, showing they don't know how to listen. You may tell a guy that you can't finish from penetration, that you don't enjoy getting fingered too deep, and instead of taking note, such a guy is convinced that he's the one who'll change your mind. According to Malone et al. (2018), great sex needs communication before you start, while having sex, and after it's over. A guy who says he knows what he's doing is already failing at it.

Bad Guys In Bed Say They'll Do Anything And Everything.

Many guys worry that they're boring in bed, and they exaggerate what they are into to make themselves seem more adventurous. A guy can claim to be dominant when they are not if a is woman submissive. A guy can claim to like going hard and heavy although they don't have the energy if a woman is into intense sex. Some guys exaggerate because they try to keep up with a woman who has more experience. You should take it with suspicion when you meet a guy who seems like he's your perfect sexual match. You could be lucky and meet someone who's your complement in bed, but if it seems like you match up a little, you guy might be lying to keep you interested. You are bound to be disappointed when you find out he's not as good as he claimed to be.

Bad Guys In Bed Say Every Woman They've Had Sex With Has Had An Orgasm.

The first thing you should know about this is that it's statistically improbable. The orgasm gap is real unless a guy’s number is low, there is a chance that he's had sex with a few women who didn't orgasm. A guy is likely to be with a woman who faked an orgasm if his number is high and he thinks he got a good record. However, if a guy brags about making every woman he's been with orgasm, he probably can't tell the difference between a real and fake orgasm.

Bad Guys In Bed Ask If There's A Need To Use A Condom

Some guys use that as an excuse not to use condoms, and that's messed up if you are on the birth control pill. That's something a guy should be okay with if you want to use condoms. A guy doesn’t care if he's not okay with you wanting to use condoms, and you can’t have passionate sex with a guy who thinks your comfort doesn't matter.

Guys Claim They've Got A Big Dick

Guys who brag about the size of their cocks are usually bad at using them. They think size is going to do all the work. A guy likely doesn't think he'll need to make accommodations for it if he's cocky about his size, which means you will have painful and uncomfortable sex.

Guys Complaining About The Size Of Their Cock

According to Ussher et al. (2017), some guys think the size of their cock is the source of their problems. They are convinced they could be more confident if they had a big cock and they assume sex with them isn't great because they have an average-sized cock. Guys who are insecure about their dick size and complain about it often end up being bad in bed.

Most Bad Guys In Bed Keep Asking If You've Had An Orgasm.

Guys who ask if you've had an orgasm after having sex don't care whether you were satisfied as Albaugh et al. (2017) noted. They don't want to make sure whether they gave you an orgasm. They want to confirm they already did. They treat your pleasure like an afterthought because what matters to them is their ego. Having those priorities will never result in impressive sex; if a guy asks you if you come once you're fully dressed, you might want to think twice about having sex with him again.

Bad Guys In Bed Make It Seem Like They Don't Have Much Time To Work With

Making allusions to the idea that you don't have much time to work with can be a major mood killer to a woman. According to Hite (2003), You could wait after you're done having sex to avoid turning off your woman hence bad sex if you must talk about somewhere you need to be.


There are lots of guys who are incredible in bed. It doesn't take much for sex to be satisfying. As long as a guy is attentive and willing to explore, you will have a great time. Don't settle for selfish guys in bed or guys who put their ego before your pleasure. Move on and find a guy who will make you feel safe, treat you well and give you a great time in bed.


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