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Naughty Bedtime Stories - A Bank Job

Naughty Bedtime Stories - A Bank Job

Naughty Bedtime Stories - A Bank Job

By Ekaterina Mironova

My job working for a temp agency was a lot of fun while I had it. I was just out of college and looking for work in the film industry, and needed a way to get myself food and shelter--a couple of luxuries I had grown accustomed to over the years. The temp job was good for a guy in my position--I often could pick my own hours, it never got boring (as I rarely stayed at any one place more than a couple of weeks) and it paid pretty well, especially since I usually got the higher paying word processing jobs. I knew my way around computers and could do more with word processing programs than most folks who use them day in and day out. It was in one of these temp jobs that I had one of the most exciting sexual experiences of my life.

It was for the corporate offices of a bank in Manhattan (which shall go unnamed) who needed someone to help format data to put together a quarterly report. It seemed like a friendly enough place; I was taken through the outer offices to where I'd be working by the fellow who would be my supervisor. He explained that I'd have a workstation in a general office area, which was nice; I'd been stuck in the mail room a few times and the solitude was always a bummer.

As we walked into the computer area and he introduced me, I first noticed that all four of the workers in the area were women (which was not too unusual). They were all quite attractive. Vanessa, a tall blonde, seemed to be the oldest of them all (maybe all of 25 years old), and seemed to be the spiritual leader of the bunch. Vicki was from Guyana, apparently of Indian decent; she seemed to be very outgoing. Michelle, a petite black girl, said hello with a squeaky, Butterfly McQueen-ish voice. The last of them was Sheryl, a small, pretty girl; I couldn't quite place her exotic looks at first--she looked like a dark-skinned oriental. Later I'd find that she was from the Phillipines, but that is of little consequence to the story now.

As I said, they all seemed quite amiable, but I couldn't help notice that I seemed to attracting strange looks. They weren't looks of distrust; far from it. Vanessa, Vicki and Michelle seemed to be smiling knowingly as at some kind of inside joke, something that involved me, but in WHAT way I had no idea. Then they all looked knowingly at the only girl who wasn't wearing this mysterious smile--Sheryl. She had returned to her work immediately after our introduction, and seemed to be struggling to concentrate on her work. I was further intrigued when Vanessa went to her and said quietly, "Well, are you ready, sweetie?" and Sheryl smiled a tight-lipped, embarrassed smile, typing furiously away all the while.

Deciding I'd find out what was going on soon enough, I settled into my seat and, after a little guidance as to what format the data was to take, I started working. We were using WordPerfect, which was fine with me; I'd been working with it on my own computer for months and I knew it inside and out. After I'd typed in a couple of pages of text, I pulled up a page using the "View Document" feature to see if the columns I'd set up were formatted properly. This caught Vicki's attention and she came over to see what I was up to. She had never used columns before, and was curious as to how to do it. She pulled her chair close to mine as I explained to her how to define the columns, setting up the number of columns and the distance between them, and how to turn them on and off. It was tough, though, with the way she pressed her breasts into my upper arm as I typed. She was blessed with quite a nice pair, and she made no effort to hide them.

One could have probably lost a small child in her cleavage. She was certainly enthusiastic about columns, what with the way her eyes sparkled, the way she smiled at me, and the way she touched my arm when she thanked me for showing her how to use them. Needless to say, she had aroused the interest of my own column, which had stiffened quite a bit during her lesson.

It wasn't long before I gave a similar lesson to Michelle, who wanted to know if I could show her how to insert the character for "registered trademark" in what she was working on. She wasn't nearly as bountifully endowed as Vicki, but her lithe, tight body did just fine without big boobs. She practically sat in my lap as I showed her how to use the character codes to call up unusual characters. She brought new definition to the concept of bedroom eyes as she gave me her heartfelt thanks for my assistance.

Now, I'm used to working in friendly offices, but this was getting to be a bit much, and I expected the talk in the lunchroom to be worth its weight in gold. I was used to bawdy "girl talk" over lunch, and if the other girls in the office were as horny as Vicki and Michelle seemed to be, this crew was sure to be something else--I was sure that it would be entertaining if not enlightening. As Vanessa called in an order for a delivery of Chinese food for us, the laser printer crapped out--no toner. When lunchtime came and the food hadn't, Vanessa sent Vicki to get a new toner cartridge for the laser printer. It wasn't long before Vicki called to me from the stockroom for help.

"I can't reach it," she said, from her perch atop one of those rolling step stools. She reached toward the toner, which not only showed me couldn't reach the toner, but also hiked her already short shirt several inches higher. I gulped at the display of the deliciously inviting expanse of thigh inches before my eyes. "You look hungry," she remarked with a sly smile. I decided to take a chance.

"I am," I said, "I haven't eaten anyone--uh, ANYTHING all day," brushing her thigh with the back of my hand.

"You poor thing," she said, in mock pity. "Would you like to snack on this?" she said, turning around and lifting her skirt, exposing a beautiful panty-less triangle of black hair.

Now, I had been hoping for a positive reaction from her; something along the lines of an invitation back to her place after work. I was totally unprepared for this.

"This kind of stuff only happens in the pages of dirty magazines, but I'll be damned if I'm gonna pass this up," I thought. I took her skirt in my hands, planted a kiss just under her navel, and slowly worked my way down to her already throbbing clit. I sat her down on the top step of the stool and draped her legs over my back as I knelt on the bottom step and lapped up her juices, spreading them over her stiff button as I licked away. I was so thoroughly overwhelmed at the circumstances and Vicki's soft moans that I didn't notice that the rest of the women had come into the room until I felt someone start unbuttoning my shirt. I nearly jumped out of my skin.

"Jesus, Vicki, you always like to rush things, don't you," Vanessa commented, as she finished unbuttoning my shirt. Vicki just smiled through the blush that bloomed on her cheeks. "She's always been the horny one out of all of us," she explained to me.

She went on, sensing that I was more than just a little bit nervous about the circumstances. She said, "About a year ago, we had a real cute Puerto Rican guy come in to work on the phones and Vicki told me that if this wasn't the office, she'd jump him. I said, `Who's stopping you? Jump him.' I never expected her to actually do it, but when she went into the phone closet and actually did jump him, and the rest of us listened in on them, we got so hot that a couple of us joined them. It was amazing. None of us had ever gotten off like we did then. All of us except Sheryl," she said, gesturing toward the shy girl who stood before me, suddenly looking a lot less shy than she did before. Vanessa continued, "She was the only one who didn't join in that day, or any of the other times. She watched, but she didn't get involved."

"God, I don't know how she did it. I would have exploded," commented Michelle, in her strangely sexy little girl squeak.

"Well, she said that she was going to wait for the right time," said Vicki, sitting on the step with her hands tomboyishly dangling between her widely parted knees, adding dramatically: "And the time is now."

"Why now?" I said, curious as to what made me more special than the apparently numerous other guys these women had enjoyed on their lunch hour.

"Well, the first time she said didn't join in because she wanted a white guy. When we had a white guy come in to mess with the copier, she said she wanted a tall white guy. Then when that big Italian guy from the supply company came in with the paper, she said he had to be a tall white guy with light colored hair. And then when the guy from the deli came over, she said it had to be a tall white guy with light hair," said Vicki deliberately, "and green eyes."

I've never been ashamed of them, but I'd never felt so fortunate as then to have green eyes. "Well, are you ready?" I said, suddenly remembering that was what the others had said to her when I walked into the office this morning. She gave me an unreadable, Mona Lisa smile. "What would you like me to do, then? I'm at your command," I said.

"Finish with Vicki," she said, "I'll let you know."

I figured that she wouldn't be joining today, that she'd find another condition to tack onto her list. But I wasn't going to ignore her suggestion--I had fully intended to finish with Vicki, anyway. I took a little more time with Vicki this time. I bent toward her from the bottom step of the step stool and kissed her deeply. She put her arms around me, crushing her breasts into my chest. I then began my descent to heaven. While Michelle knelt on the floor and began opening my slacks, I undid a few buttons on Vicki's blouse, then opened the clasp on the front of her bra. Her breasts practically poured out from their confinement. Her soft moans began again as I traced circles around her nipples with my tongue, eventually drawing them, one at a time, into my mouth. She pressed her breasts together, and taking the hint, I sucked both her nipples at the same time, causing Vicki to throw her head back in ecstacy.

I continued my downward journey, showering her tummy with kisses, delighting in the way her firm stomach tensed wit each kiss, and after lifting her skirt back up, I renewed my assault on Vicki's delicious cunt. Michelle seemed to be having trouble with my pants; having gotten them past my knees, she couldn't get them over my shoes, so I kicked my loafers off. At that moment, I felt someone pull my underwear down to my knees and a warm mouth engulfed my cock. Vanessa, who had shucked her clothes somewhere behind my field of vision, was hard at work on my hard-on. Michelle began unbuttoning her blouse as she started licking delicately at my nipples from the other side.

And I though sixty-nining was distracting. Here I was, having sex with three hot women. I paused from my pussy-eating to look over at Sheryl, who was still hanging back. I gestured with my head to come on over, but she smiled and shook her head, mouthing the words, "Not yet." Vicki, in the meantime, unhappy with the interruption of her pleasure, grabbed my hair and pulled my face back into her steaming bush. This had the unfortunate side effect of knocking Vanessa's head into the step stool's metal handrail.

"Why don't we get a little more comfortable," I suggested, as Vanessa rubbed the back of her head. I stood, led Vicki down from the stool, and laid on my back on the carpeted floor. I said to Vicki, "Come here. Sit on my face." She needed no encouragement--she practically smothered me with her sopping wet cunt. Vanessa, now kneeling between my legs, seemed to be much more comfortable in this position; it was sure doing wonders for her cocksucking. Michelle soon worked her way down my stomach to my cock. She and Vanessa looked at each other a moment; Vanessa passed my cock to Michelle who wrapped her lush lips around my thick knob, while Vanessa decided to work on my balls. I'd never felt anything as amazing--one pair of hot lips wrapped around my cock while another lush mouth nibbled and licked at the inside of my thighs and my balls. Michelle had fantastic technique; slow and sensuous, her tongue doing amazing things to my cock as she slowly worked her mouth up and down.

By now, my ministrations to Vicki had her grinding her pussy into my face. Her moans were soft, but insistent, and I could tell her climax was approaching. I reached up and pulled her forward so that she was on her hands and knees, her tantalizingly dark-lipped cunt just above my mouth. As I began licking rapidly at her clit, I brushed my hand down her ass. Before I even had a chance to slip a finger into her wetness, the tremors of her orgasm began--her moans intensified to a slightly higher pitch, but never really got very loud; she let her body do the talking. I thought she was going to break my nose with her mons, she was bucking so uncontrollably. The combination of Vicki's volcanic climax and the attentions being paid me below were enough (more than enough, actually) to push me over the edge. Michelle pulled her mouth away from my cock at the last moment and stroked it with her hand as I came. I don't think she knew the degree to which I had been aroused, because her aim wasn't especially convenient; the first jet of come I let go landed in my right ear.

Needless to say, this kind of took the edge off my orgasm. The girls sure got a good laugh out of it, though--until Sheryl came up to me. I had been the one she was waiting for, after all--she had quietly undressed during the frenzy that had just subsided. She sat me up, straddled my lap with her lithe, surprisingly well-rounded body, kissed me full on the mouth, and proceeded to kiss her way to my ear and lick the come out. Now, my ears have always been incredibly sensitive to erotic stimuli; I practically came again.

Sheryl's attention to my ear had revived my cock, to a degree, but it wasn't quite hard enough for her yet. She wanted me harder, but was determined to get me there without touching my cock. She smeared her hands with the puddle of come that lay on my stomach and massaged it into her breasts. She was better-endowed than I had thought. She wasn't as big as Vicki, but she wasn't far off. The main difference was that her boobs were remarkably firm. They glistened in the florescent lights of the storeroom. Her performance was doing its job nicely, as my formerly flagging member twitched to attention. She reached down and gave me a quick stroke, her fingers lubricated with my come. Apparently satisfied by my hardness, she knelt down on her hands and knees before me, her slit glistening with her juices. She reached up between her legs and stroked her wetness invitingly.

Now, during most of this, the other girls were in shock--apparently, they hadn't believed she'd go through with it, either. But this was too much to bear for Vanessa. "What are you waiting for? A written invitation?" she said, incredulous that I hadn't pounced on her yet--I'd been mesmerized by Sheryl's show, but Vanessa's words moved me to action. I knelt behind Sheryl and placed my cock-head at Sheryl's wet opening. Slowly, I eased my cock into her pussy, feeling her warm wetness engulf my cock. After a few slow short strokes, I plunged deep into her in one sudden move. It proved to be just what she wanted.

"Unghhh! Yessss, yessss, yessss..." she yelped with every stroke I pounded into her. Michelle approached us as we fucked, coming up behind us. "Open up your legs a little," her tiny voice requested. I accommodated her, and laying down on her back between my legs, she licked my balls as I fucked Sheryl. Meanwhile, Vanessa straddled Sheryl and offered her light brown bush to me. I placed one hand on her hip, guiding her fragrant wetness to my mouth, leaving one hand on Sheryl's ass, trying to time her movements with Michelle's ministrations to my balls. Suddenly, Sheryl's moans grew suddenly louder. Michelle had abandoned my balls for Sheryl's clit. I heard Vicki's soft moans from across the room; apparently she was pleasuring herself while watching the show we were putting on. Vanessa, apparently overcome by all of the sweating and moaning and humping going on in the room, stiffened and clutched and my head, musically humming her orgasm into the room.

Sheryl was humping my cock like a madwoman when she abruptly pulled away from me. My cock dropped from her pussy and lightly bopped Michelle on the chin. Without a pause, she sucked it down, savoring Sheryl's juices. Vanessa stepped away, and laid down on the floor beside us, exhausted. I looked down to observe Sheryl rubbing her juices up and down her crack, from her asshole to her dripping cunt. "My ass," she said, "I want you in my ass."

"My God," I thought, "there's no way this little girl can take me in her ass." She sensed my hesitance, and took matters into her own hands. She reached around with both hands, one delicate hand holding my ass, the other taking my now granite-like cock, guiding it to her asshole. Slowly she pushed back, until the head just began to enter her. She then completely dumbfounded me--she lunged backward, taking me up her ass with a violence I was sure would split her in half. She cried out sharply, but amazingly, it truly seemed to be more in pleasure than pain. "Michelle, don't stop now," she panted, as she slowly began to rock her hips, sawing my cock in and out of her ass.

Michelle, her eyes huge at the spectacle she had just witnessed close-up, did as she was told. She attacked Sheryl's clit and pussy with joyous, noisy abandon. I reached behind me, and stroked Michelle's pussy. It wasn't long before Michelle's slurps were supplemented with her moans--the girl was ready to explode and didn't need much to be pushed over the edge. The added vibrations being transmitted to Sheryl's clit from Michelle's moans plus the sensation of my cock filling her asshole had brought her to the point of no return. Reaching behind her with both hands, she clutched madly at my ass, pulling me tight to her, forcing my cock deeper into her asshole than I ever imagined it going--I couldn't believe her tiny body could take my cock balls deep in her ass. Her orgasm rocked through her; her hips trembled violently up and down as her asshole rhythmically squeezed at my cock. Surprisingly, the shy one turned out to be the loudest when she came; her cries made me afraid that someone from outside the office would come in to see who was being slowly killed in the storeroom.

I, by this time, DID feel like I had died and gone to heaven. Michelle had returned her attention to my balls while I returned the favor by working two, then three fingers deep into her wet pussy, while continuing to fuck Sheryl's tight ass. Sheryl's orgasm had brought me to the brink, though--I wouldn't be able to hold out much longer. It was all over, however, when Michelle snaked a finger into my asshole and Sheryl turned her head and fixed me with a look of pure, unadulterated, glazed-eyed lust--I erupted into Sheryl's ass. I was sure that I'd fill her to overflowing with my come. Like dominoes falling, my orgasm triggered Michelle's. Her sexy whinny of a voice filled the room:

"Ohhhh, oooohhhhhh, OOOOOOOOOH ooooh ooooh ooooh ooooh ooooh..."

In the background, I heard Vicki's unmistakable quiet moans announce the arrival of her self induced orgasm.

We were all spent. I looked around the room--Vicki was sprawled in a chair against the cabinets, her skirt hiked up around her waist. Vanessa was lying on her side beside me, a dazed but happy look on her face. Michelle lay panting between my legs, her full lips parted, her eyes closed. And Sheryl was on her knees, her shoulders and head resting on the on the floor, her perfect ass jutting up into the air. I couldn't believe the amount of sexual energy that had been expended in such a short time--a peek at my watch indicated that only forty-five minutes had passed. After a few moments of recovery, we all stirred, got dressed, and raided the fridge for whatever food we could snarf down in the remaining ten minutes of our lunch hour.

I spent another day there before my stint was over, but the next lunch hour was spent eating lunch. I dated Michelle a few times afterward (the other girls all had boyfriends); despite the incredible sex we had, we just weren't well suited to each other and eventually drifted apart. But that afternoon in the storeroom remains one of the most incredibly sensual sexual experiences I've ever had.