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The idea that sex toys are just for ladies sounds dumb. Men also deserve to pleasure themselves. This article focuses on how men can get pleasure using male sex toys, including penis rings, male strap-ons, prostate masturbators, and penis pumps.

Most men have no idea that there exists sex toys that can please them. This notion that the men who use sex toys are gay is wrong. So, what happens when you also want to feel some pleasure? Why is it only right for women to care for their sexual desires and needs but not men? There are many toys that men can choose from. Try buying male sex toys like the masturbation sleeve or anal plugs and experience the intensified and mind-blowing sexual pleasures. This article highlights how men can enjoy themselves with different sex toys and leave all the myths present in our society.

Types of Male Sex Toys

Masturbation Sleeve

This sex toy involves you sliding your penis inside the sleeve hole. After sliding it, turn the sleeve on and experience the sensational feeling. This male sex toy will bring out some sounds that will blow away your mind by the speed it does to your penis. Consider buying a strong masturbation sleeve to feel some pleasure in your prostate. You get to experience the pleasure from the sleeve, and your penis and prostate are stimulated.

Prostate Massagers  

According to Capodice et al. (2009), prostate massagers can gently massage your prostate and get you to experience enhanced sensational feelings. These massagers can also go through the butt plug. They come in different designs, shapes, colors, and materials to give you a variety to choose from. In addition, some have added features like rough surfaces for increased stimulation. Your sexual desire and needs will be fulfilled with this male sex toy. 

The Mixture of a Masturbation Sleeve and prostate Massagers

Have used the masturbation sleeve alone and experienced the intensified sexual stimulations that made you achieve your sexual desires and needs. Imagine combining it with prostate massagers. The feeling will be mind-blowing. You are likely to experience some sexual pleasure and sensations that you have never imagined. Your body will tremble with the sexual feelings and sensations.

Penis Rings

This ring is specifically worn around the base of the penis. Sometimes, it can be worn around the testicles. Harris et al. (2020) noted that cock rings help men maintain a firm erection, leading to a pleasurable experience for both partners. These male sex toys restrict blood flow from the penis, leading to harder and long-lasting erections. They are made from different materials and can be used with or without a condom. This ring can help people with erectile dysfunction maintain a firm erection for a while. 

Penis pumps

This is like a vacuum that fits air into the penis to help maintain an erection. It can be used with a battery or manually. It is also referred to as the vacuum pump. Penis pumps are used by fitting in the penis and putting a ring on the base of the penis. You can then switch it on and enjoy the suction leading to harder erections. This sex toy also helps men with erectile dysfunction achieve erections.

Male Strap ons  

This device is mostly used by homosexuals to hold a person to something or someone. It fastens and offers security to the person as they are thrusting. Male strap-ons help a person without a penis to have penetrating sex. It can have double or single straps, and you can use it with a dildo.  

Deuce Male Harness

This strap-on has two holes, one of the holes is for the penis, and the other is for a dildo. The dildo helps one have a firm erection even after ejaculating. It can also be used for double penetration.

Fleshlight Turbo

Instead of getting someone to do a blowjob or stressing if your partner can perform a perfect blowjob, you should get a fleshlight turbo. This sex toy has beads used to strike the penis. It also has three sections for sucking and the lips and tongue for licking the penis. Mostly, men complain that their partners do not sexually satisfy them and that they do not give them a perfect blowjob. Some say that their partners have refused and cannot give it to them, saying it is a dirty fetish. If you are one of these men, get yourself a flashlight turbo and try satisfying yourself. You can try it in front of your partner so that they can see how you want it to be done and how you feel when you get it done and perfectly.

Optimum Power Masturball  

This sex toy squeezes the penis while it vibrates. It gives the penis vibrations and can be used during masturbation. It helps you or your partner know what you need to get sexually stimulated. You can also use the optimum power master ball to arouse them sexually.


Most men are used to using their hands as stimulation. When masturbating, they use their hands to massage their penis until they are erect. Instead of using your hands, you can opt to buy these sex toys and please yourself without using much effort. If this is the first time using male sex toys, you are guaranteed to have a mind-blowing sensation. Some have vibrating features that will give you a sensational feeling. You won't have to complain about your partner not satisfying you the way you want to because you have the sex toys that will do the work without any complaints. 


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