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You are the only one who knows your partner's techniques in bed, especially during oral sex. Sticking to that one style every time you engage in oral sex does not spark the relationship. Also, being monotonous does not work for everyone. Excite your partner by introducing a new oral sex position and style. Below are some oral sex positions you can consider adding to the ones you use. 

The 69

The 69 oral sex position requires both of you to position yourselves on top of each other, facing each other’s feet. Lift your legs and enclose them in your partner's body or neck, then lean forward. This position gives you access to your partner’s genitalia. For the partner lying down, slide your arm under your partner’s flank for you to reach other erogenous areas. However, some couples find it difficult to hold the position and challenge their partner since both give and receive simultaneously. Try to make it comfortable by lying on one side facing your partner’s genitalia. 

Some people say this oral sex position mostly suits gay relationships, but this is false since the position is comfortable for every couple. The 69 oral sex position provides balance in pleasure, not only for one person. It also offers you a chance to substitute your mouth with sex toys to increase pleasure.

Sit and Kneel

Are you one person who loves to play dominant, submissive games? This position suits you. The receiver sits at the edge of the bed, chair, sink, couch, or any comfortable place and spreads the legs. If the receiver is uncomfortable, try to handcuff them to the chair. The giver must kneel and let the receiver lay their legs on their shoulder for deeper access to the genitalia. The giver can kneel on a pillow to be more comfortable and free from injuries than on a bare floor. The giver swaddles his hands around the receiver’s hips and have oral sex.  

For men, deep throat your penis, use one hand to cover the space of the penis where your mouth cannot reach while the other hand caresses him on his chest and inner thighs. When using both hands, move up and down to increase the sensation. 

For women, licking the clitoris tips makes your partner selfless. Looking at your partner’s face, they will just be rolling their eyes at how deep they feel about it. Try to make it more pleasurable by blindfolding the receiver. 

Standing Position

The receiver and the giver can enjoy this position from the bedroom, kitchen, tree, or any other secure place. The receiver bends against a wall or tree for balance when nearing orgasm while your partners' legs are stretched apart. The receiver can also place one leg on their partners’ shoulders. The giver can kneel on a pillow to protect the knees or draw a chair near and sit on it. The giver wraps his hands on the receiver’s waist. They can also tilt the head slowly from side to side to suck the penis and lick the vagina. Do it smoothly until the receiver begs to stop.


In this sex position, the giver lies flat on a bed, couch, floor, or any other suitable place of their choice. The receiver spreads the legs and kneels on the givers’ heads with the knees on either side, placing the knees on a pillow to feel comfortable. The receiver leans forward to gain stability either on their elbows, hands, or a chair and holds themselves some inches above the givers’ face.

The giver is in full control and can pull down the receivers’ thighs towards the mouth to get a good position to lick, suck and kiss the receiver for their pleasure. The giver can move the receivers’ thighs and hips at whichever angle they want. They can use their hands to twist their shaft and lick the head of the penis. Communicating throughout oral sex is essential to be alert to any challenges associated with face-sitting, like neck discomfort, and to avoid suffocation.

The Lock and Stocks

Let the receiver lie on the back and spread the legs. They can raise them, lock in the givers' back, and fold them towards their chest. Try to elevate the receiver back with a pillow. The giver comes down and rests on their elbows with their head in between the receiver’s thighs, giving them access to the clitoris, labia, and nipples. On the other hand, the receiver has access to some erogenous zones like the ear. Pave your way to their ears with your hands.

The receiver can also massage the givers' sensitive inner thighs and may also consider fingering. They may not want to see themselves locked in the givers' thighs. Consider turning on one side and raising one leg around their back for this case. This position gives access to the anus and the vulva or penis.

Doggy Style

For couples with neck problems, making them avoid the lock and stocks sex position, doggy style is the best for you.  According to DeAngelo, D. (2001), the doggy style sex position is the best if you want to explore your partner’s body. The receiver kneels and spreads their legs, then bends, touching the floor, the pillow, or on their elbows. The giver also bends behind the receivers’ back and gets close to the genitalia. The giver can begin with massaging the genitalia.

This oral sex position is more pleasurable for ladies because the giver can access the vagina from a very good angle. It is also ideal for gays because it can stimulate the anus while sucking the penis. The giver controls the pressure they apply by moving the receiver’s body back and forth.


Everybody responds to oral sex positions differently. Whatever works for one couple may not work for another. Before engaging in oral sex, communicate with your partner if they are in for the idea, their dislikes, and likes about a specific oral sex position. Maintain communication during the act to get your partner’s feedback.

Choose the best oral sex position to try out today and switch up to please your better half.


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