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Things Nobody Wants To Hear In Bed

Things Nobody Wants To Hear In Bed

Things Nobody Wants To Hear In Bed

The seduction game is a whole new world that has no rules. However, there are things that most would agree are an absolute turn-off in the bedroom. Bedroom sanctity is best preserved by separating your daily hassles from the steamy experience. Your office work shouldn't creep into your bedroom unless otherwise. This post shall highlight the things nobody wants to hear in bed before, during, or after getting intimate.

Getting intimate requires one to be sensitive to what others think and feel. This is because lines are thin, and the situation is often delicate, meaning you can cross it anytime and make things take an ugly turn. This is the last thing you want in the bedroom. Good vibes when getting intimate can enhance sensational pleasures and satisfaction for both partners. However, that can change with offensive or inappropriate words from either partner.

Things a Guy Doesn't Want to Hear in Bed.

Sexual passion will only be great with extremely pleasurable vibes when you maintain a good conversation with your partner. However, a few things can kill your promising night. Take at some of these things below;

Are You Done Already?

Biologically, men take a shorter time to have an orgasm compared to women. Men are likely to ejaculate first, especially when there is no proper communication. Therefore, asking if they are done might blow their ego, and things might crumble. This will certainly kill the sexual desire to give you more arousal. Consider using sweet words to maintain your partner's mood to keep them in the game longer.

My Headache is Killing Me

Headache is a common turn-off to sex life. As much as sex is a competent stress buster, headaches will always lead to libido loss. Turning off your mind from sex is one of the challenges that lead to mistrust in a relationship. Therefore, think about it first before telling your partner you have a mild headache.

My Ex Used to do it Like This.

There are numerous things to say to keep your partner on track, but talking about your ex's appearance or what they did will lower your partner's libido. Communication is the best solution. Regular conversation with your partner on how you'd want it will help improve the game.

Did You Hear the Baby?

Married couples will always have issues with their babies. The baby will suddenly start crying when you are at the peak of a passionate and steamy night. Both parents will have to attend to the baby, automatically interfering with your erotic night.

Is it in Yet?

Some questions might seem so small on your side, but they always greatly impact your sex life. This will always have a greater blow on your partner's ego. There is typically no answer, especially when you know the penis is inside your vagina.

Do You Love Me?

Reaffirmation might be irritating sometimes, especially when in bed. For most women, constant affirmation means a lot them. Therefore, they would do anything to hear it from you repeatedly. Shy away from these questions to maintain great sexual moments with your partner.

Have I Gained Weight?

This question might be quite challenging for a man to answer, especially in bed. The choice of questions you ask your man will likely change your man's ego, reducing his libido. Moreover, asking questions is not a crime, but the right timing must be followed to prevent any opposite effect.

Things Women Do Not Want to Hear in Bed

Women are extremely sensitive when it comes to a bedroom or sexual matters. Has a man ever ruined your intimate moments just when you decide to give it all to them? Here are the things that your woman does not want to hear in bed;

Tell Me I'm Your Best

Your partner knows you are the best and need not affirm it. If the sex is extremely pleasurable, keeping quiet might be the best medicine. She might brag about you, but that might switch her sex mood. Choose not to ask such questions during sex for pleasurable and steamy sexual moments.

Can You Feel It?

Why don't you have confidence in what you are doing? Your confidence means a lot, and it will always turn your woman on. Moreover, sexual prowess doubts ruin the sex mood. Therefore, mind what you ask your partner even after sex.

This Usually Doesn't Happen to Me.

It's not like you are engaging intimately for the first time. You've tried it once, and your partner might not believe that you are experiencing this for the first time. Choose wisely the words to involve your partner when in bed. Consider words like you are sweet or perfect. Encouraging words will always increase pleasure and arousal.

I'm not too fond of Condoms.

Protective sex is always advisable to keep you safe from STIs, HIV, hepatitis, and other related diseases. Moreover, protective condoms also prevent unwanted pregnancies. People are over engaging in unprotected sex. Telling your partner how you won't use condoms might turn them off. Numerous erotic latex condoms will give you a pleasurable experience. Consider having one that fits you perfectly.

Calling Another Woman's Name

Has your partner ever called out another woman's name in the middle of the act? Did it feel so embarrassing? Calling names is but choosing the right names to use during sexual intercourse. Moreover, calling your ex's name will turn your woman off even before climaxing. To keep your woman aroused, you can always use words like honey, darling, sweetheart, or sugar.

Final Thoughts

Love, trust, and sex is the best part of a relationship. Therefore, whatever you say or do will positively or negatively affect your sex life. To strengthen your relationship, consider using the right and not embarrassing words that lower sex moods. You can always introduce a wide range of safe words in your sex life to keep it erotic and sensational.