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Have you ever known the truth behind clitoral stimulation and how they react to stimuli? Here is what you need to know about clitoral erections and your body's response to arousal

The clitoris is an amazing little organ in the female body. This small organ can lead to intense and sensational pleasures when stimulated appropriately. The clitoris has different shapes and sizes, which is technically normal. Also, there are numerous things you need to know about the clitoris, especially if you want to use it as a source of pleasure. Clitoris is also one of the most sensitive body parts in the body that can give you a powerful orgasmic experience. Surprisingly, the clitoris is more like the male's penis. Like penile erections, you can also acquire clitoral erection when properly stimulated or aroused. Different ways can stimulate the clitoris, from hands to sex toys or vibrators. However, you need to discover more about clitoral erections and how they can respond to arousal.

What Makes a Clitoris?

You will be surprised to know that the formation of genitals is technically similar for males and females. The similarities appear in most parts, including the labia and scrotum. Moreover, the clitoral is the penis in men, but on a small scale. Both these organs are extremely sensitive and feature glans. The clitoris can be pierced for intense and pleasurable sensations and orgasms. Also, the clitoris comes with a hood which is often pierced. The hood in men's penis is the foreskin. During an erection, the engorged clitoris comes out clearly, just like the uncut penis pokes out from the foreskin. However, the clitoris is extreme compared to a penis with more numerous nerve endings when it comes to the sensitivity rate. You will not ejaculate from the clitoris as men do, but your clitoris will erect when stimulated or aroused.

A Clitoral Erection, Is It Real? 

Yes, it is real. However, unlike the male penis, the clitoris will erect, but the firmness will not increase. In men, the body is what makes the shaft firm and steady. But the clitoris engorges and will also increase in size due to high blood pressure. Moreover, the clitoris is the body part that engorges when stimulated or aroused. The lower lips of the vagina will also increase in size and become darker and puffier as a result of the blood. They are often extra sensitive and respond quickly to any touch or stimulation. 

Some women often find it challenging to locate their clitoris because of the size. This will also make it difficult for them to have a clitoral erection. However, they can choose to stimulate the clitoral hoods, which can also be pleasurable. Other women go for clitoral hood stimulation to avoid clitoral erection because of the intensity. You can also consider stimulating it through your panties for sensational pleasures for clitoral stimulation.

Stimulating the Clitoris 

Stimulation of the clitoris is one of the most amazing feelings women prefer for its pleasurable sensations. If you want to have some good times, consider stimulating your clitoris. Moreover, clitoral stimulation allows you to experience sensational and mind-blowing orgasmic pleasures. However, you can only experience intense orgasmic pleasures when the clitoris is fully erect. Also, it takes a long to orgasm when stimulating your clitoris directly, and this is why some women never experience orgasms. This is technically normal. Getting the right clitoral touch might be challenging for most women. Fortunately, you can use sex toys to stimulate your clitoris for more fun and intense pleasures. Go for vibrators that are specifically designed for clitoral stimulation. This guarantees you pleasurable and sensational clitoral orgasms.

When Your Clitoris Needs a Break

Like penis erection, the clitoral erection also needs that refractory period. This is the time needed for recovery after a powerful and intensive orgasm. However, there is a huge difference in how the refractory period functions between males and females. Generally, a healthy clitoral erection is often followed by pain after orgasms. Subsequently, women also need to relax to gain strength after orgasms. Unlike in men, the refractory period in women is extremely shorter. However, other women experience multiple orgasms. But your second and the third orgasms might not take long like the first one. 

Women are accustomed to breaks in the same ways, whether they use vibrators for stimulation or they go manual. But if you have challenges getting off, it should not worry you. You can train yourself until you get used to it.

Genital Arousal and Mental 

Men can be mentally aroused when their genitals are aroused. However, this might not be the case with women. Females can be physically aroused, but that does not mean they want pleasure or are into it. Generally, women barely experience the intensive response desires. This means they get into the mood for sex after stimulation. Additionally, unlike men, the most essential sex organ is the brain. Therefore, they might be aroused or engorged but not ready for sex. This is normal and is something that most women experience. Surprisingly, your clitoris can also erect without being aroused. The clitoris can become more engorged due to nervousness and anxiety, which is also normal. However, this often happens when you are close to the opposite gender.

Unhealthy Clitoris Erection

Technically, for men, penile erection is normal and healthy. However, this might not be the case with women. Clitoral erection is not always a good reaction. Generally, clitoral erection can lead to PGAD or genital arousal syndrome for some women. While being horny feels pleasurable and fun for some women, others find it challenging to become horny. Generally, this can greatly interfere with your sex life, especially regarding sexual satisfaction. Additionally, women are different; therefore, some will have challenges experiencing clitoral arousal and getting an erection. If you have this case, then consider checking your blood pressure levels. This will help you maintain your erections for a long. Lastly, consider visiting your doctor for guidance if you have issues with your desires.