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The Top 10 Health Benefits of Orgasms

The Top 10 Health Benefits of Orgasms

The Top 10 Health Benefits of Orgasms

By Ksenia Sobchak

As well as feeling amazing orgasms also have many healthbenefits that you may not be aware of. As if the sensation wasn' enough of areward in itself; you will also be looking after your genital area, keepingyour cardiovascular system working properly and lifting your mood, amongst manyother things.

As a general rule fit and healthy men do not have much of aproblem reaching orgasm, whereas some women find that they are unable to reachthe big O no matter how hard they try. Ladies, my advice to you is simply tostop trying. The more pressure you put on yourself to have an orgasm, the lesslikely it is to ever happen. All women are different and some women may neverexperience an orgasm because as far as I'm concerned the female orgasm is atleast 50% mental. If you're not in the right headspace; if you feel rushed, ifyour partner is getting frustrated with you or if you're not thinking sexythoughts then you won' get anywhere. To give yourself the best chance ofhaving an orgasm for the first time you need to jump into bed with your partner(or on your own!) will the sole intension of having an orgasm. Turn down thelights, grab some lube and a vibrating sex toy and get down to it. Get yourpartner to warm you up with kisses and his hands and then progress to the toywhen you're all hot and bothered. Ask your partner to use the toy on you gentlyand to massage your body as he does so. Don' rush and push everything out ofyour mind. If you're relaxed and in the zone then you're giving yourself thebest chance to experience that elusive big O.

Take a look at the list of health benefits below and getpracticing!
Orgasms increase blood flow to your genitalregion which in turn ensures that the tissue in that area remains in tip topcondition!

Sex and orgasms are a form of cardiovascularexercise. When you orgasm your heart rate goes up, your breathing increase andyour blood pressure increases. I definitely prefer this type of exercise torunning!

Sex releases endorphins which are the bodiespain-relieving and feel good chemicals! Got a head ache? Don' reach for thepills, have sex instead!

As well as endorphins your body also releasesdopamine and oxytocin when you orgasm, which lead to that euphoric post-sexfeeling. Basically orgasms make you happy!

Having an orgasm helps you sleep, so go to bedearly and get busy for a fantastic night's sleep!

Orgasms are also great for your brain as theyfeed the brain with oxygen

Sex and orgasms lower stress levels in both menand women. Hectic day in the office? Grab your other half and get down to itfor a shot of stress-relieving chemicals

The hormone DHEA is released during orgasms andhave been proven to give you a healthy 'just had a tumble' glow! Bin thoseexpensive beauty products, you won' be needing them anymore

Lots of sex and orgasms increase yourself-confidence and will make you feel on top of the world. All of the pointsabove will mean that you're a much more balanced and happy person, and happypeople are usually very confident. You own it to yourself!

Sex can stave off the common cold due toincreased levels of immunoglobulin A in couples who have regular sex!