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Things Women Want From the Men in Their Lives

Things Women Want From the Men in Their Lives

Things Women Want From the Men in Their Lives

By Ekaterina Mironova

It's like the eternal question. You think they want perfect gentlemen, and then they seem to like assholes. You figure they all want a guy that looks just like Fabio, or like a rock star. Most men think women want a guy with a nine inch penis that can go all night. And almost all men think women are more attracted to guys with money or with a powerful job. But when you ask thousands of women what they want in a man, an answer that almost always comes up in the top five is a sense of humor. Not a guy that tells jokes all the time, a guy that can laugh at things or himself, can certainly laugh at a movie or funny situation, and especially a guy that can make a woman laugh.

Confidence is usually also high on the list of what women look for. Not the kind of guy that thinks he knows everything and has to make sure we all agree with him - no one likes a bragger.

Women are attracted to a guy who believes in himself and his abilities. He knows he can't do everything right, but he's not cast down if something doesn't work out. He just tries again. Having something he does not work doesn't mean to him that he's a failure. Basically he likes himself and is realistic about who he is.

Bet you think all women like good looking guys. In a way you're right, but women don't put as much importance on appearance as men do, and what they DO find attractive in appearance aren't always what you expect. For one thing, women are more apt to look at eyes then body. They notice face far before body, and a sincere expression or a genuine smile is more attrac- tive to women than giving them a sexy look. A nice butt gets some women's attention, and hands are noticed, as well.

You've heard it before - women like guys who are sensitive. A lot of guys laugh at this, but the problem is in how they define sensitive. It does not mean a guy who is always crying or watching sunsets. It means a man who is in touch with the feelings of those around him. Let's face it, a person who listens and seems truly interested in us is always nice to be around. Naturally a person who can sort of tune into your mood is someone women will find attractive.

Now hold onto your hats - very few women are concerned with massive penis size or with finding a man who can fuck for eight hours straight. In fact, most women find men with average sized penises can be great lovers, and a lot of women prefer not to end up with a sore vagina for two days after sex. Sure, we'd all like to have intense passion when we make love, but a lot can be done with fingers, tongues and sex toys.

Most women complain that men are too rough during sex, so gentleness should probably make this list.

A guy who can slowly cause her to go from a sizzle to a slow burn is going to come high on her list of guys to hold onto. A guy who fucks like he's hammering a nail into a board is only the right guy for a smaller segment of the female population.

Last, women are attracted to men who don't mind holding hands and being physically affectionate. Little physical attentions at times when you're grocery shopping or driving in the car make most women feel special - and when you make someone feel special, they're going to enjoy spending time with you.