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Life should not be serious. A little laughter will take you through the day. There is no harm in having a racy sense of humor.  

You'll find two types of people in a group. Those who love the provocative dirty jokes and can say them aloud and those who pretend to hate the jokes but are embarrassed to admit they love them. Don't feel guilty while laughing at the jokes or saying them aloud. You can share your jokes with those with the same sense of humor. You can try some dirty jokes to get people you are within the mood. It helps ease the tension between them, especially if you're getting to know them. Some of the jokes include;

The kids are looking for their balls and sticks. Have you seen them anywhere in the room? They left them under the bed yesternight." The partner may reply, "I haven't seen them, but I've got your balls and a hard stick waiting for you on top of the bed if you wish to play with them."

A lady said to her husband. “Give it to me please. Give it to me, cant you see how wet I am? im begging you please give it to me. I can hold it myself without any help.” The husband replied,” What exactly do you want? Is it the umbrella to cover yourself from the rain or the penis to get into you? Be specific. I can give them buy you have to choose.”

According to Smith (2013), some men entered the store and stole a box full of Viagra. The owner of the store reported the matter to the police. They have issued a warrant of arrest. They are asking for the whereabouts of the hardened criminals.

Today is my girlfriend's birthday, and she's not talking to me. I told her that her parents started the New Year with a bang when she was born. She was born in September.  

“My cat just died. My friends keep telling me that I can keep mourning her and that I should move on. They've told me instead of mourning her, I should at least moan somewhere else. I have to ask the neighbor if I can play with her pussy.

According to Bochner (1997), “I worked very hard on exams, and I didn't get 69%. My sweat was all for nothing.” My husband whispered, “we can still try number 69 without working hard. A little sweat, and we are good to go. Should we try it?” 

The lady next door has been telling everyone from the neighborhood that she is a virgin. According to Bai (2012), the lawn man shouted at her while she passed, “virginity is like a balloon, one prick, and it's gone, and you won't hear of it again.”

My husband and I were having sex when he whispered, “Where’s that noise coming from? Can you hear some claps? What's that noise? Ah, my bad! It was your butt cheeks clapping for agreement, baby.”

This woman has complained about how fat she is and wants to lose some calories without going to the gym. A man heard her and told her to try riding on top of him and check how many calories she would lose in seconds or minutes. She can do that on the bed instead of going to the gym to sweat.

I can serve you breakfast in bed. I am so romantic. You'll have a ready-made banana lying on the bed waiting for you. It will always be there whenever you're hungry.  

Im hungry, but the good thing is there's always a cucumber in my house, and I can use it with the banana. It depends on which type of hunger im on, then ill decide where I want to stick it.

The slice of bread is inside the toaster. Im like a toaster begging for bread. I want the whole of you inside me. 

You've not been wearing clothes since you took the children upcountry. Why do you love walking naked in the house? Do you enjoy hearing the noise your bell brings out? How about you take a break from ringing the bell and put the whole bell inside me. 

The lady and the husband disagreed. The lady decided she won't sleep on the bed but on the floor. The husband queried her about it, and she replied that she wanted to switch and sleep on something hard for the first time. 

I use the withdrawal method when having sex. It was with my wife. I decided not to pull out. I looked straight at her, and she seemed like she would make a good mother. She's now pregnant with twins.

My girlfriend lives 3hours away from our home. I always have to drive her home. Why does she stay that far? It makes me have an immense sex drive.

Why are you looking at me like that? Im helping these children blow their balloons for the party, but I can do it for you if you like. Let's try it on you.

Do you know what's hard and rigid when it gets in but is soft and wet when it comes out? It's not a penis. It's bubble gum. We can experiment with the penis and see if it's a great answer. Let's try to put it in.


Having sex is enjoyable and also funny. Some jokes and teasing here and there won't hurt. It can break the tension. It's fun to have someone with a twisted mind like yours share jokes and laugh at them with a common perception and understanding without judging. Laughter is the best medicine. You can give a joke that one will understand literally, but those with twisted minds will change its meaning depending on what they understand. Sometimes the explicit jokes turn out to be funnier. Employ erotic jokes to spice things with your partner.


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