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All The Health Benefits Of Orgasms, Explained

All The Health Benefits Of Orgasms, Explained

All The Health Benefits Of Orgasms, Explained

By Ksenia Sobchak

We sure don’t need to tell you that sex feels awesome, you already know that. But there is more benefit to sexual orgasm than you can ever imagine. Studies show that having an orgasm can reduce stress, regulate your menstrual cycle, improve your blood circulations and even improve your immunity. We can say, it is the natural medicine to most of the human body hassles.

Some of these benefits explained

  1. Orgasms Relieve Stress

An orgasm is not just an immense physical feeling that you experience during sex. It is a biological feeling wired to your hormonal and brain system that is meant to improve your health. When having an orgasm, the body releases a pleasure hormone known as Oxytocin is associated with relieving stress. Also known as the ‘love hormone’, Oxytocin is important in facilitating social bonding as it helps you relax and experience warmth with your partner.

  1. Orgasms Help you Sleep Better

A study by Ellison shows that people who have several orgasms a week find it easier to fall asleep and have more quality sleep. Besides the complete muscle relaxation that results from an orgasm that helps you sleep, the body also releases other neurochemicals such as endorphins that give you a sedative effect. So instead of popping a sleeping pill tonight, just enjoy mind-blowing orgasms alone or with your partner to sleep better.

  1. Semen Reduce Women Depression

A study on female students at a  New York State University showed that women who climaxed with their partners and had semen deposits expressed fewer depressive tendencies than women who had protected sex or abstained from sex. This effect is believed to be caused by mood-altering hormones such as follicle-stimulating hormone, estrogen, prolactin, testosterone and traces of prostaglandins that are present in semen. These hormonal effects are transferred to the woman’s body within hours of exposure. However, it is important to remember that unprotected sex will expose you to STIs and unwanted pregnancies. So, only engage with a trusted partner and take other forms of contraception to protect from pregnancy.

  1. Orgasms Help Improve your Immune System

Studies show that sexual arousal and orgasm cause the body to releases pathogen-fighting cells known as leukocytes which are associated with disease-fighting. A study on 11 men conducted by a German university showed that masturbating to completions increase the levels of leukocytes cells in the blood. Hence, an orgasm can help you improve your immune system and get over flu sooner.

  1. Regulate your Menstrual Cycle

Having an orgasm helps your body improve blood circulation to the vagina and your pelvic cavity. This also helps the growth of healthy vaginal tissues and deliver nutrients to your uterus, thus a more regulated menstrual cycle. Research shows that women who have sex have more normal and less painful periods than women who have infrequent sex or that are celibate.    

Unfortunately, despite all these benefits, many people struggle to reach orgasm during sex. While there might be a physical or psychological hindrance, there are a few tips you can try to enjoy more quality sex and mind-blowing orgasms. But if you are having erections dysfunctions, we advise you to see a doctor.

 Tips to better orgasms

  1. Spice up Your Foreplay

All The Health Benefits Of Orgasms, Explained

Foreplay is the gateway to good sex. Getting each other well-prepped builds your sexual arousal and prepares the body for a sensual penetration. As a result, you experience better natural wetness hence mutually enjoyable intercourse. Foreplay also helps you to bond more with your partner, resulting in an early release of Oxytocin.

  1. Masturbate Frequently

All The Health Benefits Of Orgasms, Explained

Love yourself as much as possible. A study by a German university shows that people who masturbate experience more relaxations, have less anxiety, sleep better and have improved immune systems. Masturbating also helps you gain self-confidence with your body which improves your sexual experiences. Remember masturbation doesn’t have to be only self-fingering. Sex toys such as Fleshlights, thrusting dildos, vibrators, suction cup dildos, realistic dildos butt plugs, penis plugs and more are available to make yourself love more satisfying. Also, give yourself a different ambiance every time to make your orgasm exceptional every time. Stick a suction cup realistic dildo in the bathtub and relax as you enjoy some wet orgasms, or just relax on your bed and let your trusting dildo do all the work for. Just make sure to enjoy yourself and embrace the sensations.

  1. Introduce New and Creative Games in the Bedroom

All The Health Benefits Of Orgasms, Explained

Shaking things up in the bedroom might be what you need to improve your orgasms. Think about new and creative ways to pleasure each other in the bedroom.  Introduce couples sex toys such as duo masturbators, couples vibrators and couples dildos to ensure give you more intimate movements together. Think about bondage and pleasure each other in kinky ways that will leave you panting. Hang your partner by the bathroom door and tease their genitalia with a feather as you work your way up their ass with a balled- butt plug.  Play police and lock them up to your pleasure house. Only this time, their fingerprints will be stamped by maddening orgasms. Maybe become a doctor and get them a thorough orgasm medical check-up that will leave them mesmerized. The best orgasms are for people who are creative and bold enough to try new things.

  1. Try new sex positions

All The Health Benefits Of Orgasms, Explained

During sex, a shift of angle can leave you begging for more. So you might want to adopt a few sex positions to make sure your man or toys hit just the right spots. For women, any position that concentrates on your front vaginal wall is perfect to reach the G-spot. So you might want to try reverse cowgirl and doggy. But don’t be confined here, just go crazy and try different positions that you can think of, as long as they are safe.  If you might want to invest in position enhancing sex toys such as bondage ropes, Hogtie restraints, padded doggie enhancement straps, sex stools and more.  

  1. Relax

This might sound like the lamest tip ever, but trying too hard to get an orgasm might make it even harder for it to come by. Sex is more a mental activity as it is a physical activity. Thus, trying to get an orgasm too much can elevate your levels of stress resulting in poor sexual performance. So you need to help each other relax by either massaging each other, exercising or simply playing games that allow you to unwind and enjoy each other’s company. This improves your intimacy and eventually your sex life which translated to better mutual orgasm.

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