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Condoms were originally meant for contraception. Below are reasons to enjoy using condoms during your sexual antics. They include protection against STDs and HIV.

Condoms were initially made to prevent pregnancies. The effectiveness of condoms has been placed at 98%. In real life, its effectiveness is lower than that because of improper use. Using expired condoms or condoms that have holes also makes them less effective. The following are reasons to enjoy using condoms;

Protection Against STDS and HIV

People who are conscious about their health will always wrap up because sexually transmitted diseases and HIV are not easy diseases to deal with. According to Ismael & Zangana (2012), condoms provide protection from sexually transmitted infections and HIV. There are various condoms available. The language used when marketing condoms is that they are 99% effective. Condoms lose their 100% effectiveness due to incorrect use. However, condoms will not protect you against sexual diseases that are spread through the skin–to–skin contact. But as far as the disease can be spread sexually, condoms are 100% effective.

Birth Control

Condoms are 98% effective as a birth control. The reason why it is not 100% effective is usually because of the user's fault. Condoms will work well depending on how you use them. However, you can get pregnant even if you wore your condom properly. This is because no birth control method is 100% effective. 

Enjoyable Sex 

Some people feel that having sex with a condom is not enjoyable because there is no contact of the private parts. However, people can have pleasurable sex with condoms. You can try out different types of condoms with lubrication. You can also choose the right condom for yourself, if you have allergic reactions. Ljubojević et al. (2018) showed that a small fraction of the global population is allergic to latex. Condoms also come in various flavors and textures to ensure that users enjoy using them. Moreover, it would help if you focused on the pleasure brought by orgasming and understand the importance of protecting yourself against diseases and unwanted pregnancy. If you use condoms regularly, you will get used to it. Furthermore, condoms also guarantee enjoyable sex since you will be experiencing pleasure while relaxed. This is because you are not worrying about sexually transmitted diseases, illnesses, pregnancies, and HIV. Take precautions as a smart person who cares about your health, since condoms do not offer 100% safety. When you are not stressed during sex, you will get to enjoy sex.

Condoms Make Sex Last Longer

If you are suffering from quick orgasms, condoms are ideal for you. If you wear a condom, you will have the longest sex you have never experienced. Wearing condoms reduces the skin-to-skin sensations, and therefore reduces the excitement that usually ends in premature ejaculation. Condoms lowers stimulation which will lead to delayed ejaculation.

Condoms are Less Messy

After engaging in coitus, there will be no semen on the bedsheets or fluids sliding down the woman's inner thighs. Having sex with a condom is neat and clean. All the fluids stay within the condom, making disposal and cleaning neat. After sex, the couple usually has to deal with fluids resulting from their action. When the woman stands, she can feel the seminal fluids on her.. Even if it were sex in a hotel, the person cleaning up would have the easy task of clearing and cleaning the room. Usually, the cleaners have to face the mess left behind, and there are body fluids all over. 

Condoms are Cheap and Easy To Get and Use

You do not have to go to the chemist to buy a condom. You can have a doctor's prescription like you need for some birth control methods. You can also get condoms at the local shop at a cheaper price. Sometimes they are even free. People may avoid condoms for many reasons, but they can never say that they are expensive or unavailable. Condoms are also not restricted to people of a certain age. Any sexually active person, age notwithstanding, can use condoms. Also, unlike other birth control methods, condoms are easy to use and does not require any special skills.


The benefits associated with condoms cannot be exhausted. When used correctly, condoms effectively prevent unwanted pregnancies, STDs, STIs, and HIV transmission. Condoms are popular because they can be acquired with ease. Sexually active teenagers can, therefore, confidently access them to prevent diseases and unwanted pregnancies. Condoms do not have serious side effects on the users, such as increased weight gain like other contraceptives. The effectiveness of condoms is also an appealing factor. Condoms can also delay ejaculation making men enjoy sex more. They are also popular because you wear them only when you need to use them, unlike some long-term contraceptives. Sometimes a woman may have side effects from using contraceptives, and the man can support her by ensuring that he wears the condom instead so that they can prevent unplanned pregnancies. 


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