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14 Common Mistakes That Make Condoms Less Effective

14 Common Mistakes That Make Condoms Less Effective

14 Common Mistakes That Make Condoms Less Effective

Condoms are protective wear used as a safe method of enjoying sexual intercourse. They are essential products to have in your collection before any sexual activity. Always arm yourself with condoms whenever you are preparing for a sexual encounter.

There is a wide range of condoms to choose from to make your sexual moment safe and pleasurable. However, some common mistakes when using condoms may make them less effective. Therefore, it is important to be keen when using condoms to prevent the spread of infections and diseases and unplanned pregnancies. Learn some of the common condom mistakes you don't want to make and how to avoid them in this article.

What Are Condoms

Condoms are thin, perfectly designed pouches that protect against diseases and pregnancy while also ensuring the partners enjoy their sexual sessions. Generally, there are two types of condoms; male and female condoms. Male condoms are made from adjustable and elastic rubber and latex material, which allows them to fit different penis sizes. Female condoms are designed to be inserted inside the vagina. They take the shape of the vagina to give a comfortable experience during penetrative sex. Furthermore, they are made from quality and hypoallergenic material, making them safe for your skin.

How Do Condoms Work

Condoms are designed to keep male semen from mixing with vaginal fluids. Male latex or rubber condoms are worn when the penis is fully erect. The condom is then rolled down the shaft to the penis' base. For better functioning, leave enough room for comfortable and pleasurable ejaculation at the front.

On the other hand, a female condom is carefully inserted inside the vagina. The condom lines perfectly on the vaginal walls to create a barrier between the cervix and semen. For easy and comfortable insertion, use a closed-end ring. The condom can only be worn for up to 8 hours, and you should remove and dispose of it immediately after sex.

14 Common Condom Mistakes That Make Them Less Effective

One Size Doesn't Fit All

Like an ill-fitting outfit or shoe, you will feel uncomfortable in a small condom. Consider looking for the best condom fit that will give you a secure, safe and comfortable feeling throughout the session. Tighter condoms restrict blood flow, making the session uncomfortable and less pleasurable. Moreover, large condoms can easily slip off during sexual intercourse, exposing you to diseases like STIs and HIV. Also, consider buying your condoms from reputable brands that offer different condoms sizes. This allows you to choose what fits you perfectly for the session.

Timing Is Everything

Condoms are made to perform different functions while ensuring you enjoy a pleasurable and safe sexual experience. They also prevent your partner's sensitive mucus membrane from passing harmful bacteria to you. Therefore, you shouldn't wait to wear your condoms after rubbing or penetration. Wear the condom before your penis comes to contact with your lover's vulva, not just during penetration.

The Perfect Host

Always ensure you keep your pack of latex condoms beside your bed. This way, it is easier to access them when necessary.  

A Slip Of The Tongue

Oral sex can never cause pregnancy; however, it could expose you to HIV and STIs. Therefore, consider wearing your latex condom during blowjobs. This will prevent you from exposing yourself to sexually transmitted diseases.

Wrong Storage

Condoms are durable and can last for as long as you want them to. However, wrong storage can damage your condoms. It is wrong to pack your condoms in your pockets. Store them under perfect conditions to maintain their durability.

Expired Aspirations

Expiry dates must be taken seriously to prevent you from any bacterial infection. Dispose of your unused condoms once the expiry date reaches. Using an expired condom risks your health. It can easily burst, exposing you to sexually transmitted diseases.

Wearing The Condom The Wrong Way

This is one of the most common condom use error. Most people are often in a rush during sexual intercourse, and they might end up wearing the condom the wrong way. Moreover, they might accidentally damage the condom while wearing it. Therefore, always inspect the condom after putting it on.

Using The Wrong Lube

Most condoms are pre-lubricated, but plenty of sex lube makes the experience more sensational and secure. Also, it prevents condoms from breaking. However, consider using water-based lubricants that are compatible with a latex condom.

Right-Side Up

Another typical condom mistake is unrolling the condom on your penis. For a proper experience, consider slightly unrolling the condom using your fingers first to get it right.

Going All the Way

The condom can easily get stuck inside your partner's vagina when unrolled wrongly. Therefore, consider unrolling the condom completely to the end to prevent it from sticking inside your partner.

Over Prepared

Condoms are designed to be gently unrolled along with erected penises. Therefore, don't unroll the condom before inserting it into your penis. This might bring the wrong results.

Pressure Inside The Condom

Condoms might have pressure inside when rolled the wrong way. Therefore, squeeze the condom before insertion to prevent it from bursting.

Opening The Wrong Way

Another common mistake when using condoms is opening using the mouth and not the hands. Therefore, only open the condom using your hands even if they are sweaty or have lube. Tearing with your teeth or using sharp objects can damage the condom, exposing you to risks of infection or unplanned pregnancies.

Slow To Retreat

Always be ready to remove the condom after a sex session. Leaving the condom inside your partner's vagina might get stuck with time. This is dangerous for you and your partner.

Bottom Line

Condoms are essential products you need to add to your sex toy collection. They are amazing for offering protective sex. With the right pair of condoms, you can have a safe and pleasurable sexual experience. However, avoid the simple and typical condom mistakes discussed above that might expose you to diseases and unplanned pregnancies during sexual intercourse.

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