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Is Sex Without a Condom Safe? Yes & No. Here is What You Need To Know

Is Sex Without a Condom Safe? Yes & No. Here is What You Need To Know

Is Sex Without a Condom Safe? Yes & No. Here is What You Need To Know

It is a tough decision to make on whether to use a condom while making love or not. Having sex with no condom is pleasurable, but you may feel anxious because you are exposed to some risks, especially if you are having casual sex. Any sex, as long as it involves a partner who is not trusted, should use condoms.

Condom is a contraceptive and is used to prevent unwanted or unplanned pregnancies. Additionally, condoms offer protection against sexually transmitted infections such as HIV and bacterial infections. Different brands manufacture condoms. You can find flavored condoms with strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla tastes. Also, there are condoms with different textures such as ribbed, dotted, and smooth. The variations allow everyone to get what they prefer according to their taste and experience.

Reasons Why People Like Sex Without a Condom

Most men with enough experience in sex claim that making love without a condom feels better. Some people see a condom as a physical barrier, and making love without it makes both partners feel intimate. People in a serious relationship usually do it for quite a while. Monogamous marriage allows partners to make love without a condom at the beginning of their relationship. It is an ultimate trust to other people, and it also helps to save money.

Some people are allergic to latex condoms. So, if you engage in sex without a condom, there is no need to worry about the burning and itching sensation. It is common, especially if you don't have an infection or even sensitivity to any substance in the lube. 

Benefits Of Using Condoms When Having Sex

Using condoms during sex is associated with the benefits below.

Minimizes Pregnancy

Are condoms safe? Condoms are 98% effective when used correctly. Ensure the condom you are using fits you well, especially after squeezing the air from your condom tip. Always use new condoms whenever necessary. use of condoms has reduced the chances of contracting unwanted pregnancies, thus

Minimizes Transmission of STDs

Condoms help reduce the risk of spreading sexually transmitted infections to your partners. These infections include herpes, HIV, and HPV. Women are the ones who are likely to get the conditions. HPV may cause cervical cancer or genital warts. Other infections transmitted through body fluids include chlamydia, gonorrhea, and AIDS. On the other hand, diseases such as HPV only require body contact, so even with a condom, you can still get it.

Other Infections

Women are likely to contract bacterial infections like vaginosis when they fail to use a condom with their partners. Even though the disease is mild, it can still cause an itching sensation, unpleasant vaginal discharge, and spotting. When the infection becomes more severe, you can use antibiotics. Once you are infected with BV, you still have a chance of getting it in the future.

Researches indicate that using condoms consistently reduces the risk of getting a bacterial infection. Furthermore, condoms prevent the spread of bacterial infection from the penis of your partner and upset the biological ecosystem in your body. The bacteria cause painful urinary tract infections.

Condoms Prevent Anxiety

Many people use condoms to avoid the anxiety caused by the risk of contracting HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. If you use condoms, you will be free from worries and engage in sexual ac with peace of mind.

Some Men Like Condoms

Condoms are very helpful to men who cum quickly, so they prefer using them even if both of you are not worried about the other risks. Also, some condoms are designed to help men last longer in bed. However, these condoms are made using chemical numbing ingredients, which help in reducing sensitivity.

Condoms Might Feel Good

Condoms are designed with unique textures that give both partners a nice feeling. It adds sensual sensation to sexual play. However, if both of you are okay and ready to take risks, you can use sex toys and cock sleeves to increase the sensation.

Sex Is Usually Messier Without a Condom

Sex is sometimes messier when it does not involve condoms, which is not always considered when people choose not to use condoms. Condoms help in holding the ejaculate released when your man reaches orgasm. Typically, it is disposed of in large garbage or a pit latrine without a thought. When you don't use a condom, the remains in your body will mess up your bed or room as you try to rush to the washroom. If both of you are safe and don't mind getting a kid, you can shop for a sex blanket. They are usually waterproof and can protect your bed from getting messy. You can also use a towel, tissue, or even wipes.

The Bottom Line

Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of using and not using condoms during a sexual intercourse helps you decide wisely. It is not a must you use a male condom since there are also female condoms. Moreover, condoms are made from latex; there are other materials you can choose from depending on your experience and preference. Talk to your partner about the risks and decide what to do about them.

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