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How To Choose A Condom

How To Choose A Condom

How To Choose A Condom

Enjoy sexual intercourse with the right condom in terms of size and fitness. Choose a condom that is not too small, big, very tight, or loose. Condoms come in different sizes, shapes, designs, and brands. This will allow you to get what meets your mood, experience, and a clear state of mind.

A condom is a contraceptive that helps prevent unwanted or early pregnancies, HIV, and sexually transmitted infections. There are male and female condoms. Male condoms are worn over the penis, while female ones are inserted into the vagina. The use of condoms is declining because of less sex education. Using the right condom will change your sexual experience as a whole. Below are some tips to help you shop for a condom.

Know Your Measurement

If you want to find the right condom that perfectly fits you, you need to focus on girth rather than length. It is recommended that you do a ''tissue paper roll test". With an erected penis, take an empty tissue paper roll and slide it into your penis. In case there is space, you should look for a slimmer one. If it fits, then the standard is the best one for you. If you find it too tight, opt for the large one.

Otherwise, you can measure the penis size using a string, marker pen, and ruler. Wrap the string around the thick part of the penis and then mark with a pen. Use a ruler to take the measurement. That will be your size, and you can use it when shopping for a condom.

Don't Allow Your Ego into It

As per the estimation, around 30 to 35% of wear a slim-fitting condom, so there is no need to be very proud of getting what works. However, not all brands manufacture them. You might not find them in your local area. In this case, you can find them online.

Try Out Various Options

You have to look at so many options rather than size. The common varieties include glow in the dark, textured, warming, flavored, and colored. Apart from these fun perks, other things can affect how your condom fits and feels. The lube, shape, and how the latex was processed can vary. Therefore, it’s very important to do some tests before committing. Sometimes you might find simple purchases with trial sample packs to find individually packaged condoms your size. Also, some companies make sixty condom sizes to choose from, plus your kit for measuring. This will help you get what fits you perfectly.

Put your Partner into Consideration

Since you will participate, you need to work together to have a healthy sexual conversation. Communicate with your partner. Usually, the condom brand that works well for you might not be the best for the other partner. It will be best to consider the other brands and ask them what feels good for them. The vagina is very sensitive, and it can easily be affected. 

Female clients often have reported few irritations with the Glyde condom brand. This is because of its best quality and ingredients. Also, there are other natural variations in the market, but most of them don't have a variety of sizes.

Check Beyond the Drugstore Brands

So many people are unable to name two or three condom brands. Durex and Trojan are the only dominant brands, but they don't have all the sizes. Durex emphasizes more of slowing him and speeding her up with less sizing. On the other hand, Trojan only caters to a size above average. This is a clear indication that you might not find what will fit you at the drugstore. For more efficiency, try doing more research and make your investment in a sampler pack to order online. This will be easier, especially if you already shop online. On the other hand, there are also playboy condoms which have become a ''sexual wellness brand" because it offers a range of condom styles and brands.

The Bottom Line

Each of us is sexually active, and sometimes we might have a date. Condom is the only reference to safety in a relationship. The contraceptive helps prevent unwanted or early pregnancies, HIV, and sexually transmitted infections. You cannot just walk into the pharmacy or shop and ask which condom is the best. So many brands make condoms with different sizes, designs, and textures. Remember, what you buy should work well for you and your partner. It is also important to know your size to avoid inconveniences. If you wonder how to choose the right condom, worry no more. This article will help you understand what to do before purchasing one. All you need to do is to read through keenly.

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