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16 Condom Types – There Are More Than You Realize

16 Condom Types – There Are More Than You Realize

16 Condom Types – There Are More Than You Realize

Modern condom manufacturers are taking advantage of emerging technologies to diversify this sex accessory. Today, condoms are no longer classified based on size and thickness only. Modern condoms come in various sizes, textures, types, materials, flavors, and styles, each with its own merits, demerits, and purpose. There are different types of condoms, and it can be challenging when making a purchase. Whether you are looking at latex, non-latex, flavored, or colored, the choices are limitless.

Condoms have evolved, and every pack comes with its pros and cons. Regular latex condoms are the most popular condom types among young adults. This popularity is due to the elasticity of latex, which makes a condom stretch up to eight times its original size. Besides, CDC reports that proper use of regular latex condoms is 98% effective in birth and STI control.

With the numerous options, knowing the existing types can help spur new experiences into your safe adult sexual relationship. The main limitation of latex condoms is that it causes an immune response from the user, making some people allergic. However, modern condoms have been diversified to suit your tastes and preferences. Herein is a compilation of 16 different types of condoms for all your boning needs.

Non-Latex Condoms

This is the ideal choice for those who find latex condoms irritating or allergic. It is made from polyurethane material – an advanced plastic that conducts heat. Also, it is thinner to help boost sensitivity during sex.

Most people would opt for non-latex condoms because they are 95% effective in pregnancy and STI control (according to WHO) and can be used with all types of lubrication, unlike latex ones that only use silicone or water-based lubricants.

Spermicide Condoms

This condom was thought to be coated with chemical layers to kill sperms and protect against pregnancies. However, findings reveal the contrary. The chemical coating only cuts short the lifespan of sperms. However, several reports indicate that the spermicide coating could cause UTI in women.

Glow-In-The-Dark Condoms

This is another condom available in the market. The glow-in-the-dark condoms are FDA approved for birth and STI control. If you want the condom to glow, expose it to light for about a minute and put it on. The condoms consist of three layers, with the middle layer making up the dye responsible for the glow.

Flavored Condoms

Flavored condom brands induce flavors in the lubrication, or the condoms are coated with great flavors. The common flavors include strawberry, vanilla, bacon, chocolate, banana, grape, and mint. Other brands match those flavors with fruit colors, such as red for strawberry. While flavored condoms are ideal for oral sex, they are also FDA-approved for pregnancy control and protection.

Colored Condoms

Colored condoms come in all the colors you can imagine. However, there is nothing special about them. Manufacturers only add color agents to introduce something interesting. There are tri-colored and dual-color condoms, often designed to suit occasions. There are also green or red condoms for Christmas and red or pink designed for Valentine's Day. The visual incentive is meant to boost sexual stimulation. Like any other condoms, colored condoms are FDA approved for STI and pregnancy control.

Studded Condoms

The studded condoms are designed with ridges, ribs, or studs that enhance pleasure for you, your partner, or both – depending on the location of the studs on the condom. These condoms are wider than usual, and the ribs give them a contoured shape. They are ideal for mutual pleasure.

Female Condoms

Female condoms were first produced in the 80s. Since then, they have been through regulations and designs. Unlike male condoms, female condoms are worn internally by females to protect against STDs and unwanted pregnancies. They have an ergonomic design in that they come with two rings. The inner ring is meant for insertion, while the outer one is the sheath that covers the external genitals. Female condoms are 95% effective when used correctly, and they help women take charge of their sexual health if a partner doesn't want to use a condom.

Warming Condoms

Warming condoms are made with extra thin latex to enhance sensations during intercourse. Besides, their latex is coated with a warming lubricant that gets warmer when in contact with the body moisture.

Kiss of Mint condoms

These condoms are non-lubricated and usually coated with a sweet, sugar-free powder, making them ideal for safe oral sex. Also, they are FDA-approved for pregnancy control.

Pleasure-Shaped Condoms

Pleasure-shaped condoms have enlarged porch tips designed to create more friction because the extra latex at the tips enhances penile stimulation.

French Tickler Condoms

Tickler condoms have a soft rubber or jelly tickler tip in various shapes and styles. This tip is meant to provide extra stimulation by tickling a partner's inner vagina or anus.

Tingling Pleasure Condoms

These condoms are formulated for intense mutual pleasure. They are coated with a safe tingly lubricant that is often induced with great scents.

Extra-Large and Extra Small Condoms

Not everyone finds the standard condoms suitable, more so concerning girth. Some find regular condoms to be too tight or too wide. If you find the condom too wide, it can slip off and tear easily if it is too tight. Manufacturers have diversified sizes to suit individual needs. These are the best condoms for every shape and size.

Extra Thin Condoms

If you dislike regular condoms, you can opt for ultra-thin latex ones, such as the Durex Fetherlite, for heightened sensations.

Delay Condoms

Most people cum sooner than they desire, but manufacturers have found a way out. Delay condoms are designed to prevent premature ejaculation. To achieve this, they are coated with a desensitizing agent, such as Benzocaine, that prolongs your action time and helps delay orgasms.

Fun Condoms

These are condoms with pictures of funny characters. Although they may be exciting to look at, they aren't approved for pregnancy or STI control.

The Bottom Line

Picking a condom can be an exciting experience. With the varieties on the market, how do you pick one that suits your purpose? It is vital to buy a condom with a purpose in mind. Some are great for sex play and safe sex, while others are meant for contraception. Either way, check for the FDA label to determine its approval for protection against STIs and pregnancies. This blog has discussed the different types of condoms and their pros and cons.

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