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Control Condoms

Control Condoms

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Buy Climax Delay Condoms Online - Control Condoms & Delay Condoms 

Control condoms are here to save many men from the continual embarrassment of being the "one-minute man." If you may be one of the many in that category, this is the product you've been waiting for. Have you had frustrating moments with your woman? Worry no more; consider having control condoms of the best quality. We value long-lasting pleasure.

What are Control Condoms?

Numbing is not a good thing when it comes to sensitivity. However, slight numbness is helpful for a long-lasting sex session. That is where control condoms come in. They are added with a special healthy agent, benzocaine, that acts as a weak anaesthesia to reduce sensitivity. The penis head has hundreds of nerve endings; hence, it is so sensitive. Reducing sensitivity means more action, thrusts, and fun. Escape the ladies' gossip by proving the power to make them climax before or at the same time. 

Why Use Climax Delay Condoms?

According to Dai et al. (2022), premature ejaculation affects most men. There are several causes of this situation. However, not everything requires a doctor. People employ various methods to ensure the bedroom game is boosted, such as exercises or other boosting drugs. Get control condoms from trusted outlets such as Peaches and Screams and enjoy intercourse today. Delay condoms enable long-lasting sexual activity. They also offer protection against unplanned pregnancies and STIs. Enjoy extra sensational pleasure in the safest way you can with control condoms.

Factors to Consider before Acquiring Delay Condoms

Here are the factors you should consider to get your preferred control condom.

Condom Size

Just as with other body parts, people have different penis sizes. Understanding your size will ensure you get the fitting control condom. Condoms are available in medium, small, large, XL, and XXL sizes. These condoms are elastic, and they fit various penis sizes. However, it is always best to know the right size to prevent breaking for the smaller condoms or slipping off for the larger sizes. 

Shape and Design 

Climax control condoms can be straight, flared, and indented. Each shape has particular specifications, and some have snug shafts/rings for more grip. These designs are good for delaying ejaculation too. It is always advisable to test various designs and shapes to get the right one.

Texture/ Feel of the Condom

Delay condoms have varying textures, including dotted, ribbed, or studded. Whichever texture you select, it should enhance the sexual sensations. If you don't know your preferred texture, experiment with the available ones till you find the best one. 


The materials used to control condoms include latex, Polyurethane, and polyisoprene (SKYN). Latex is a rubber product commonly known in the manufacture of condoms. It is elastic and hence favourable for different sizes. It is good for preventing STIs and other unwanted post-sex occurrences. Polyurethane is a thin plastic great for people who don't use latex due to allergic reactions. A setback of polyurethane is that plastics are not as elastic as rubber, hence have a selective fitting. If you want natural rubber, polyisoprene (SKYN) is the ideal material for you. This material is safe and strong for maximum protection.

The Strength of the Condom 

Thick materials are designed for hardcore action. In contrast, thin material is good for sensual action. Depending on the sexual activity you prefer, select the appropriate strength. Ensure the condom is in good condition by checking the expiry date and possible tears.

How to Use Delay Condoms

Various things can go wrong when wearing this protective item. Always be careful when removing the condom from the package; look for designated ends for tearing. Never forget to check the manual if unsure of what to do. The tip should fit the penis head without air to prevent bursting. Roll the condom as you slip the penis inside. This is the safest way to fit it.

Safety Tips When Using Control Condoms

  • Always use a new condom every single time.
  • Inspect your condoms carefully before use – lookout for any signs of wear & tear or defects that render them potentially unsafe - throw away any questionable ones immediately.
  • Store your condoms in cool places such as wallets or drawers to avoid heat damage that could make them less effective at protecting against STIs/STDs.
  • Always check the expiration date before putting on a condom 
  • When wearing the condom, ensure there are no air bubbles trapped inside; otherwise, this poses an increased risk of breaking 
  • Also, ensure it's rolled down until the base is covered firmly, with none left exposed on either side.
  • Dispose of used items properly by wrapping them up with tissue paper before throwing them.

Frequently Asked Questions about Delay Condoms

Can I Use Lube with Orgasm Delay Condoms?

For easier penetration, you can use lube with control condoms. However, always opt for water-based lubricants to avoid condom breakage. Avoid oil-based lubes for sex.

Are Control Condoms Safe?

Yes. Control condoms are safe. They offer protection against sexually transmitted infections and unplanned pregnancies. However, always look at the ingredients list before purchasing. If you have sensitive skin, keep off possible allergens.

What are the Side Effects of Climax Control Condoms?

One common complaint is reduced sensitivity which may lead to reduced pleasure than usual during sexual activity. However, this usually only occurs when too much desensitizing lubricant has been applied before putting on the condom itself, which is why it's important not to apply any extra lube when using climax control products.

Since these products contain chemicals that inhibit sensation, users should take caution not to use them frequently for prolonged periods. Finally, while benzocaine works well for many people, they might experience unpleasant burning sensations. If this occurs, seek medical attention.

Other Condoms to Consider

Flavoured Condoms

Flavoured condoms come in various textures, aromas, and tastes. Their innovative designs offer an exciting twist on traditional condom use that many people find enjoyable. Whether you want something fruity or minty-fresh for oral sex or would like to tantalize tastebuds during intercourse with exotic spices, there is sure to be a flavour that meets all your desires!

Using flavoured condoms adds visual and sensory appeal, maximising pleasure for both partners. For instance, adding a cherry or strawberry scent during intercourse provides a surprise which enhances arousal levels. Furthermore, when used correctly, it helps protect against STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections) and reduces any unpleasant odours associated with unprotected sex.

Non-latex Condoms

When choosing the right type of condom for protection and pleasure during sexual activities, non-latex condoms offer a variety of benefits. While latex is widely used in traditional condoms due to its high effectiveness in preventing pregnancy and STDs, some people may be allergic or sensitive to this material. Non-latex condoms provide a solution for those who experience an allergic reaction when using regular latex ones.

Non-latex condoms come in many styles with unique features that cater to specific user preferences. Most commonly made from polyurethane or nitrile materials, they are thinner than their latex counterparts while providing greater durability and comfort. Moreover, these types of condoms also create less friction against the skin, leading to more enjoyable intimate experiences without worrying about any potential allergies or discomfort caused by traditional latex products.

Female Condoms and Dental Dams

Female condoms and dental dams are an important part of safer sex practices. They provide a barrier between partners during sexual activity to reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Female condoms are designed specifically for women, while dental dams are used as protection when engaging in oral sex with either a man or woman. Both products can increase pleasure while helping to keep you safe from STIs.

Textured Condoms

Are you looking for an extra layer of protection without compromising on pleasure? Textured condoms offer optimal protection as well as incredible sensations. Textured condoms are designed with bumps, ridges and other features that create friction and increase sensitivity during intercourse. This allows both partners to experience heightened pleasure while still enjoying the peace of mind that comes with using a quality condom. With textured condoms, there’s no need to sacrifice security or enjoyment!

Ultra-thin Condoms

If you're looking for an extra layer of protection during sexual intercourse, ultra-thin condoms are the way to go. These condoms are made from thinner material than traditional latex condoms, making them more comfortable and providing better sensation while protecting against pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs).


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