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Men, do you know sex is important to your health? Herein is the importance of sex; it improves immunity, decreases the risk of having prostate cancer, lowers blood pressure, reduces heart attack risk, burns calories, boosts confidence, and improves sleep.

Most men feel there's the benefit of regular sex. However, you may be surprised by the benefits of sex to your health. Regular sex provides a boost to your well-being. Sex is like any other physical activity; benefits increase your life span. Sex is intimate, extremely fun, and pleasure; it's great for your health in specific terms. It's best for your mental and physical health. The answer is not a magic pill if you want to boost your mood or clear your complexion. It's what happens between your sheets. Here is the reason to get your loved ones between the sheets;

Improves Immunity

Aman & Masood (2020) explained that having sex twice or once a week helps boost your immune system. Regular sex has a higher level of salivary immunoglobulin, producing antibodies for diseases like germs that cause the common cold and other infections. Boosting the immune system is important for people who interact with many people every day.

Decreases The Risk Of Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is cancer among men and can be reduced with sex. Nieschlag & Vorona (2015) explained that when they have sex, they frequently ejaculate, which could be protected them against prostate cancer. Regular ejaculation removes any trance of the prostate that could contribute to cancer, as the important thing is ejaculation.

Lowers Blood Pressure

The sex blood flow boosting effect Increases beyond the basic when a man has intercourse with a partner. Regular intercourse lowers blood pressure more than masturbation; it also protects against the influence that causes high blood pressure. High blood pressure increases the risk of stroke, heart attack, and low libido. That's why it's important to have sex to prevent all the risks. Sex prevents high blood pressure during stressful events. This effect is more evident in people who had sex with penetration.

Reduces Heart Attack Risk

Sex helps keep your testosterone in balance; when they are low, you may get a lot of problems like heart disease. Sex raises your heart rate, and a good sex life results in a good heart. Tian & Meng (2019) explained that sex is like an exercise that contributes to physical activities needed to protect the heart. If you're having sex in an intimate relationship, a supportive partner makes a happier heart. Too much stress causes a heart attack. Having a partner eases your stress physically and emotionally.

Burns Calories

Sex gets your body in motion. During an average sex session, men burn a lot of calories. The intensity used for sexual activity could be higher than that of walking. You burn calories when you do it more. A few calories burned a week can add up and knock out the calories you'd burn on your couch.

Eases Stress

According to Macapagal & RPm (2019), sex is a prescription for a happy and healthy life. Intimacy boosts your self-esteem and happiness. Being in contact with each other, touching or hugging, releases your body's natural feel-good hormones. When you sexually arouse, the chemicals are released into your brain. Endorphins are produced during sex which floods our body and makes us feel relaxed.

Boosts Your Confidence

Men who have sex regularly feel confident about their bodies. It improves responses to their self-esteem, those men who enjoy casual sex have higher self-esteem levels than those who don't have casual sex.

Improves Sleep

So many people around the world have sleep disorders. However, you can improve by having sex regularly. During sex, when you orgasm, oxytocin and dopamine chemicals are released into your brain; all these hormones combined make you feel sleepy. Endorphins in our body make you feel relaxed and is a great way to fall asleep. Orgasm effects make you feel pretty good, tired, and fall asleep.

Makes Your Relationship Better

Sex between partners makes their bond stronger. You only get busy once a week to make both of you happy. It is like a long-lasting relationship. Doing it more often makes you happier.

Makes You Look Younger

People who engage in sexual intercourse regularly are younger than their chronicled age. Sexual active men appear younger due to their behavior and skin tone. Sex increases life span on average. That morning glow after sex is attributed to a better mood, the flush of blood, and stress relief under your skin is the natural part of arousal. Estrogen hormones pumped during sex have an important effect on your skin and help smoothen out the lines.

Makes You Happy

When you have an orgasm, your body is flooded with oxytocin, a stress-reducing hormone it makes you happy, relaxed, and closer to your partner when you climax. Orgasm makes you blissful. Your oxytocin chemicals level stabilizes after you have an orgasm. Try and keep the good vibe going by cuddling with your partner. Oxytocin is produced not only when having intercourse but also when cuddling. It's pleasurable if you cuddle afterward makes both of you happier.

Helps Your Penis Perform

Your penis goes stronger when you have sex regularly. You don't have to use it to know the benefits. Men who have sex once or twice a week are half more likely to have erection dysfunction. Erection delivers an amount of oxygen to your penis. Low oxygen can cause scar tissue development, making it hard to erect. Making stronger life decisions can help you have a stronger erection.

Relieves Your Headache

Your brain is attacked with endorphins that produce the feeling of pleasure and pain relief when having sex. It might ease the pain when having sex. When your body releases more endorphins, you have a higher chance of using orgasms as a headache reliever. It said most people with migraines who had sex during the episodes felt better afterward.

Boost your libido

Regular sex makes your sex life better. It will make you longing for more lively sex, thus improving your libido.

Count as Exercise

Sex uses calories more than when your site is doing nothing. It doesn't replace exercise routine, but it counts for something. It bumps up your heart rate and uses muscles.


Sex makes you feel healthier and is good for your mental and physical being. It's backed up by science. Individuals should have sex more than normal as it benefits their general health.


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