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5 Ways Exercise Benefits Sex

5 Ways Exercise Benefits Sex

5 Ways Exercise Benefits Sex

Exercise boosts self-esteem and enhances sexual performance. The other benefits of exercise are that it reduces stress and increases sexual desire. This article highlights 5 ways exercise benefits sex, including reducing stress, increasing sexual desir, and increasing blood flow.

The human body is meant to be on the foot for everything to function well. When individuals keep fit, they have sexually attractive bodies and seem to stand out in a world where some people view fitness as a waste of time. Exercise will keep your heart pumping right and that’s why it is rare for a physically fit man to complain about having sexual problems, such as erectile dysfunction. Exercise also keeps diseases away and keeps the body strong enough to cope with the energy required during sex. Here are ways in which exercise will boost your sex life.

Exercise Will Boost Your Self-esteem

People who work out can confidently walk shirtless around the streets. They feel great about themselves after working hard to build their body. That's the confidence you meet in the bedroom when you are physically active. When you've recently started working out, and your body is undergoing physical changes that you like, you will want to show your body to your partner and have sex more often. Nothing makes a person want to have sex more frequently than when they feel sexy. People who are confident about their physical appearance seem to enjoy sex the most. Confident people are also sexually attractive to most people. When people fantasize about people they would like to have sex with, they imagine someone walking with their head held up high, and no one will imagine having sex with someone with low self-esteem. Getting fit will give you that confidence while boosting your self-esteem.

Enhances Sexual performance

When you get down to having sex, the only thing on most people's minds is the pleasure they are likely to experience. However, during sex, the joy may be hindered when a partner has aching muscles and could suffer a heart attack if the sexual experience is aggressive. When physically fit, you can enjoy different sex positions you wouldn't dare to try if you were physically unfit. When your heart rate is good, you can breathe properly, and you don't have muscle aches. Nothing can stop you from enjoying sex and ultimately orgasm. For women, kegel exercises can help make penetration more comfortable and allow blood to flow into the vagina, increasing arousal. In contrast, for men, kegel exercises help in delaying ejaculations.

Reduces Stress

Good sex always starts in the mind. You need to declutter your mind first to enjoy sex. When you exercise, it reduces stress and improves your mood. It's very rare to find a person who frequently exercises stressed. According to Rokade (2011, December), physical exercise makes the body release endorphins which are natural pain killers. When you are happy, you enjoy sex more. Also, when a person is physically active, their muscles do not ache, and they sleep better than people living a sedentary lifestyle. The effect of exercise on the body in helping individuals sleep has been compared to using sleeping pills. When a person is not stressed, they tend to enjoy sex more. 

Increases Sexual Desire

According to Eliakim & Nemet (2006), exercise increases libido. Most people who work out are also good in bed. That's what makes most physically fit people sexually attractive. When the waists are trimmed, and the person has physically taken good care of themselves, we expect them to be good sexually, and they surely rarely disappoint. However, remember that too much of anything is poisonous. The study noted that too much exercise will lower your libido. For your sexual life to benefit from sex, the sex should be moderate and consistent. You will notice the benefits of physical exercise in the long run, but in the meantime, the best time to have sex is right after exercise because the blood is being pumped hard, and body fluids such as lubrication, tears, and sweat are moving too. People are more aroused right after exercise. 

Exercise Increases Your Endurance

Have you ever wanted to go on and on during sex, but you couldn’t because you were tired? That can be bad news for men and women. If a man wants an active woman in the bedroom, but the woman he has sex with gets fatigued during sex, he may get demoralized. Similarly, no woman wants a one-minute man that cannot go on having sex for long, not because he suffers from premature ejaculation but because he's too tired to go on. Unless the person has other underlying issues, the secret to beating fatigue in the bedroom may be to hit the gym. Krychman et al. (2007) noted that exercise improves your physical and emotional stamina. When you have endurance, you stand a chance of enjoying sex more and having orgasms.

Increases Blood Flow

Exercise boosts blood flow. Spitz (2018) noted that increased blood flow prevents sexual dysfunction because when you exercise, blood pumps everywhere. You need the blood to pump to the penis for it to erect. The woman needs the blood to move to her clitoris to help her get aroused. The increased blood flow will help in problems such as erectile dysfunction. According to Corona et al. (2014), Erectile dysfunction is very rare in physically active people and is more common among obese people who are physically inactive. When you exercise, you also reduce your sexual age. As people age, the sexual organs are also affected, and they experience sexual dysfunctions, but if you exercise, you will enjoy your sexual stamina way longer than your peers.


Exercise may seem like something you do to keep fit and healthy, but the benefits you gain will be important for your sexual life. People prefer to find shortcuts like sex enhancement drugs and aphrodisiacs, yet the only thing they need to do is get into a regular working out regimen. You do not need to start going to the gym. You can work out at the comfort of your home. It would be best to get into a plan that you can do regularly. Most people pay membership fees to join a club and fail to turn up because it is out of their schedule. Some have to drop out because the amount they lay at the gym is beyond their budget. You can instead walk or run your way into added sexual pleasure.


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