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Empowered Silicone-based Intimate Personal Anal Sex Lube, 8oz

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Gun Oil Silicone-Based Intimate Personal Anal Sex Lube, 8oz in this fun and exciting 8-ounce bottle is an ideal silicone lube for personal pleasure as well as enjoyment with a partner. Gun Oil Silicone-Based Intimate Personal Anal Sex Lube, 8oz is a soft and silky lube giving you extreme pleasures. Gun Oil, thought up after its founder spent time at war with soldiers who would use products meant to clean weaponry to ease the stress of war and masturbate. The company’s founder knew soldiers would masturbate to keep this stress at bay when necessary. He wanted to replicate that incredible feeling of the smooth lubricant they were using, so he changed the ingredients to make a body safe, hypo-allergenic, user friendly formula. By creating the innovative Gun Oil brand, he was able to heighten the pleasure men felt while alone and masturbating or when they were with a partner. Gun Oil is a creative and fabulously enhancing personal lubricant product line. Giving men the masculine look of ammunition and the feel they want for the slick and smooth glide when alone or with a partner, Gun Oil is a trusted brand with extensive options for personal lubricants. Gun Oil is known for delivery. Starting with the ammo like package, Gun Oil is innovative and exciting. With high quality ingredients, you can trust Gun Oil Silicone-Based Intimate Personal Anal Sex Lube, 8oz to give you a great cushion and a long lasting glide. Gun Oil is hypoallergenic and will not stain. Because this fabulous silicone lubricant does not contain oils, you can use it with condoms. Gun Oil Silicone-Based Intimate Personal Anal Sex Lube, 8oz is a highly concentrated lubricant. The thick formula goes a long way and will last for a long time. Be sure to check out all the Gun Oil Silicone-Based Intimate Personal Anal Sex Lube, 8oz here at Peaches and Screams to find the perfect one for yourself or for you and your lover together. Shop for Gun Oil Silicone-Based Intimate Personal Anal Sex Lube, 8oz now!

Specifications of Gun Oil Silicone-Based Intimate Personal Anal Sex Lube, 8oz

Lube Type : Silicone Based
Condon Safe : Yes
Liquid Volume : 8oz
For Who : Both
Features : Vitamin E and Aloe Vera
Brand : Empowered Products
Size : 237ml

Customer Reviews

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M. (Lisbon, PT)
Smooth, lasting comfort for enhanced anal experiences.

Embarking on a journey to enhance my intimate experiences, I recently tried the Gun Oil Silicone-Based Intimate Personal Anal Sex Lube from Peaches and Screams. Eager to discover how this product could elevate comfort and pleasure, I'm here to share an honest and unfiltered review based on my personal experience.

First impressions matter, and the sleek packaging of this lube caught my attention. The flip-top cap is practical, ensuring easy dispensing without any mess. The 8oz size seemed generous and promising for multiple uses.

Upon application, the texture of the Gun Oil lube felt incredibly smooth and velvety. It was easy to spread and didn't require constant reapplication during use, which was a definite plus. The silicone-based formula seemed to offer lasting lubrication, minimizing any potential discomfort caused by friction.

I found that a little went a long way with this lube, and it worked effectively with various activities. Whether experimenting with toys or engaging in intimate moments, the Gun Oil lube helped reduce friction and enhance comfort.

One standout feature was its waterproof nature, allowing for intimate activities in the shower or bath. This versatility added an extra layer of excitement to our experiences.

However, I did notice that the silicone-based formula takes slightly more effort to wash off compared to water-based lubes. While not a major issue, it's something to consider if easy cleanup is a priority for you.

In terms of performance, the Gun Oil lube lived up to its promise of delivering a smooth and pleasurable experience. The long-lasting lubrication was a key highlight, contributing to a heightened sense of comfort during intimate moments.

It's important to note that since silicone-based lubes may deteriorate certain silicone toys, compatibility should be verified before use to avoid any damage.

In conclusion, my experience with the Gun Oil Silicone-Based Intimate Personal Anal Sex Lube was positive overall. The velvety texture, lasting lubrication, and versatile use made it a worthy addition to my intimate repertoire. The only minor downside was the cleanup, which required slightly more attention. If you're seeking a reliable silicone-based lube for added comfort and pleasure during anal experiences, this product could be a valuable option to consider.