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Master Series Stainless Steel Silver Nipple Vice For Her

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Are you into nipple play? Explore extreme pain pleasures from nipple stimulation with the perfectly designed Silver Nipple Clamp Vice for BDSM Bondage Play.

This silver nipple clamp offers pleasure with a slight pinch at the nipples. It is a toy meant for mature ladies with a developed state of mind. Also, the toy is made with two unbreakable space clamps coated with soft material and linked with an elegant metal chain. The metal chain is of average weight, and it will pull down your nipples to inflict erect sensations after clipping it on. The clove style of the nipple clamp makes it the master of grip. It sticks tightly on the nipples and exerts sensitive sensations on the flesh by restricting the rate of blood flow. The toy is easy to use. You can operate it by mounting each vine on the nipple.

As the feeling intensifies, clamp down this silver bondage clamp and allow more pressure to be pulled by the linking chain. Once you have achieved the desired pressure, pull down the chain and allow blood to flow into the nipples gain. The process is repeated until the user is satisfied. This sex toy is usable by both gender and can be cleaned by wiping it down with a towel. Each clamp measures 5 inches long and widens up to 1.5 inches. That means anybody can use it regardless of nipple size.

Specifications of Silver Nipple Clamp Vice for BDSM Bondage Play

Washing : Wipe down
For Who : Female
Brand : Master Series

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Z.T. (New York, US)
Controlled pressure, vice mechanism intensifies nipple stimulation during bondage play.

Curiosity led me to try the Silver Nipple Clamp Vice for BDSM Bondage Play from Peaches and Screams. Here's my honest review, recounting my personal journey with the product:

Upon receiving the package, the sleek design of the silver clamps caught my eye. The promise of a more intense sensation in my BDSM play intrigued me, and the clamps looked sturdy and well-crafted.

Applying the clamps was a careful process, as finding the right pressure took time. Once in place, the sensation was immediate—a blend of pressure and a tightening sensation. The adjustable vice allowed me to fine-tune the intensity to my preference.

What stood out was the heightened level of pressure these clamps provided. The vice mechanism allowed for controlled tightness, creating a sensation that was both intense and engaging. The weight of the clamps added to the pressure, creating a unique sensation that was both thrilling and powerful.

What I enjoyed most was the depth of sensation these clamps offered. The combination of pressure and tightness created a dynamic experience that was different from standard clamps. The adjustable nature allowed me to explore varying levels of intensity.

However, it's essential to note that these clamps are not suitable for beginners or those with low pain thresholds. The intense pressure and tightening sensation might be overwhelming for some individuals. Communication and clear understanding of personal boundaries are vital when using such intense tools.

In conclusion, the Silver Nipple Clamp Vice for BDSM Bondage Play offers a dynamic avenue for those seeking a more intense sensory experience. The design, adjustable vice, and the added weight create a unique encounter. They are best suited for experienced BDSM players who appreciate a higher level of pressure. As with any BDSM exploration, understanding your comfort level and communicating openly are essential. If you're intrigued by intense sensations and want to explore a more powerful form of stimulation, these clamps could provide a captivating journey, as long as you approach them thoughtfully and responsibly.