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Fleshlube Ice Water Based Cooling Sex Lubricant 100ml

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 Dermatological tests guarantee it is safe, hypoallergenic, natural, paraben free, manufactured from super high-quality medical grade ingredients. Sensitive skins know it is delicate with them. And lots of pleasure seekers can speak for the wonders it helps them performing “down there”. Now it’s your turn to say something about the  Fleshlube Ice Water-Based Cooling Sex Lubricant 100mL.  

This premium water-based lubricant will add  crispy chills  to your sexy playtime with its sharply stimulating  cooling  effect. When in touch with your body, it will feel incredibly natural, silky soft and pleasurably moist. Easy to apply and even easier to clean,the Fleshlube Ice Water-Based Cooling Sex Lubricant 100mL is about to make your sexual experiences even more  memorable!

Lube Type: Water Based
Liquid Volume: 100ml
Features: Paraben-free
Brand: Fleshlight