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Latex is a type of rubber that can be used in the creation of clothing. It is strong but sleek rubber that feels like a second skin when worn as it is always custom made to fit without compromising on its flexibility. Latex clothing in earlier times was commonly purchased as a fetish clothing item however in recent times it has been widely accepted as offering so much more than that. Women and men are embracing latex wear in different styles. It has a sensual and sexual appeal but one that can be made to go beyond the boudoir. More and more people are donning their rubber fineries out to the club, parties or even just for a day out. Always remember to apply talc or lube before wearing your latex it will help reduce friction and chances of tearing. And ladies be weary of your manicured hands they could tear your clothing if you are not cautious when putting them on, be delicate. This rubber is strong and durable but it needs special attention and maintenance so you get the best out of it. Take care of your latex and it will take care of you. To keep ones latex clothing in tip top shape it’s necessary to shine and polish the rubber on a regular basis. It not only makes it aesthetically more pleasing but it will help increase its durability. Sprays and shines are a must with every purchase of latex clothing they will definitely need a regular spritz and shine.

Think back to all the people you have seen in latex clothing in whatever colour or form none are ever dull ,their shine is usually the most alluring and eye catching thing about them. The way the light catches the shine on latex is dazzling and attractive. Kate Beckinsale wore a memorable latex catsuit in Underworld the light gleamed off her suit as she fought off her aggressors. The smoothness of her moves was highlighted by the way the latex shone and seemed to deflect blows. The same effect would not have come out with a dull and unpolished latex catsuit. The rubber needs enhancement and a different element to it that sprays and shines help with. Shining up your latex is a fun thing you can do alone or with your partner, it will give you an almost similar sensation to when you lube your body up before you put it on. Make it a sexy exercise to care for your latex get up and you’ll never want to part with it. To care for your clothing you can choose from a variety of silicone sprays or latex shines, other people recommend using silicone lube for the naughty sensation you will get from applying it!. These are specially made to add a shiny gloss to your kit and get you that nice sleek look. With latex that shine will always fit and be right for any occasion, its what makes it one of the most attractive materials to wear

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