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22-Inch Purple Suede Flogger with Glass Handle and Crystal

Size Guide

The Purple Suede Flogger has a glass handle and crystal in the end with over 25 soft suede evenly flowing tails for whipping.

The flogger is ideal for beginners and erotic bondage play. The tails feature genuine suede tresses are soft enough for teasing the skin and beginner play but tough enough to deliver a firm sting. The weighted glass end can be used as a dildo for vaginal or anal teasing. The beautifully textured segments give additional stimulation. You can also heat or cool the glass end for tempting temperature play. It makes her g-spot go wild. The ridges on the crystal provide amazing results, especially on her clit. You won't have heard moans like that in a long time.

With a whip at one end and a crystal glass dildo on the other end, you have the optimum balance between pain and pleasure. Although the suede flogger looks exquisite and harmless, in the arms of the right person, the purple whip and dildo can pack some power. Your woman will love how both ends feel. As the dom, you can tease your partner's skin with the soft, sensual slide of suede curls or use a light swing to give her that sting.

Length: 22 Inches
Washing: Wipe down
Colour: Purple
Flexibility: Very
For Who: Both
Features: Luxury Handle With Crystal
Material: Suede
Brand: Rimba
Size: 22 Inches