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Luxury Soft Leather Collar with D Ring And Padlock

You love to feel free. To have no demands. No obligations. This is truly the only time where you feel peace. You can finally relax and breathe. The irony is, you feel most free when you have no control. It’s only when you’re completely restrained that you feel relieved. You don’t have to do anything anymore. Someone else is in charge. It helps if the person is someone you love. Let them tie you up. Give them permission to take you. All of you. This leather collar here is one of the most restricting collars on the market today. Just look at it. It completely covers your entire neck area with ease. Put this on and feel nothing but genuine leather clasp around your throat. How rough do you like it? How kinky are you? The thick black leather and heavy padlock really adds an element of intense BDSM kinkiness that is almost unparalleled in any other avenue that we’ve seen. This collar is closed at the back of the neck with a padlock and a key; once your lover does away with the key you can let out that sigh of relief. Because you know you’ll have to beg to get it back.There is no way out, not that you were looking for one anyways. This is time to have fun. You’ll notice a giant D-ring at the front of the collar for leashes, chains or any other erotic attachments that you have in mind. You can finally live out your darkest dreams and fantasies after you slam that lock closed. Imagine what it would be like to have one of these wrapped around your strong neck. Go and get yours today because there is no time to waste. Shop for Luxury Soft Leather Collar with D Ring And Padlock now!


Fastening : Buckle
Washing : Wipe down
Colour : Black
Flexibility : Slight
For Who : Both
Features : Padlock
Brand : Rimba
Power : n/a


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