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MyStim Grey Magic Electro Stimulation Gloves

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Spanking is a sexual play that is thoroughly enjoyed by many, making it the best mild BDSM play that is known. With spanking, there are so many pressure levels, ranging from a sensual light tap to the painful smack that lands full power. With electro play, there are so many ways of delivery. Electro spanking is a play that combines two techniques that are powerful on their own to give the body a powerful sensation that has the submissive very much aroused and unaware where the next slap will land. To facilitate this merger, the MyStim Grey Magic Electro Stimulation Gloves have been unleashed upon the world. Designed to accomplish a fun and diverse form of electro play, the gloves allow you to access so many areas on your partner’s body, allowing stimulation even to the most sensitive of parts. This targeted stimulation can be very exciting and combined with other bondage techniques makes for a great play session. Get a hold of these gloves and subject your partner to a new form of intimate play, mixing soft touches with heavy smacks that leave tingling sensations and the body maintaining itself on high alert. The package includes a set of vinyl gloves that are used as isolation from the electric charge in the magic gloves. Give your imagination a chance to shine through by using the gloves to come up with new ways of leading your partner to orgasmic bliss. To get a taste of your own medicine, give your partner the gloves and enjoy the stimulations you so enjoy dishing out.

Specifications of the MyStim Grey Magic Electro Stimulation Gloves

Colour : Grey
For Who : Both
Brand : MyStim
Power : You need to Buy the Mystim Power Box