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Be creative and get rid of the baggy and boring clothes in the bedroom. You should feel confident in your skin and shape. Some best plus-size costumes include lingerie, camisoles, and robes.

Flaunt your curves and figure in the best plus-size body costumes you can get. There are so many cute and sexy outfits that will always make you feel sexy. Often, your girlfriends will ask for a sleepover, and you will be stranded because you have nothing to wear and end up canceling on them. The fact that you have a curvy body does not mean you won't get anything that will fit you correctly and make you look sexy. Plus, size girls need to feel sexy and cute as well. Get rid of the boredom in your bedroom and excite yourself with outfits that flatter your figure.

Types Of Plus Size Bedroom Costumes

The Plus Size Lingerie

They come in different materials. They can either be laced, satin, or sheer see-through lingerie. . They are always designed to spice things up in the bedroom and break the monotony. Normal can be boring at times. The best feature about this see-through plus-size outfit is that they leave no room for imagination. They are sexy and flaunt your curves and make you look so sexy. Your entire curves and figure are out, and you or your partner enjoy the sight in front of them. According to Jakob & Collier (2014), the sheer material is soft on the skin and provides more comfort to the body. Always choose the one that flatters your skin tone. According to Pasco-Pranger(2019), you could avoid costumes with nude colors as it is the same as being naked.

The Sexy Underwear, Bra, and Panties

They are the simple and most flexible bedroom costumes for the plus-size woman. You can always try and pair up this look by matching the colors. They will flatter your upper and lower body, especially if you find the one that fits you perfectly. When choosing this outfit, the most important tip is to choose a bra cup that holds your bra comfortably and gives them enough support. The bra cups are the ones that will give your breast the round shape that make them admirable. Also, check on the color of the bra. While you want to have an erotic and sensual night, you will need a bright color that will draw your partner's attention to you as they drool and salivate what they can see.

Plus Size Thongs

Plus-size thongs are available in different sizes and styles. Thongs show off your butt cheeks when worn in a dress or stockings, as Trautner (2005) revealed. There is no better way for a curvy lady to flaunt their sexy curves than wearing a plus-size thong. Nothing can top that. They come in different styles, and they can either be in mesh, laced, or nude. You can buy or purchase one that matches your level of kinkiness. The great thing about this look is that you can wear it underneath any clothing, and you will be good to go.

Plus Size Chemise

You may think of a chemise as an item of unflattering clothing, but for a plus-size woman, they are great. The chemise clothing will be loose and not fit properly for a petite woman, and it may not show off their figure. The plus-size woman is always at an advantage. Their curves are likely to fit in the chemise dress. Their hips and curves are noticeable when walking, and their butts can wiggle their way to satisfy their partner's eyes. You should choose the one that will feel sexy on you. Avoid the long chemise; they do not add any ounce of sexiness to you and your body. Have one that will fit your personal preferences.

Factors To Consider When Buying a Plus Size Outfit


A seductive and erotic night will always require you to have colorful sleepwear or a bedroom costume. It would help if you chose a plus-size outfit that compliments your skin tone. Bowers (2000) stated that bright-colored costumes will always bring the oomph to the bedroom. The best ones are the red and pink colors. Black will also never go wrong.


Plus-size women differ in size. You should not pick a bedroom costume just because it is big or large. First, know the size you are in. know your waist size, bust size, and hip size. This will make it easier to shop for a particular costume, especially online, knowing that it is a perfect size for you. You have to send your measurements, which they will deliver to you. Fitting plus-size bedroom costumes will always flatter your curves. You need to know and be sure of your size before buying them if you are one of those who shop online. The best size for a curvy woman is the short bedroom costumes. They can flaunt their sexy legs and their curves.


Body costumes come in different fabrics. Some of them are soft cotton, others from silk, and the rest from elastic satin. You should choose the soft and comfortable ones on the skin and those that will be easier to sleep in. However, if some are used to seduce your partner, it is okay not to sleep with them.


Gone are the days when curvaceous women would wear any clothing and go to bed. They never thought of anything sexy that could make them feel confident in their shape. The rise of retailers who thought of making lingerie or any plus-size bedroom costumes made them start believing in themselves. Sexy wear will always make you flaunt your curves and flatter your shape. You can even break the boredom in your bedroom, and your partner will get excited by seeing what you wear to the bed every time. They will always look forward to your bedroom time, and your sex life will improve. Embrace plus-size bedroom costumes to look sexy to your partner.


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