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Anal foreplay is a technique that requires less penetration of your partner's bum using a dildo or fingers. No matter your intention for anal sex, anal foreplay can be a great beginning for extra pleasure in your sex life. Anyone can give or take anal foreplay to please your heart. Let's read on to better understand how to warm up the backdoor vibes, especially for first-timers.

Anal Foreplay Tips

Create a Safe Word

Safewords include codes or words used to communicate with your partner, without interference, during sexual sessions. The words also help in maintaining safety during the plays. 

Relax and Breathe Deeply

The breathing technique is essential when our muscles are tensed and contracted. It also helps achieve the desired pleasure when disassociated from the experience. 

Let the Receiver Take Control

Receivers are known to be in passive control. Therefore, you should allow them to guide everything for gratification. It allows them to feel empowered in monitoring the depth, speed, and penetration angle for their bodies to hit the required pleasure. 

Use a Silicone-Based Lubricant

Silicone-based lubes are highly recommended for their user quality. Unlike other lubes, they last longer, thus requiring less application during sessions. Other lubes need frequent reapplication since they evaporate faster. Note that silicone lubes do not work with silicone toys. Be careful to avoid damaging your toys. 

Dildo First

Get a smooth and flexible toy for easy bending and position change to get the most comfortable style. You can also opt for a dildo with a suction base to allow hands-free penetration on a flat surface, such as the bathroom or tub. 

Prepare the Anus

You should rub and massage the anus before penetration and be a great visitor.

Handle the Anal Opening

Internal anal stimulation feels superb. You can also try enjoying the pleasure outside. A gentle massage or licking the anal opening is essential to sensitize the numerous nerve endings on this region for intensifying satisfaction.

Remember the Clit

During anal play, clit stimulation is a great option to help the receiver relax and feel completely aroused for full enjoyment.

Use Heated Lube

A warm lube helps increase enjoyment, making you feel more comfortable. Its heat attracts more blood flow to the applied area, increasing arousal to pleasure the anal muscles. 

Relax Your Bum Muscles

Some booty muscles are extremely tight without relaxation, making penetration or insertion painful, restricting fun and pleasure. Breath deeply or get a massage to help ease the tension in these muscles. 

Ignore the Poop Feeling 

The human anus has many nerves, but they can’t realize what’s coming in or out. You can feel like it’s poop time and get distracted from wanting to confirm. Overlook this feeling and enjoy the sensations.

Bring In the Toys

Several sex toys are great for anal games. You can get a wide-headed vibrating anal toy. Don’t be quick to insert it, instead put the head against the opening and glide it in circular motions. Be keen to notice the different sensations from external vibes.

Remember the Butt Cheeks

You can start by massaging this part before any other proceedings. Apply some lube and use your thumbs and palms to perform slow but sure rubbings.

Anal Plays Shouldn’t Hurt

The only feeling experienced should be that of wanting to poop. Apply lube, deeply breathe, and relax your sphincter muscles. 

Use Various Positions

Explore different positions to find the most comfortable styles for your anal enjoyment.

Less Dirt

You may think that the anus and rectum are dirty, but the fecal matter in there is extremely small. You should always seek comfort during anal plays. If you’re uncomfortable, determine ways to clear the anxiety. You can go for anal douching once in a while to help lower your worries about the dirt. Using water can also help to clean quickly and get started. 

Avoid Fingering the Vagina After Inserting in the Anus

Safety is key no matter the pleasure. If your partner fingers the anus and immediately moves to the vagina, high chances are you’ll contract bacterial infections. That’s why a condom or wipes can be essential in such transitioning. 

The Bottom Line

For proper anal play, ensure you get consent from your partner. Communicate about the topic and hear their views. Also, avoid having higher expectations like the ones on pornography and television. Simply anticipate what you and your partner will talk about. The techniques used in such sources may not feel great for your partner. Be careful because a bad first-time experience may ruin your future pleasure.

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