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Are you interested in anal sex but not sure where to begin? Anal play seems a taboo. Earlier, it had extremely bad talks with rare confident people to talk about it. Studies show that one out of three women aged between 19 and 44 tried anal experience, meaning it's not a regular thing. For this reason, you should take time to understand a few things involved, such as preparation and ways to avoid for an amazing anal play experience. Below are tips to get you through the experience.

Anal Sex Tips

The Bathroom First

In anal sex, a lot can occur, making preparation essential. Before engaging in sex, consume fiber-filled food and regularly release your bowel. These are common steps, regardless of the sex type, in practice to reduce the chances of messing up during a session. It's best to have patience for a few hours after a meal before getting ready for anal play. It may take longer, but be happy. Such anticipation creates time for foreplay. 

Advanced individuals in the game usually use enemas before backdoor penetration. It may not be useful as sometimes your body's pH is tempered. Washing is a great process, more so for confidence building, and if your playmate will be in view of your butt hole using a strap-on, mouth, or hands, it makes them feel nice and safe.

Set The Mood

Create a pleasant environment for a wonderful time and go into foreplay. Get your minds in the correct arousal state to relax your body. It can begin with cuddles, followed by kisses, and later your fingers. Introducing a sex toy by rubbing it on the vagina or anus can also deliver more stimulation at the beginning. You can use a butt plug for your boy to adjust to something bigger than usual. This way, it may be easier to insert and thrust for a fantastic involvement in your first encounter.

Don’t Forget to Lube Up

The vagina naturally self-lubricates to enable easy penetration during vaginal sex. The case is different for the rectum. Therefore, adding an artificial lubricant is important to avoid painful and uncomfortable penetrations. Be generous in administering the lube. It’s recommended that you apply enough lube to the penis or sex toy and the receiving butt hole. Various lube options are available for use in anal sex, including silicone and water-based, each with its advantages and disadvantages. A silicone-based lubricant takes longer to get absorbed in the skin, meaning you won’t have to apply it frequently. However, it is not compatible with silicone sex toys because of potential surface damage. 

Consider a Condom

While having anal sex, consider protection is to avoid contracting infections. Anal sex has increased the chances of getting mini fissures and risks of infections. Wearing a condom and lubing it up provides a softer and properly lined surface for smooth gliding. Your partner's sensitivity can also be reduced to enable longer sessions as they may delay orgasm. The anus is tighter than the mouth or vagina, thus easier chances of fast orgasms. Using a condom will lower the sensations making both parties experience more long-lasting fun. Additionally, it's simpler to clean up after anal sex. Remember, a sex toy or cock that gets in the butt should never go straight to the vagina before cleaning. It helps prevent bacterial transfer, hence safe from infection contraction.

Choose a Comfortable Sex Style

Sex positions are subjective to different individuals, each with its pros and cons. The doggy style is the main sex position for anal sex as it gives proper control of the angles and thrusting. Partners can also try the missionary style, allowing proper eye contact and intimacy.

Don’t Rush

This statement does not imply slow sex or thrusts. In anal sex, there should be no hurry to start or end. The penetrating partner gets in slowly while performing more foreplay before continuing. The vagina has to stretch to accommodate penetration during arousal. You should be slower in the process to allow the vagina adjust to the situation. After totally relaxing and getting ready for more intensifying thrusts, you can incorporate faster moves.


For a wonderful sexual experience, tell your partner what you feel or want. Anal sex has the same logic of communication. If you need more speed, speak up. Is it more lube? Tell your playmate. If you want to feel better, don't keep it to yourself.

You will have to open your mouth or give a sign about what's suitable at that moment. It may be through dirty talks, which experts advise, to make sex more meaningful.

The Bottom Line

If you were curious about anal sex and thought it’s all about inserting objects in the anus, you are wrong since a lot more takes place, such as anal massage and rimming. Setting the mood and involving backdoor foreplay are starters in this. You can be the receiver any time to have the real experience. Remember to tell your partner how you want it and whatever change satisfies you most.

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