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8 Of The Best Anal Foreplay Tips

8 Of The Best Anal Foreplay Tips

8 Of The Best Anal Foreplay Tips

You are about to indulge in something you once saw as taboo; anal sex. However, you are still afraid and don’t know where to start from. Worry no more because here are 8 of the best anal foreplay tips that will make your butt stuff as welcoming and pleasurable as possible.

We can all agree that we have once imagined how it feels when something penetrates our butts. Whether it is a cock or any other anal toy during solo masturbation. However, we are all afraid to incorporate this activity in our daily sex life based on society's judgment. While agreeing on butt sex is all about personal preferences, sex experts now suggest that backdoor sensations can lead to multiple orgasms that we will love. As such, more couples are now ready to taste the magic and take their love game to the next level. But before that, it is vital to learn about these best 8 anal foreplay tips to make the penetration comfortable.

1. Set Up Your Play Area

Before things get hot between you, ensure your environment is as erotic as possible to help build the mood and minimize after sex cleanup. Anal sex can be messier than vaginal sex because it involves invading the poop territory. You also need to use many sex essentials such as lubricants, condoms, and enemas that will make the area congested. Therefore, setting up your area, whether the bed or on the floor, and assembling everything you will need before dropping your underwear will ease the after-pleasure cleaning. If possible, you can use PVC orgy bedding to minimize staining your expensive mattress and bedsheets.

2. Take A Shower Together

As mentioned above, anal sex can be messier and uncomfortable if you jump into it unprepared. Therefore, besides setting up your play area, you should take time in the shower to clean yourselves. The cleaning process can also involve anal douching to make the anal tract clean, fresh, and ready for fun. The moment can also be exciting if you take a shower together with your partner. Let them wash you and help you with douching as you do the same for them. This ensures you are thoroughly clean and allows you to take pleasure in each other's erogenous spots.

3. Have A Constant Sexy Talk

Communicating with your partner throughout the entire session also makes everything easier and erotic. Make sure you talk to your partner about how you want them to touch you and where to concentrate during the foreplay. Although we are talking about anal sex foreplay, you should not only focus on the anus as it can still be boring. Therefore, always talk to each other to feel as comfortable and safe as possible. You can also develop a safe word that will end the play whenever you feel pain or discomfort, especially for beginners.  Remember, anal foreplay should not hurt but should be relaxing and arousing.

4. Apply Plenty of Anal Lubricant

The anus is not self-lubricated like the vagina; hence before getting down with your butt stuff, ensure you have enough lubricant in the room. Applying plenty of lubricants prevents irritation or tearing resulting from excess friction. However, this does not mean any lube will work for you. Ensure you buy a quality lube that will not compromise your pleasure. Water-based lubricants are the most preferred because they are compatible with all sex toy materials and do not contain ingredients other than water. But you will need to reapply them frequently because they dry out faster. Therefore, if you need a durable option, go for silicone-based lubes, which are also thicker and sleekier.

5. Start with Some Butt Massage

Massaging the butt area helps to relax the muscles and make them ready to receive any penetration. When you have anal play with your partner, try to massage each other to build an erotic mood. You can start with the thighs, move to the butt cheeks, then finish with the butt area. Play around the butthole with your fingers while kissing the butt cheeks. Doing this will fire up the sensations and even lead to orgasms within no time. Remember, the anal opening is surrounded by numerous nerve endings, and slight touch can lead to unmatched sensations.

6. Finger Yourself First

When you are ready to take the game to another level, start by fingering yourself to learn how it will feel when fingering your partner. You can do this while kissing each other as one hand explores your partner's erogenous zones like the nipples and neck. Ensure your finger is well lubricated before inserting it into your anus to avoid bruising the delicate sphincter muscle. Start with one finger and move to two or even three to stretch up and relax the tight anal muscles. Once you are ready, turn on your partner and do the same.

7. Get A Butt Plug

Anal toys such as butt plugs and anal beads are designed to stretch and relax sphincter muscles before anal sex. They can, therefore, work wonders in this foreplay step. After penetrating your anus with your finger and making it ready to receive anything bigger than your fingers, get a butt plug designed for anal play. Ensure the toy has a tapered tip for easier insertion and a flared base to prevent it from disappearing in your rectum. Choose a body-safe material that is also compatible with your sex lube. Clean it with anti-bacterial soap or a toy cleaner and lukewarm water to minimize infections. Start by making circular motions around the hole before inserting it.

8. Include Rimming in The Foreplay

The feeling of a tongue massaging your butt area can be explosive. However, rimming requires both partners to be comfortable with each other. Therefore, after stimulating and playing with each other's bodies, you can try eating out your lover's anus and teasing them with your tongue. Start by making circular motions around the hole before pointing and thrusting your tongue. Before reaching this step, you have to use a dental dam to clean your mouth to avoid transferring bacteria to your partner's anus or vagina. You should also avoid double-dipping during rimming. 

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