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Anal 101: How To Put Things In Your Bum

Anal 101: How To Put Things In Your Bum

Anal 101: How To Put Things In Your Bum

Anal play involves several butts-related activities. An example might be sticking stuff inside the butt hole. However, one might experience anal play without penetration. The butt hole consists of a variety of nerve endings. These nerve endings, when stimulated, lead to pleasure. The prostate gland is also an erogenous zone. Stimulating it leads to a wave of intense pleasure. However, before you decide on butt play, you should know how to safely stretch your anus, as discussed below.

Ensure You and Your Partner Feel Relaxed and Supported

Anal play requires relaxation, comfort, safety, and trust in each other. This will help in avoiding pain and injuries.

Establish Safe Words

Some people do not express their feelings while exploring butt play because they fear ruining the mood. If one partner does not enjoy a certain move, the other may override the resistance. This further leads to pain and discomfort. Having a set of safe words will ease the tension and make you feel safer and more supported.


When your body is tense, it blocks all the routes to pleasure. Taking a deep breath will help relax the tense atmosphere, leading to intense pleasure while exploring the rear.

Seek Permission and Act Respectfully

You should communicate with your partner before trying anal play. This leads to the establishment of safety, trust, and a mutual connection between you, thus, having an enjoyable experience. Additionally, active content is always sexy.

Have a Guide on Penetration

Familiarize yourself with satisfaction and how to be in control of speed, angle, and depth of penetration. This allows your body to experience a good feeling.

Use Silicone-based Lube

The butt hole does not self-lubricate. Use lubricants to reduce friction and experience smooth and painless penetration. Failure to use a lubricant will lead to injuries, pain, and tearing of the delicate muscles in the butt hole, leading to bacterial infections.

It's always recommended to use silicone lube, especially while exploring anal sex toys. This is because silicone lube lasts longer than water-based lube. However, silicone lubes are not compatible with silicone sex toys.

Try Anal Sex Toys

Perform some anal foreplay with your partner to ensure you are well-versed with it. This is essential before using a sex toy such as a dildo. The sex toy should be smaller if your partner has never been subjected to anal play or sex toys. This will help you prepare your partner well before penetrating. Anal dildos that are flexible, smooth, bendable, and adjust to different angles, are the best. The dildo should also have a suction cup at the top that will allow you to practice in places with a flat surface, such as the bed or bathroom.

Stimulate the Anal Opening

Even though penetration is great, you may achieve more pleasure through stimulating the butt opening. This area has a lot of nerve endings. You can massage or lick your partner around the butt hole for intense orgasms.

Stimulate the Clitoris

Stimulating the clitoris is crucial because it will make the vulva fully aroused and relaxed. You may use radiation, suction, rabbit, or wand vibrators to stimulate the clitoris. In addition, you might also go for suction sex toys such as Womanizer Liberty.

The Bottom Line

Anal play requires thorough foreplay compared to vaginal sex. The foreplay aids in preparing your partner mentally and physically for anal play. This will enable you to experience intense sensations. It is highly recommended to start by exploring small anal sex toys to stretch your butt hole.

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