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Anal Bleaching: Complete Guide, Dangers, Products & FAQs

Anal Bleaching: Complete Guide, Dangers, Products & FAQs

Anal Bleaching: Complete Guide, Dangers, Products & FAQs

Bleaching is a common practice, with many people getting into anal bleaching. Herein is a complete guide on the dangers, the products, and the frequently asked questions about anal bleaching.

 McBride & Fortenberry (2010) stated that anal bleaching is a cosmetic treatment for lightening the skin around the anus. The technique uses creams that break down the natural melanin pigment. There's a laser treatment that destroys the excess melanin. Usually, your butt cheeks skin is darker than the actual skin color. Bleaching the anus is temporally and makes it uniform with body skin. Herein is what you need to know about anal bleaching, including how to bleach, choosing the right professional, anal bleaching products, and types of anal bleaching.

Some people bleach the area to be more confident with their appearance. Dark skin results from hormonal change and friction. The dark skin is normal and nothing to worry about. Below are tips on anal bleaching and types.

How anal bleaching feels like

The laser and topical bleaching are proved to be uncomfortable. It depends on the procedure you choose. The topical treatment may cause a burning feeling for some people while others feel nothing. Some people may cause pings when using a laser because it hits different on the skin. Below are the types of anal bleaching you may want to learn.

Types of Anal Bleaching

There are 3 main types of anal bleaching:

  • Cryogenics
  • Skin peels
  • Laser therapy
  • Creams

People use these products to bleach their anus. There are other bleaches, such as the injections, but they are not designed for the anus. These are beauty products, and the FDA warns that they can be dangerous. The bleaching methods vary in availability, effectiveness, and price. The DIY products are not more regulated than the topical products, which are stronger.

Choosing the Right Professional

Try the spar, salon, or cosmetic surgery offices for the professional anal bleaching services market. Getting to a service provider's office, you can ask for their after pictures or reviews to help you decide on the best service. The professional can recommend the cryogenic method if you have darker skin. Below are methods of anal bleaching;

Laser Skin Lightening

This treatment has permanent results. It is expensive though you do not have to keep repeating the services. Tan et al. (1992) stated that laser cream lightens the anal skin after a few days of the treatment.

Chemicals Peels

This treatment is used to rejuvenate facial skin for a long time. It works by applying a topical product that removes the skin's top layer to make you look younger and gives you healthy skin. A person needs to repeat the procedure multiple times to get a good result. Try anal home bleaching if you can't afford a professional anal bleaching service.

DIY Anal Bleaching

According to Kwon et al. (2020), DIY involves topical products like creams that lighten the area temporarily without abrasion. DIY is cost-effective.

Effects of Anal Bleaching

Both professional and DIY treatments have their risks and side effects. According to Marcondes (2009), DIY treatment could cause discomfort or pain, although it can be temporary or permanent. Test the sensitivity of your skin before trying any products. The anus skin is a bit sensitive compared to the rest of the skin. You might want to stop using the product if something goes awry.

Risks of Using DIY Anal Bleaching Products

  • Wrong application: You might excess the product at home. You might also apply to the wrong places, which could get close to the genitals.
  • Permanent risks: These products can be scary sometimes since they can lead to permanent skin damage. It can also cause permanent discoloration as a result of improper application.
  • Anal strictures: They are caused when the bleaching products get into the rectum or through a scar around the rectum.

Risks Resulting From Professional Anal Bleaching

  • Skin complications; your skin will be damaged if the chemical becomes strong.
  • Improper and unskilled services; the service provider may apply the product incorrectly if they are quacks; it could lead to serious complications leading to a burning feeling.
  • Laser damage; using the laser can lead to serious damage to your body.

Getting the Right Products for Anal Bleaching

Anal bleaching is sensitive and requires quality chemicals. Search for the right products to use, such as:

  • Lightening cream
  • Anal bleaches
  • Whitening cream

Some bleaching products are designed to be easy for applicants. Some products come in bottles while others in a roller applicator. The type of chemical you choose is important. See if the product you are choosing is specifically for the anus. Avoid hydroquinone that causes skin irritation. Udo-Affah et al. (2014) noted that these chemicals have the power to discolor your skin and can lead to cancer.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why Bleach Your Anus?

Some people bleach for a new look, while others because of media peer pressure. Most women bleach for confidence with their partners. They feel ashamed of the dark skin on the anus when the other body parts are light. Some women think being light is attractive to men. However, it is safe if done properly.

How Dangerous Is Anal Bleaching?

Anal bleaching is safe under a skilled professional. Shave and clean the area before taking the procedure. Apply the product properly around the area. Avoid sex for a week and avoid showers with hot water after anal bleaching to avoid affecting your partner, for it may cause itching. Friction causes discomfort and hyperpigmentation. DIY has more risks, unlike the professional technique.

Are The Results of Anal Bleaching Worth It?

It depends on what you want to achieve; it's worth it if you look forward to lighter skin. The safest method to achieve this is to look for a professional if you can afford it. Quacks service providers can apply the wrong chemicals or do it wrong, leading to itching or affecting the whole area.

Bottom Line

Anal bleaching is good when done correctly. It's advisable to visit a dermatologist and check if the procedure can cause pigmentation. Be keen on the chemicals to avoid wrong products and choose the best methods for anal bleaching. They can recommend good technicians with reputable bleaching reviews if there are no concerns.


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