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Beginner’s Guide To Analingus

Beginner's Guide To Analingus

Beginner's Guide To Analingus

Get an amazing intimate pleasure before engaging in anal play. Beginners might find it very difficult and weird, but it is the best way to start over.

Anal rimming, also known as analingus, is an act of licking up your partner's anus for sexual pleasure stimulation. Many women enjoy rimming because of the sensitive nerves found in the anus, creating a deep connection with their partners. The feeling is similar to the one experienced during oral sex, but it has many different sensations.

How to Convince Your Partner to Try Rimming and Anal Play

Never do anything connected to sex without your partner’s consent because it might lead to insecurity and anxiety. Talk to them nicely without forcing or apologizing for your sexual feeling. Don’t show any regret about your current ways of sexual pleasure. If you have ever tried anal rimming, let them know how it feels. If not, try to get them into it by reading the benefits of rimming together. If your agrees to it and is ready to give or receive anal rimming, the conversation will be very easy. In case they decline, try out another day.

Best Rimming Positions

Partners can use so many positions to deliver and receive analingus. Below are highlighted rimming positions to try.

The Receiver on Their Back

A pillow supports the receiver’s neck and the lower back as they lift their knees to the chest. This will help the giver have maximum access to the anus. This position can be very effective when the receiver is on the bed while the giver kneels on the floor.

Bent Over

Anal rimming can be done from behind as the receiver bends over their bed on their knees and elbows. This will make the anus more exposed.

The Giver on Their Back

In this sex position, the penetrating partner lies on their back while the receiver straddles their face.

Rimming Techniques

Unlike blow job, rimming has very few movements that one can try. Below are some rimming moves commonly used for the best sensual sensation.


Lick up the whole anus like eating an ice cream cone.


Swirl the tip of your tongue around the anal opening for intense sensations.

Up and Down Motion

Flick the tip of the tongue right at the opening of the anal cavity.


Lick one side of your partner's anal cavity in a semi-circular way, then proceed to the other side of the anus.


Push your tongue's tip at the anal opening. However, ensure proper hygiene is observed. 

Risks Associated with Rimming

If you don’t use the dental dam or a barrier, you will experience some risks of anal rimming. There is the possibility of getting sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia and herpes. In addition to that, there is a chance of you contracting bacteria and viruses that might be in the receiver’s digestive system like an amoeba, salmonella, shigella, hepatitis A, and giardia.

An intestinal bug has no signs and symptoms, yet the giver can contract it. You can prevent these risks by limiting the people you practice anal rimming with.

Safety Tips for Anal Rimming

Analingus requires extra keenness to hygiene to avoid spreading the anal bacteria to the mouth. Below are some hygiene tips that will keep you and your partner safe.

Clean Up

The receiver should clean up their anus thoroughly before starting the session using a mild soap, warm water, and a piece of clean cloth. However, enema or douching can be the safest way of cleaning.

Stay Out

Focus the rimming on the outer part of the anus. This will help in reducing the chances of contracting bacteria.

Play Safe

Use a piece of plastic wrap or a dental dam to prevent the risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections or bacteria that stays in the anus.

The Bottom Line

Rimming and anal play is the best way of taking your anal stimulation to the next level. Even though beginners might find it weird, it is the sweetest form of sensual stimulation. Don't focus on the extreme sensation and forget about safety. If you don't use the dental dam or a barrier, you are exposing yourself to some risks of anal rimming. There is the possibility of getting sexually transmitted diseases. You can always prevent these risks by maintaining proper hygiene.

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