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Beginners Guide to Prostate Massage

Beginners Guide to Prostate Massage

Beginners Guide to Prostate Massage

By Ekaterina Mironova

If you're curious about prostate massage (also known as prostate milking) but have never tried it then this guide will sort your prostate from your perineum, and impart you with information about various prostate massagers. Did you know that prostate toys are available as both vibrating and non-vibrating massagers? Or that the prostate gland in the male equivalent to the much talked about female G-spot? Or that prostate massage alone can bring on powerful orgasms without the need for any stimulation of the penis?

Where is the Prostate?

The prostate gland, which is also known as the P-spot or the male G-spot, is located a couple of inches inside the anus on the wall that is nearest to the rectum. This gland is essential for ejaculations and is also a controlling factor in orgasms and erections. You can locate it using your finger, however, as with anything related to anal play, it is important to ensure that your nails are cut short and don't have any sharp edges. This should help to avoid any tears within the anus. Massage of the prostate gland can result in extremely powerful orgasms that can take over your entire body. Multiple climaxes can also be experienced. You should remember to use plenty of lubricant to make penetration more comfortable.

The Role of Prostate Massagers

Although a finger can locate the prostate gland, often you will find that stimulation solely from this is, in many cases, not as effective as using a prostate massager. However, it is recommended that you begin with a finger first.

Prostate toys are purposely designed for prostate stimulation because they come with a smooth, curved end with a rounded tip which makes insertion easier and massage more comfortable. Unlike most other adult toys where a bigger version is often regarded as the next logical step after outgrowing smaller stimulators, prostate massagers are just the opposite. The larger P-spot toys can be used by beginners because they enable you to locate the male G-spot more rapidly. On the other hand, massagers that come with smaller tips make finding your sweet spot a little more difficult but can result in a much more powerful experience.

Like everything else adult toy related, whether you decide to opt for a prostate massage with or without vibrations should be decided on your personal preferences. Beginners may want to start with models that are non-vibrating and progress to vibrating massagers at a later stage. If you do begin with a vibrating P-spot massager and find that you aren't keen on the vibrations, you can always turn them off and use it as a non-vibrating massager.

A number of prostate massagers also come with an area that is designed to be used outside of the body that stimulates the perineum which is the area between the scrotum and the anus. This can result in an intense double P-spot orgasm! A good massager for simultaneous stimulation of the perineum and the prostate gland is the Rocks Off Naughty Boy (which also comes with a removable bullet vibrator).

How to Effectively Massage the Prostate

Using prostate massagers, regardless of whether they come with or without vibration, is more or less the same. The best positions for comfortable insertion are either lying on your back with your legs raised up, or leant over with the upper part of your body leaning on a bed or a sofa. Next, apply a liberal amount of anal lube to the prostate toy and the opening of the anus. This will help to lubricate the anus which doesn't produce any natural lubrication therefore making insertion far easier and free from pain. If you aren't familiar with anal play, it's important to start slowly. When the prostate toy has been inserted, begin with a circular movement to locate the areas that feel the best when stimulated then apply a greater amount of force to your toy. The greater the force the closer to orgasm you will become. If you want to prolong the feeling for longer, decrease the level of pressure or slow your movements down. In addition to the circular motion, you can also move your P-spot massager up and down in a more rapid motion which produces a more intensive experience.

It's also possible, over time, to experience an orgasm from a prostate toy without using your hands to control the movements of the toy. This is achieved by using the muscles in the anus (by contracting and relaxing them) in order to move the prostate massager according to the movements of the body.

If you're a beginner to the world of prostate milking/massage then the key thing to remember is to take things slowly. If you try a vibrating toy but don't like the feeling that it gives you, use it without vibrations or try a different massager. It is also imperative to use plenty of anal lube so that insertion is both comfortable and pain free.

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